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I’m so excited about today’s guest and I know that after you visit her site, she’s gonna be one of your favorites. Please make welcome the ever gifted Darby from Fly Through Our Window. Her blog is a treasure of great resources from how to make crock pot apple butter {which I’m currently trying} to how to make a professional looking roman shade. Through her exquisite photography, we get to ‘fly through her window’ and be blessed by her mother-love, her refreshing perspective on being a follower of Christ and her abundant tips and tutorials on all things ‘home’. She is the mother of three adorable children, wife to Justin–her college sweetheart and archeologist, a member of a PCA church {her motto is ‘I’m a big sinner with a bigger Saviour’}, twin sister to Erika {interior designer—whose blog I also love} and we are so blessed she has opened her life to us through her wonderful blog. So, now go, be a fly on the wall! Take it away Ms.Darby!!!

Darby_by Marla_forEdie

While I wish that I could take full credit for this creation, I must admit that the idea sprouted from something I saw on the blog for a bathmat that was altered to make a dish mat using recycled towels. I loved the idea and if you’re anything like me, you always place a dish towel above the dishwasher as you unload for those pesky plastics that never dry. This version is a combination of terrycloth and 2 fun fabrics. My dish mat has become a permanent fixture in the kitchen and has been put to very good use!


You’ll need:
5/8 yard of main fabric **PREWASHED**
5/8 yard of coordinating fabric **PREWASHED**
5/8 yard of terrycloth or a recycled bath towel **PREWASHED**


::All seam allowances are ¼” unless otherwise noted.

::Cut or tear main fabric {with grain} into (4) 5 ½” x 22 ½”

::Cut or tear coordinating fabric {with grain} into (5) 3 ¼”
x 22 ½” strips.

::Starting with the thinner coordinating fabric, piece the front of the dish mat together, sew with a straight stitch
& press seams towards/under the main fabric panels {this will build bulk and give an appearance of fabric being inset}.


Once you’ve pressed the seams. Top stitch with a 1/4” seam allowance, using a triple stitch along the inside seam of the main fabric. A triple stitch will give you a thick & substantial looking stitch. If your machine doesn’t have a triple stitch a straight stitch would work just fine, but be less “substantial”.

Note how the weight of the triple stitch makes the smaller strips look inset.
Now that you’ve pieced the top together, lay it on top of your bath towel or terrycloth {with right sides together} cut the terry cloth to size and pin together around the edges.
Using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew around the outside of the dish mat with right sides together, be sure to leave an opening large enough on one side to turn the dish mat right side out. Once you’ve sewn around the outside with right sides together, trim your seams and clip your corners.
Then you can turn your dish mat right sides out, press, and hand sew the opening shut. Finish by top stitching around the outside of the finished dish mat using about a 3/8” seam allowance.
The terrycloth does tend to pucker a little around the edges. After the first wash it will lay completely flat. These will make wonderful Christmas gifts, hostess’s gifts, and if you have time, make one for yourself– you will put it to good use, especially if sippy cups come out of your dishwasher regularly!

The {pdf} tutorial can be downloaded and printed here.

I know, she’s so darn crafty and tech-y and cute and fun! Maybe she’ll give us tutorial and how to make such an awesome pdf file tutorial!
Just so you know, I’ve made two of these already and can’t wait to give them as gifts. I’m not an experienced seamstress and it took me just a little over an hour to finish one! I feel so indebted to Darby for doing this for us—-even while she was sick this week. With three sick kiddies. Thank you Darby, I am so grateful!

BTW, she will be back for our grand finale on day 12! I can hardly wait. Coming up tomorrow, The Nester!!!

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  1. Darby's blog is my favorite blog!! I love this tutorial. It is so practical and looks great too! Thanks for doing this. I was looking so forward to it…now I can't wait until tomorrow…I love The Nester too!!!

