I remember well the first month at home after I quit my family medicine job. It was awful. I felt lost, alone, untethered, uninspired, undone, un-everything. It was like staring at an empty page with no idea what I should write.  I finally bought a book on how to bake bread and something about the hands in the dough and tangible offering of warm bread to hungry people brought me out of the funk.

I’ve been in a similar weird place a dozen times or more in my life.  Maybe a life transition or an epiphany or just a long dry spell where nothing even tasted right.

What I discovered every time is that if I would stay open to learning, discovering, loving, serving— I always found my way and usually with the help of a friend or mentor or someone a little farther along in the process.

If we open ourselves up—in the process, we  learn to live fully alive in our giftings, free from what has shamed us and caused us to hide,  free to finally love and serve the people God has put right in front of us with everything that is in us,  free and inspired to be everything we were created to be.

In the past two years, one of things that has helped me so much in the dry, apathetic spells have been mentoring/coaching groups.  I’ve learned so much and have found wonderful, supportive relationships in the process.


 That’s why I’m so excited about O V E R F L O W—my brand new 4-week mentorship program for the woman who feels stuck or apathetic or overflowing in all the wrong ways.  I’ve been there so many times.

We’re all busy,  with full lives and we often see things overflow—the laundry, the toilet, the dishes, the anger, the stress. But how do we overflow with the all the right things? How do we overflow with love and joy and compassion and creativity? This session will be a mini boot camp to get us headed in the right direction, with  amazingly simple but practical steps, lots of inspiration, and some well worn advice from someone who knows how hard it can be to live wide awake to your life.

This bootcamp will;

  •  ignite a fire in you as to who (and whose) you really are and what you were made to do 
  • help you rediscover the best parts of you that have often been hiding or wounded or covered up by the stresses of life
  • help you discover practical strategies to develop your gifts & strengths, even in the midst of the busy mom life
  •  wake up to your unique vocation and shake the pesky bad habits that creep in when we dismiss our calling
  • nurture you toward the purpose and passion and creativity that is uniquely yours
  • give you a safe place and plenty of encouragement to daydream about the full and abundant life you were made to live
The link is in my profile if you think you’re ready, but check my Facebook page later where I explain more about it and answer any questions you have.  Click here to read about what’s included.
I hope LOVE for you to be in the first group!

7 comments on “Wide awake and overflowing”

  1. Edie- Signed up for the 4 week course (Overflow). Trying to figure out how to access the private Facebook page? Thx!

  2. I really REALLY love this idea and this community you are building. I am due with my third baby any day now and I’m toying with joining– but then, I think realistically it may be better to wait until the next one… Decisions,Decisions… Hmm… Fantastic idea Edie!!

  3. I enjoy your website. This 4 week course Wide Awake and Overflowing sounds so exciting. I am an artist and love to write. I have illustrated children’s books and also paint in oils and acrylics mostly flowers from my garden and still life subjects. The last 2 years have been a stressful time for me due to illness in our family and also a death of a loved one, my Aunt. I realize I have lost the passion I have for reading and force myself to paint keeping up my skill. I am a Christian, a Lutheran and I have been seeking God’s plan for me, particularly in the creative area. I know He is guiding me and I am just trying to get back into that Wide Awake and Overflowing mode you are speaking about. I love reading your creative ideas in decorating and faith. I have been interested in your 2014 reading list and just finished reading Lilith by McDonald. I would love to participate in your new program.

  4. Hi edie:I want to join the group but realize it started today. What time are the live sessions? If I missed the first video can I still join and makeup watch it? Thanks-

  5. I was on vacation last week and saw your overflow group. I signed up and paid for the course on my iPhone in a campground. Wondering if it didn’t go through since I had a poor connection. Home now and was looking forward to the class starting but I have not received any email or confirmation or any info about the Facebook group. Help!

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