If you could wave a magic wand over one area of your life, what would it be?  Would you pick your finances or your health or your relationships?  All of us have a handful of things we wish we could make better, but we’re often paralyzed and overwhelmed when we think about that area, so we just keep ignoring it and pretending everything is fine.

I picked consistency this month, so I have committed to doing a live video every weekday morning of September.  It was SCARY at first but now I am so energized by taking action that I can’t imagine stopping in September.

I think I have a secret that will help you succeed in that area in your life in just 30 days.  Well, actually I have 30 of them but let’s start with the most powerful one.

Pick an area of your life that you feel you are stuck in and set one goal for that area of your life over the next 30 days.  Maybe you need to give up sugar or maybe you need to save money for an emergency fund  or you want to stop yelling at your kids or you want to get up earlier everyday.

There is a Ted Talk by Mel Robbins, author of  The Five Second Rule.  Watch it TODAY.

(You can find it here.)

She says that everyday we make 35,000 decisions.  Often, the first decision we make is  to press the snooze on our alarms in the morning.  We are conditioning ourselves to procrastinate by making that tiny decision every single day.  It may seem harmless, but it’s not.  Your brain is taking notes on everything.

We may have plans to do something or start something in the morning, but the first decision we make is to snooze the alarm. Even just setting your intention on waking up early in the morning WITHOUT THE SNOOZE BUTTON can do so much for changing the areas in your life you want to change.

So much of what we do everyday, we do on autopilot, like driving home and not remembering how you got there. We are not engaging most of our brain throughout the day.  Instead, we are just going through motions.  In order to engage more of our brain power, we have to do something different than we did yesterday.

Your inner wisdom (you should eat eggs instead of donuts, you should go for that run,etc) is talking to you a lot during the day. It’s the first voice you hear.  But if you wait long enough, the voice that sabotages you will show up and tell you to choose something easier.

Making better choices is not matter of not knowing the right thing to do.  But your brain will always choose the easiest thing. It doesn’t want to workout or eat healthy or work that important project.  It wants the easy way out.

Robbins say that if you take FIVE seconds to rescue your brain from the part that runs on autopilot and TAKE ACTION before your lazy brain can choose something less than, you will begin to find that making change is WAY easier.

So, in the morning try something different.  So when your alarm goes off, start counting backwards, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and get up before you get to 1.  Just get up before the countdown is over and don’t let yourself think about it.  It’s sounds SO SIMPLE but it is really effective when you try it for yourself.

Getting up on time or saying no to sugar or cooking at home instead of eating out!?!? Those are small decisions.  Your life is determined by a million tiny decisions that on their own don’t really matter that much. However the accumulation of all those tiny decisions? Those become the sum total of your life.

So if you want to change your life or grow in a certain area, your going to have to start making tiny decisions toward that goal. Getting up in the morning is just one example of this. You can choose to change any area of your life.  In any area of decision making, if you give yourself too long to think about it, you will undermine what you think is important for what you want to do right now.

Changing that area is actually quite simple, it’s just not easy.

You have to make a series of  better decisions in that area in your life.

You have to change what time you get up, what you eat, or if you go to the gym. You have a window of five seconds to win or lose in that battle in the particular area. Mel Robbins recommends counting backwards from five because it engages your higher brain to do so.

You know if you don’t do it in five seconds, you probably won’t and then that bad habit you’re trying to kick will win again.

We say it is important for us to do something, but we don’t have the willpower to do it. We also ask ourselves if we feel like doing it. That’s the wrong question, because you are never going to feel like doing it.

We are all waiting for an influx of motivation to do the thing we really want to do but that motivation is not coming.  We have to create it within ourselves and we do that by making tiny decision after tiny decision until one day we wake up 10 pounds lighter or with $1,000 in our emergency fund or with 3 chapters written on that book we promised ourselves to write.

In FIVE seconds, if you teach yourself over and over to take ACTION, those tiny  YES decisions in your life  will eventually turn into big decisions that will shift what your life looks like and what you are able to accomplish with it.

Want to join us in saying YES to your goals and dreams?!?!

I’m doing a 30 day challenge on my lifeingrace FB page and we are missing YOU.  We are meeting together  at 6am eastern every morning for some inspiration and motivation to make that change happened.  Say a tiny yes and watch that action turn into something beautiful!

See you in the morning!!!  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….

Here’s the video from today on the WHY that motivates our changes!


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  1. I just watched the video and she NAILED IT! My heart is so happy that you are doing this September challenge…I was feeling stuck and this is just what I needed to hear. Thank you!!

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