I’m fanatical about words.      I DO believe that it’s my favorite way to make my space my own.   That’s probably why I like chalk boards so much.

Then there’s  song lyrics.   I’m giddy like a school girl for poetic, passionate lyrics.

Whiiiich probably explains my love for poetry.    And books.    And signs.   And big giant letters.

My nerdy bookclub (as opposed to the wine-drinking, what was the name of the book? bookclub:)) is reading poetry this semester.   Which makes me happy.  We met this past Friday and discussed After Great Pain by Emily Dickinson.    We also read this one, which the girlies and I will most definitely memorize.   I have one thing to say about my nerdy bookclub friends:  they are S-M-A-R-T with a capital tee.     You would love them all.

But I digress.

Now, back to Bob Dylan, whom I love with all my heart.    He wrote this song which serendipitously became OUR song.   Stevie played it for me on a cassette tape in 1999.    Yes, he did.

And now it is forever memorialized in the hallowed halls of Lake Cottage’s guest room.

I chose these lines because change is painful and beautiful and inevitable and  is apparently trying to do me in.

So take that, change.   You ain’t seen nothin’ like me yet.


and from the same room,  the letter-loving continues
Picnik collage
Just to refresh your memory, here’s the tutorial for the text art sign.
And here’s Adele, covering our song.

So were you able to squeeze in any projects this weekend?

34 comments on “Confessions of a lyrics lover”

  1. that song gets me everytime….i love adele singing it. your word art sounds perfect for you 🙂 it turned out really cute! ….and finally….cheers to smart women reading and discussing good literature! 🙂

  2. I painted two walls in my living room (a slightly deeper more taupy color), spray painted a ton of frames for a frame wall collection above the couch, and I mopped. The hardest thing was the mopping 🙂

  3. love, love, love it!!! 🙂
    another similarity…i have an obsessive love of chalkboards.
    2 huge wall size ones, 2 whole door chalkboards, 2 others. i’m also a wordaholic.

  4. Super cool sign, and great song. My project for this weekend was getting the fall and halloween decorations up. Check – got it done! YEA! I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner.

  5. Deep sigh. I love words, too. Our book club is reading through War and Peace right now. We’re breaking it up into bite-sized chunks. We also just finished reading the play The Importance of Being Earnest. Um . . . it was kinda goofy. I was told I should watch the movie version with Colin Firth ~ that it’s better than reading it. Mmmmkay. I do love me some Colin Firth, so I may give it a try.

    I feel like I haven’t done any projects in so long! I’ve fallen behind on Home Ec, too. Sniff. This week is going to be insane. Hubby and I fly out a week from today for our week in NYC. I have a list a mile long I need to get through before we leave. And then there’s school. And piano. And swim. And the Etsy shop. Snort. It’ll all be worth it though for five whole days alone with my sexy man. Yay!

  6. OH M GEE. Edie, I LOVE Garth. Like LOVE. And this is our first dance song for our wedding that is in two weeks, FIVE days! SO this actually made me tear up a bit. I love this, and I am so going to have to copy your idea! Ok and I just realized that you are referring to the Adele version, either is good, but Garth is best. 🙂

  7. edie, i hate that i missed another book club, i was too hungover from the wine book club. just kidding, really my children always seem to get sick whenever i have any mommy time 😉 hope to see y’all next month!

  8. Hey Edie…your gorgeous and so are your family! Thank you for your inspiration all the time. I’, lacking it at the moment due to a lot of different things, but I press on ay! Love ya! xxx

  9. i listen to my Adele pandora station anytime i get “girl time” at home alone.
    love her voice.

    love your sign.
    i have to figure out what i would say and where i would put it.
    probably a U2 song.
    of course.

  10. i%20listen%20to%20my%20Adele%20pandora%20station%20anytime%20i%20get%20%22girl%20time%22%20at%20home%20alone.


  11. wow….look at what my comment.
    what the heck?
    does everyone else see the %20 after every word?
    let’s call it a word puzzle….see if you can read it edie! ha ha ha
    i didn’t do that on purpose.

  12. That’s our song too! Hope Floats was the first movie we saw together. Love Adele’s version.

    Did you make that sign by following the tutorial to a tee? Especially the lettering part? Just curious if you had a better plan of attack for lining them up just so so?

  13. LOVE your sign! Can’t wait to see the tutorial! And I love words, lyrics, chalk boards and etc etc etc! Your in good company! I have a “thing” for Coldplay, and now you have me wanting to make a sign! Which also is why I knew I would love Issues right away when I realized the “bump” music were MY guys, LOL!

  14. Awwww…that is OUR song too!!! Love it…and how sacrificial it is, which is what marriage is all about, huh? Anyhoo, I had sent you some Houston recommendations (food!) a while back and now I’m OFFICIALLY in HOUSTON now!!!! Yay!!!! We are in the process of moving in and are loving our Ivory Button Cottage.

  15. I%20love%20the%20Garth%20Brooks%20version…%20and%20then%20I%20heard%20Adele’s….%20Be%20still%20my%20heart!%20%20Great%20sign%2C%20I%20adore%20the%20green!

  16. You kill me. First that kitchen in the old house. Now this. My to do list is getting longer.
    And I forgot about this song. How could I forget about this song? I adore this song!

  17. Brand new subscriber, took a peek thinking about how blah it will be when glitter and Christmas get packed. You just reminded me that color is beautiful all year long!!

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