I’ve been waiting with baited breath for my tomatoes to ripen.
Everyday, I check the garden in hopes of juicy red manna from heaven.
Of course, as soon as I leave, they do their thing.
Just another reason to anticipate my homecoming.
I have been unbelievably blessed and inspired this weekend. I’ve sat under the tutelage of Andrew Kern, John Hodges, David Hicks and then had the very distinct privilege of hearing Wendell Berry speak a few wise words on education and read portions of his own writing in his very charming Southern grandfatherly voice. As a confessed Wendell Berry fan, it was nearly transcendent. But there’s really nothing like going home, is there?
I can’t wait to smooch on Stevie and love on the girls and enter into the joy that comes from eating fresh tomatoes from one’s own garden.

Stevie texted me this photo to entice me home.  It totally worked.

See you in a day or two when I’ve had time to contemplate and process all I’ve taken in.

It’s been a game changer.

I’ll be the first to register for the Circe Conference next year.

p.s.  You should add this one to your ‘Pearl Jam Summer’ playlist.




9 comments on “another reason to love homecoming”

  1. I heart homegrown tomatoes and Pearl Jam. In fact, I keep a cd player in the kitchen and borrow music from the library – it is one of tricks to getting me in the kitchen (I’d rather be anywhere than in there, sad but true). Added this to my library list.

    So happy you had a wonderful trip, hope you are planning to blog more about it.


  2. You actually heard Wendyll Berry speak live?? Awesome!! So cool. I hope you have the time & energy to share some more of what you’ve gleaned. I am craving some classical and fundamental stuff.
    As for those tomatoes, WOW, so many shapes, and what a pretty shade of red. Congrats! Welcome home!!

  3. OMG so funny, as I was listening to my playlist on Spotify, and Black by Pearl Jam(which happens to be my favorite ) was blaring, I started to read your post…..great minds think alike

  4. Oh! Edie-I am waiting with baited breath to read the wisdom you share from the Circe Conference. We are waiting for our tomatoes to ripen. You have quite a bounty there.
    Enjoy your time with your family, loving on them.

  5. Thrilled you’re home. Delighted you had a chance to go. Can just taste that lovely home grown juicy tart sweetness of your tomatoes. Still waiting for mine. Eager to hear from you about your experience – isn’t it wonderful how words of wisdom, experience, insight, instruction, and encouragement change us?

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