This is part 6 of a 7 part podcast series on Creating the Life You Love.  You can find the previous episodes here!

Summer is a great time to talk about our need for rest.  We live crazy busy lives and often don’t realize the toll it’s taking on us until it’s too late.  I hope this episode on rest will encourage you to make time for activities that fill you up instead of deplete you.  Learn to live your life with more margin for your health and well being and for the sake of those you love the most.  I address physical, mental, and spiritual rest and give some practical tips on making space in your life for the people and things you love the most!  Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • What true rest is not and what’s at stake if we don’t cultivate this virtue
  • The basis of rest is worship
  • Rest is a gift that must be received

3 Ways to RECEIVE rest

1) Physical Rest—Get more actual sleep.  Go to bed earlier SANS electronics.  Vigorous exercise helps.  Natural Calm helps.  Getting up early helps.

When we really let our minds rest contemplatively on a rose in a bud, on a child at play, on a divine mystery, we are rested and quickened as though by a dreamless sleep.  Or as the Book of Job says, “God giveth songs in the night” (Job 35:10) Moreover, it has always been a pious belief that God sends his good gifts and his blessings in sleep.  And in the same way his great, imperishable intuitions visit a man in his moments of leisure.  It is in these silent and receptive moments that the soul of man is sometimes visited by the awareness of what holds the world together.” ~Josef Pieper

2) Mental Rest—Cull what you can from your life that is causing you the most stress.

3) Spiritual Rest—God invented rest.  It was His idea and He gives us the gift of rest in Him.

Resources and Links

I’d love to know your tricks for making space in your life for the best things.


12 comments on “06: The Life You Love Manifesto|A Life of Rest [Podcast]”

  1. I can’t wait to listen to this one! I have so enjoyed your podcasts and really hope you continue on after this series concludes (pretty please!!)

  2. Oh Edie- another fabulous episode. I am so blessed by these! Your insights are so very welcome here.

    I just had a conversation with Andrew Kern about teaching from a state of rest! They put it up on the CiRCE podcast here:


    Such wide implications for all of our lives, not just when we’re homeschooling, I think. I hope you keep podcasting- I really love your work!

  3. Edie, Such good stuff. You hit several key points that the Lord has been working on me this summer. I must listen again and let the truth sink deep.

  4. Edie, this was fantastic. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the difference between passive activities (facebook/pinterest/etc.) and activities that are truly refreshing. This podcast has given me a lot to think about on the idea of rest & restoration.

  5. Edie – I am enjoying your podcasts so much. They are just another example of the Lord’s timing – you are right on with some things I am working through this summer. I’m trying to slow down and “just be” and listen to what God might be trying to tell me. Maybe He’s trying to tell me to “just be”. THANK YOU for doing these podcasts!!!

  6. Another wonderful podcast from Edie. This was so helpful, so inspiring and Exactly what I needed to hear. Its so great to hear someone discuss the importance of rest especially in a world that feels like its going 90 mph every minute of every day. Thank you so much for all the work you put in to create these. They really do make a difference!

  7. Screen time may be my biggest adversary to rest. I find when I rest in front of a screen it is a rest of low quality, and so I need a higher quantity. Something we have decided to do as a family is to take a 12 hour break from screens every Sunday. As a result we are starting to use our screens less and less as that break forces us to do other things, we stop thinking of the screen first when we have a few free minutes. It has made a huge dent in my stress levels.

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