woman silhouette artI hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I’m still basking in the joys and trying to recover!
I’m working on a marathon post in which I tell you all the minutiae of my life. I know you’ll be waiting on pins and needles.  It’s riveting stuff.
Now back to ‘woman silhouette art’.
I saw almost this exact thing in Franklin, TN when I was in Nashville for the Pearl Event.
It was nearly $300 and I knew it wouldn’t be that hard to duplicate.
Then as luck would have it, we were able to get silhouettes done at Disneyland when we there in March.
It was the perfect storm for my book page, woman silhouette, DIY project.
I bought a 24″x 36 in frame at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon which made the frame $25.
I bought the foam board there too for less than $10 and then had the silhouette enlarged to an 11×14 size.

I found some cute girls willing to decoupage all the book pages onto the foam board and they even thought it was big fun.
We didn’t have any real specific rules for the book pages except they all had to overlap.

It took less than an hour, cost less than $40 and turned out so darn cute.
Now I want to decorate the whole room with book pages just like my friend Nester.
woman silhouette

16 comments on “DIY woman silhouette art”

  1. Edie-
    This is great. I love book pages and silhouettes. They are fabulous. You have some cute helpers. I can’t wait to paint our living room and make some book page art. I have a ton of ideas.
    Looking forward to your next post. You make the minutiae of life interesting. Waiting on the edge of my seat.

  2. My mom made these for us kids. Mine is with Derek, us facing each other. I love it, especially (and ironically) when I’m mad at him. I look at that and it’s just these two shadow people looking up (me) and down (him) at each other, and they’re so cute I can’t be mad any more.

    Love the book decoupage, too. I got a gift for Christmas made from those, and the words on it say “Let it be.” You are very crafty. Is this in the guest room?

    • What a cool momma! And how could you possibly stay mad at the nicest person I’ve ever met?! Miss and love you both. Thinking of you this week as you nest 🙂

  3. I LOVE it. You know I need to know about the black and white striped fabric at the end of your bed. Is it something you bought or had made?

    LOVE the whole room…every single detail….especially the DIY silhouette art!

  4. Gorg. As always. The whole book page effect is just lovely. I have tried a handful of projects (some inspired by Nester’s book release party!) and got obsessed with literary content, placement, etc, and just had to walk away. LOL Maybe I need some free-hearted artists to step in and get it done. : ) SO pretty, happy springtime to you and those artists!

  5. you see
    my friend
    this is reason #759 that i LOVE you!

    saw the same thing & flipped.
    was going to ask the lady if i could photograph but uncharacteristically chickened out.
    lo & behold
    YOU have done it again

    i might need to round up some cute girls & do the same.

  6. yes, it is ms. paige! and i fully expect those cute girls of yours to decoupage one right up! also, the messy bun? forever memorialized now in the guest room. you did notice her there i hope?! xoxo

  7. Oh that’s the cutest!! Silhouettes are my favorite things. I’ve got some from when my hoodlums were toddlers, and some from just a couple of years ago. They are treasures! Your room looks fantastic and I love the stripey blanket too!

  8. Edie this is fabulous! As is everything you do! Would you be willing to share what the name of your bedroom paint color is? Thank you so much!

  9. FABULOUS!! I love silhouettes. I made two big ones, similar to this for my girl’s room a few years ago(we used scrapbook paper). Now, I’m in the process of re-decorating and I think I’m going to reused them.
    Hope you guys had a great Easter!

  10. I looooovvvveeeee this!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to do this project! And your headboard too! We are currently headboardless, lol. And I’m in a chalk paint frenzy!

    • I can’t wait to see what comes of your chalk paint frenzy, I’ve been so intrigued by it too. May just have to give it a try! xoxo

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