One thing we know how to do here at our house is fully take advantage of a rainy weekend. And for those of you who thought our craft studio was gonna be just another pretty place to sit, I give you felted flower pins!!!! The girls and I trudged into Goodwill in the pouring rain and bought every cute wool sweater (make sure they’re 95-100% wool—or they won’t felt) we could find, promptly washed them in hot water (which shrinks them and turns them into felt), and commenced the flower ‘arranging’. We printed some templates from here and then just added our own personal embellishments.

I made this gargantuan black ‘rose’ and could barely move my left arm without hitting it—but it’s so darn cute and very anthropologie-esk. I made the middle portion of the flower by cutting about a 1/2 inch end of the cuff of the sweater (so that you have a small little circle of fabric) and then make a cut so that it forms a single length of fabric and then roll that little piece ‘on’ itself and glue as you go. I used the macdaddy of all craft glues: E6000—which will make your room smell like you’re making something industrial—but it works like a charm. BTW, that cute shirt that I wore under my black dress to church—-Goodwill—$1.50! I know, I know! That’s the bonus of 1/2 price Saturday at Goodwill.

Elea (my 7yo) made her own flower and wore it Sunday as well. She was beaming with pride.

And one thing’s for sure about making flowers this way; the felt is just dreamy. It’s thick and hold’s it’s shape but is just moldable enough. I used fabric scissors to make my cuts but a rotary cutter would work fine, as long as its very sharp. If you’re house is like mine, there’s 72 pairs of scissors and only one that really cuts anything.
I cut the templates out first and then pinned them to the felt to make the cuts in the felt. My cutting skills weren’t perfect but after you add several layers to the flower, the imperfections seem to disappear.

And after we’d ‘felted’ till our hearts were content, we switched gears to needle point. For those of you who love numbers, I re-threaded the needles 427 times. Or so.

Our precious little Studio 8 took a beating. There was floss and wool and thread , and chocolate chip cookie crumbs everywhere.

A bright spot in the room–despite the explosion of crafty-wooly goodness– was the ‘heather’ in the window sill.

When our little fingers were tired and aching, we switched to reading. May I recommend Glen Beck’s new book (which to my delight contains Thomas Paine’s Common Sense in the back)? I love the subtitle: The Case Against an Out of Control Government. Amen to that.

Don’t worry, there was plenty of football too. Did you happen to see the most awesome play by Brett Favre at the end of the Vikings game? It was the perfect ending to a wonderful, somewhat lazy, very crafty weekend.
Oh and pretty please, will you come visit me tomorrow? I’m traveling to a wonderful friend’s blog site to do a guest post and I’d love it if you’d be so kind to say hello to her—she has some delightful ideas for being a gracious hostess—-and to say hello to me—’cause I’ll be a little nervous–hoping to be a gracious guest!! I’ll be at Sandy’s from FourReluctantEntertainers, whom I met her in real life last year at Blissdom. She is as beautiful, talented, and friendly in real life as she appears on her blog. You’re gonna love her too.
Love to you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for meeting me here every day. You inspire and encourage me in ways you’ll never know. Hugs to you and blessings to your family!
I’m joining Kimba’s DIY day so click here for more fabulous projects!

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  1. Amen to Glenn Beck, Brett Favre and all things crafty. Love the plants in the window, the wool flower pins (psst…I could use a purple one for our upcoming Vikings game on Oct. 18th) and have I told you what a freaking awesome mom/teacher/person you are lately? Love seeing what you're up to. Makes me realize all that I'm not getting done.

  2. Hello! New reader here (found you via Today's Creative Blog), and I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog! I have been neglecting my creative side since the birth of our 4th child and a major move, but your blog is inspiring me to get back in the creative swing of things. I think I'm even going to paint our kitchen cabinets! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. Well that is how a craft room is supposed to look. Full of evidence of a day well spent! Love the felted flowers especially your big, lucious black one.

  4. We tried to make those this past Mothers' Day and it didn't end well 🙁 We did manage to make ONE.

    You did great!!!

    I;m excited about rainy Autumn days. Ours haven't come yet.

  5. Wonderful flowers! I really envy your craft room, we would love that…I don't have a room to turn into one though. Well, the basement…just don't know how to really "cozy-up" a concrete room. (I'm sure it could be done, but we'd def. need a new staircase.)
    Anywho, you inspire me Edie…love reading about what you and your kids are up to. Saxon math…WO, have you tried Saxon Phonics (guess not, that's for younger kiddos). They're both sing songy and quite repetitive, but I really think they get the job done. Great idea to mix it up though, when I was in the classroom with Saxon there were def. the days where my students and I would "sort of" make fun of the lesson.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. I love the felted flowers! I bought a sweater at GW for felting purposes a week or so ago but haven't quite known what to do with it. Maybe I will try my hand at this.

    I love your new studio. I cannot believe you found the glider for $20! $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is wonderful!

  7. You, Sweetie, are the inspiration. I look forward to peeking into your world. I strive, in vain it seems, to reach that peace that you seem to have. Admittedly envious of your staying home, and home schooling. A little bit glad I don't have to make that decision because I'm afraid I'd fail miserably.

    If you pray for your "readers," I'm in that group. Thank you for your humor, for sharing your faith, for sharing your ideas, and making me look forward to having my own craft room some day!

  8. So many wonderful things I don't know what to comment on first. The felt flowers are just fabulous. They are on my to do list. The heather in the window is beautiful. I love the books you recommend. I am currently reading March because I saw it on your list. I love your blog.

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. Hope you can stop by.


  9. Those turned out great…especially love the gargantuan one! I can't wait for my girls to be big enough to do fun crafty stuff with me! What an absolutely perfect Saturday.

    Oh, I finally finished painting and upholstering the ugly roadside bed I found. If you have time, stop by and see it!


  10. Lovwe the fleting, I even went right out and bought several super cute sweaters at GW… now I'm wondering if you cut them out then washed or washed then crafted. I just read a site that said if you shrink them first the fabric is so dense you can't push a needle through, so I wondered what you did:-)

    Love everything about your blog- you have such a heart for home!

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