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But surely the wife’s work is, in reality, the most important work in the world. What do ships, railways, mines, cars, government etc exist for except that people may be fed, warmed, and safe in their own homes? As Dr Johnson said, ‘To be happy at home is the end of all human endeavour’.  ~C.S. Lewis

We all have lots of work to do at home and that’s true whether we work elsewhere or not.  The time I spend here on this blog is significant and fulfilling, but it’s not the most important work I do.  And I think we’d all agree that the work we do elsewhere is mostly to support the important work we do at  home.  Work like buying food, cooking meals, raising children, making sure our families and homes are cared for, creating and nurturing family relationships, and so on forever!  And even though I supposedly have lots more time to do it than some, I’m always scrambling to get it all done.

As a stay at home momma, I can tell you without a doubt  the hardest part of my job?  Staying at home.  

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s where I struggle the most.  And I know too well, from all those days and months and years at home with my girls, that if you want to accomplish a lot at home, you have to stay home.  It is absolutely THE most asked question in my inbox.  How do you do it all?  Y’all.  I SO don’t do it all and I’m often plagued by guilt about all the things that go undone around here.  Lots of things go undone. But when I have those wonderful, productive days, it’s because I was able to stay home and do my work.

The secret to productivity at home is to discipline ourselves to stay home.  To stop running around like crazy people all the time. 

We all have errands that must get done, but because transportation is so easy, we’ve become lazy planners with how we use it.  And if you work during the day, the same could be said for how you use the evenings.  Can you set aside large blocks of time to be home so that you can make time for all the things that make home wonderful?  You’d be surprised how much you could get done, with a little planning and discipline.

We’ve all had weeks (or months) where we feel like all we do is run around.  It’s so draining.  But imagine a day where you were able to cook a great meal, do some cleaning, reorganize your closet, make time to read a book or play games with your kids.  That day is possible if you plan for it and guard the time at home like a momma bear.  We get caught up in the urgent and forget what’s important.  Make a date with your home!  You’ll be glad you did.

Challenge Day 16:    Get out your calendar and make a date sometime in the next week to spend some quality time at home.  Have you been wanting to cook more?  Plan a day where you cook and get your kitchen organized.  Have you been wanting to redecorate a room?  Decide what first steps you can take in making that project happen.  Missing your kids or feeling disconnected with your husband? Plan a night in at home with your family.   Find a way to stay home! Share your home date idea on facebook or in the comment below.


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26 comments on “31 Days of Less and More, Day 16 {More Nesting}”

  1. So glad to read this today–I’m a stay at home Mom and there is ALWAYS something to do, and it doesn’t always get done! I love having the time to work on what’s important to me and keeping a cozy home for my family. It’s what I love most. Glad to know I’m not alone! Thank you for this series and your writing.

  2. Amazing post! I so needed to read this. I currently work outside the home but am also trying to get a business started and still take care of a husband, two beautiful girls, and a home. But yet nothing seems to get done because we are soooo busy! I definitely need to utilize my evenings better to get things done. Thanks for stating the obvious! Sometimes the obvious definitely gets lost on me at times:)

  3. Hi Edie
    What a great simple statement. To get things done at home you need to be at home! We do take it for granted to just pop in the car and run to the store. Imagine if we just set aside 1 or 2 days a week for errands how much we could get done at home. I always feel so drained after a day of run around. I am going to try to stay at home more and see if my family reaps the many benefits. 🙂

  4. I love this post! It’s SO true. Last year just about did me in with all the running around I did so this year I promised myself to slow it down. I have 3 kids and I made all of our activities on Monday, Tuesday and Weds. night so that we stay home on Thursday and Friday and most of the time on weekends (except for church and a few activities). I found that I’m happier and the kids are happier as well. We also don’t schedule a lot in the month of December so that we can cook dinners for families from our church. I put something in the crockpot and deliver to which ever family God places in my heart. Last year we did this for our Youth Pastor and his family and they told me that they couldn’t remember the last time they actually sat at the table and ate as a family. It’s become a family tradition for us.

  5. This post did me well this morning. I have been feeling guilty this week because I did not travel to help my good friend with a Make Strides Walk. I just wanted to stay home, work in my yard and spend time with my family. I work and I find in the last few weeks, I just want to stay home. Thanks for the post!

  6. I am a long time reader- b.h.f. (before house fire) but I have never commented on a post. BUT thanks for this post today. Like so many, I’d imagine, I wear five or six very time consuming labels not least of which is mom to four. I am chronically feeling overwhelmed and just beginning to ask myself some hard questions about why I am this way and what I can do about it. This article will definitely be a touch point for me!
    Thanks so much.

  7. I love the quote about a true home! We are very much homebodies here! I too find myself plagued by the tasks left undone but find contentment as long as I have made progress. 🙂 With the advice of friends with older kids we allow our boys one activity per season to minimize the amount of time we are away from the house in the evenings after school.

  8. I love this and agree 100%. I was just telling my husband last night that I feel like I’m always “defending our time” at home together as a family. There will always be 134 people and things wanting your family’s attention and time. Saying no and learning to value your time at home, together, is a learned art, I believe.

  9. I have really enjoyed this series…especially the second half. I’m a stay at home (military) mom. Life is always busy and deployments coupled with my 2 year old son make sure I never have time to stop during the day. I love our life but have been focused on simplifing my life this past year. It seems like the busier I am the less time I have to devote to the things that matter most – my family & my home. That’s not what I want but my mind gets wrapped up in the to- do list while my heart is screaming for the opportunity to stop and embrace today before it flashes by. To hear others say they struggle with the same thing is so refreshing. This post absolutely spoke to my heart and it is such an encouragement to know I’m not alone in this challenge.

  10. I so agree! I’m a homebody by nature and am truly happiest knowing that I don’t have a million things to be at. Today I was playing with my youngest baby, she’s seven months old and I was thinking how incredibly lucky I felt that this was what was on the agenda today! My oldest baby is eighteen and it gives me such perspective on how quickly time passes!

  11. “The secret to productivity at home is to discipline ourselves to stay home. To stop running around like crazy people all the time.”
    Now isn’t that the TRUTH. The days I am the absolute happiest are the days I have been home in my sanctuary all day, doing my stay at home things and then adding in a fluff here or there in my house, or making a meal, or a baked good for my family.

    Edie you hit the nail on the head here!

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