  2. What a great idea… it looks cute too! I don't sew… but I might just have to give this one a try! Love your "12 Days" idea… I will be here every day! 🙂

  3. So cute! I'll get right on it right after I finish my tutorial! YIKES! On second thought, why don't you just whip one up for me, Edie! I'll pick it up on Tuesday! hehehe

  4. Ok, I was a little nervous when I saw the title that this might be a difficult project but I think I might be able to do this! I am excited to see what is yet to come! Oh-BTW, Edie, I have made your recipe for Blueberry Coffee Cake 2 times in the past month and it has turned out GREAT! The kids AND Hubby, who is not a sweets person,love it! THANKS! :)- Rebekah

  5. I do love this idea but alas I am sewing challenged. If I do decide to take the plunge and get a sewing machine this does seem like an unintimidating first project. i do love any project that recycles!

    I can however lend a hand on the techy side of things. There's great, free software that will convert any word document to a pdf with 3 clicks. Happy to share more if you like. You have to let me know when you decide to have 12 tech days :). Until then, I will follow along with all the craftiness with envy.

  6. oh i am excited! what a great idea…i'm sick of ugly towels under my dishes on the counter! i can't wait to get started…going to get some fabric now! woohoo!

  7. I have followed Darby's blog for quite a while and I LOVE it. These dishmats are adorable and would be great Christmas gifts. I am so excited about this Edie!

  8. oh, how cute! I have towels that I received for my wedding..13 years ago and they are starting to shred. This is a fantastic way to recycle! Thanks!

  9. Found my way here via Darcy (my3b). I like all things handmade and am following now. May mention your blog in a future post. Thanks.

  10. Oh my goodness, these are fabulous! I hate that I almost always have a dish towel on the counter for wet dishes. Of course, I could dry them…but I'd rather have a beautiful dish mat! 🙂

  11. Wow, what a great idea, love it. I know we will be gifting these under the tree this year. Can't wait to see what's in store for the next 11 days!

  12. Hi Edie, Love the "12 Days" theme. I first saw this dishmat on Darby's blog. I'm a beginner at sewing… You putting it out there again may push me to actually try it! Thanks 🙂

  13. I found you through Darby's blog today, and I've added you to my list! For the past 2 hours I've been reading your blog and I can't stop (although I must now, because a 22 month old little boy will be waking in a few hours and I must be fully rested for him)! Your blog is awesome! I can't wait to read more.

    BTW, I my mother's family is from the Tri-Cities. See, we already have something in common….haha!

  14. I'm one of Darby's friends and I was led to your blog from hers – isn't she amazing?? – and you too!!! I don't sew, but hopefully will learn to one day – you are very inspirational to me! Thanks for a fun read!

  15. oh, I would LOVe one of these- I really need to learn to sew!! I'm always balancing dishes on paper towels. Not pretty. And you could make holiday themed ones too. LOVE this idea!!

  16. Love the 12 Days idea and I vote *yes* for a Mr. Linky party afterward. This is a great tutorial and what a fun project to try!

  17. I just found your blog through a link on Darby's. Both of you fabulous ladies are an amazing encouragement. After reading through your blog for a little while, I felt so encouraged to seek God more. Thanks for being a living example!

  18. first i have to say….
    when i saw your 12 days of homemade idea… "what a GREAT idea"…
    sooooo excited to see all the fun!

    then… when i saw your sneak peek…
    your stockings…
    i nearly fell right off my chair!
    they are simply THE BEST… packed with big character & personality!

    then… yesterday i got a chance to peek over at
    Darby's blog… you weren't kidding… she sure seems terrific… loving her dish mat! clever as ever!

    what a treasure your 12 days of homemade is!
    we are all so lucky to get to soak in all the goodness over here!

  19. I made the dishmat this morning. It only took an hour and I was able to use some April Cornell scraps that I had been hoarding 'cuz they were too small for much of anything but too big to throw out.

    Perfect project and just what I needed for my weird/cool sink and a half that doesn't allow for a normal dish drainer.

    Thank you! I am new to your blog, but I'll be back!

  20. Edie, I have been looking over old post on your blog hoping to get to know you better. I have also been praying for you and I think of you often . . .

    I am so glad for this post. I was at my DIL’s yesterday and she has a dish mat (store bought) and I LOVE IT! I kept thinking I want one. Well here it is! I can make my own. This is great. Thank you. (If you see this please don’t feel you must reply. I know you have closed comments on newer posts.) Many Blessings, Sue

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