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What You’re Seeing

We have had the distinct privilege of having a toddler in our lives off and on this summer.

The first thing I want to say about that is #BABYFEET and the second thing I have to say about this is when he reaches for me and says “holdme, holdme, holdme”, my heart burst into a million tiny pieces.

I highly recommend that you find a toddler to hang around with because it’s just the best ever.

One thing that toddlers have a great capacity for is repetition.  Even if you just drove the golf cart past the lawnmower, resulting in high pitched screams of “MAWN-MOWER, MAWN-MOWER, MAWN-MOWER!!!!!”, there’s is a 100% chance that when you drive past it 2 minutes from now, it will be as if you are driving past it for the first time.  Repeat that process ten times and the enthusiasm for driving past the lawn mower does not wane.

It’s been SO good for my teenage girls to see because when a toddler delights in something with SO MUCH FERVOR, it’s hard not to enjoy it with them.  And it begins to eat away at the cynicism with which you see the world.

One thing that I don’t like about we adults and about the teenage years is that snarkiness just creeps in.  It takes so much to impress us or wow us or cause us to feel delight.

We take everything for granted.  We’ve lost the ability to see the everyday miracles.

Let’s continue this discussion on how we SEE the world on Periscope today around 8:30 eastern time.  It’s like live podcasting basically and it’s so much fun!

You’ll find me @lifeingrace there.

If you miss the live stream, just find the archives at katch.me/lifeingrace.

See you there!

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