Edited to add:  I joined my friend Rhoda’s summer porch party and added a few pics of my screened porch to this post!

In case you’re on the fence about homeschooling this year, I thought this might help push you right over the edge.
You’re welcome.

Homeschoolers?  Bringing sexy back.  One over due library book at a time.

And btw, Ryan Gosling?  Homeschooled.



Here’s more where those came from! 



55 comments on “Hey girl…..”

  1. This made me never, ever want to be homeschooled. OH MY GOSH! That sounds like so much work. Well, except for the wearing pj’s for 2 days in a row. That sounds just about heavenly. Parking a fifteen passenger van would make me cry.

    • Me too! That was my favorite. Especially considering I had JUST been laminating something before I came to check my Facebook and saw this!

  2. My husband I read these together and laughed. We are homeschoolers.

    I only have three children, but I would love a 15 passenger panel van.

  3. EDIE!! I am screeeeeeaming laughing! so all my family came RUNNING in here to see what was SOOO funny! How appropriate as I was at a little seminar today discussing most ALL of
    This..well, sans the “man” part…Ha ha! Just when I was needing a fresh approach – you came
    To my aid! Hee hee! I will never LAMINATE the same again!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh goodness Edie you make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Those would make some GREAT T-Shirts 🙂 Now everytime I hear, “Hey Girl” I’m going to think of you!

  5. Love, love, love this!! He is my favorite too!! Great motivation for all us teachers…especially us (slightly OCD) English teachers! ;-D

  6. Oh man.

    Spit take the coffee ALL OVER THE COMPUTER.

    Literally – JUST came into the office after telling my husband that we have to discuss the curriculum plans for next year. He just LOVES it when we have those discussions. And chalkboard paint. Oh yeah. On everything that sits still.

    Thanks so much for the laugh!!

  7. Love It!! Ryan Gosling was 5 minutes away from me last week and sadly I was at work 🙁
    He was here at Brock University for his mom’s graduation from ………teacher’s college!!

  8. This made my day! I’ve been in deep prayer about homeschooling my son this year…So needed this to help me relax about it and trust God will work that out in my heart! Thanks Edie!

  9. Funny! Did you know he was homeschooled for only one year – first grade. He was also a high school dropout. Shhhh… Don’t tell your kids!

  10. LOL Best blog post I have read in SOOOOOOO long. best part for you? You did not have to do that much. But I am sure Ryan might disagree and reaffirm all your hard work. and tell you how sexy you are blogging in your jammies. I gots to get me a Ryan too. xoxo

  11. OMG best post EVER!!!!! I am coming back to homeschooling after a 2 year break. This just made me smile. I love that boy and the lines were awesome. Thanks

  12. there is a TINY TINY voice inside me that is THINKING about homeschooling and THIS may just have done it!!! maybe these could be my “when I need a time out ….flash cards” he he…

  13. Very, very funny! Brings back memories from our homeschooling days. We are now in the empty nest time of life. Can be kind of lonely, if you don’t stay busy. Husband just bought a 4 wheeler, so maybe we can fill a little of our time having fun.

  14. As a homeschooling mom of 7 kids, this post had me laughing like I haven’t laughed in a long time! It made me realize a little more humor in my day would be a very good thing…

  15. Edie, I just discovered your blog 2 days ago and OMG, you are my new favorite!!! First, let me say that as I am a 3rd grade public school teacher, I’m not a supporter of homeschooling, but this post is HILARIOUS!!! Love it! As I read about your homeschooling goals, curriculum, and philosophy though, I do agree with those things and soooooo wish that we could work the way you do at school. Tests, tests, tests……so much time that could be spent learning, experiencing, and discussing.

    Also, the pictures of your bedroom convinced me to go graphite in ours. We’re in the midst of a whole house renovation (slow going) and I’m working on the furniture end of things while my husband has the huge task of the actual work. I really love the colors and uniqueness of your rooms.

    Thanks for sharing and though I’ll be lurking about reading your posts and looking at your pictures, I promise I’m not a stalker and hope my praise of your blog doesn’t sound psycho!
    Best wishes and blessings ~ Pam

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