Life{in}grace is a unique online community that has grown organically over the past four years.  I  have made a major decision to {finally}  begin thoughtfully and carefully accepting advertisers that fit well with my vision and  brand.  I am so thankful for faithful and engaged readers that have been such a wealth of encouragement and inspiration and I’d love to connect them with family friendly brands, companies and small businesses that offer the best in online products and customer service.

My online community is composed of mostly women who are informed and smart consumers and who are passionate about all the things that occupy the time and resources of moms  such as cooking, home decorating, crafting,  family life and parenting.  The relationships I’ve nurtured in this space are important to me and  I don’t take the trust and loyalty of my readers for granted,  which is why I will continue to be fiercely committed to quality original content and personal integrity and honesty.

I’m seeking just the right ‘fit’ and am prepared to be patient as I seek to work with brands that are consistent with my message and passion.

Over the past year, I have on average 300,000 page views per month and over 10,000 subscribers.

I have sidebar space available  (for ads 300X199) just  below the fold  for 30 and 90 day contracts at $75 and $200 respectively and for smaller ads (125×125) $50 and $100 for 30 and 90 day contracts. Larger ads can be negotiated.

I also am open to doing a very limited amount of sponsored posts at  $300 each.

Feel free to email me with any questions and I look forward to working with you.

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