This is life{in}grace rerun and is dedicated to my new bff , Paige,  and her daughter Caroline, who have officially made this soup more than me. But while smarter folks than I try to figure out all the things that have been going wrong with my blog for the past two months, give this  American classic with a spicy twist a try.   My blog and email seem to have been taken over by hostile powers.  Which reminds me, has anyone who signed up for the email subscription service through me been getting the posts by email lately?   Hopefully, there will be some resolution soon. Also the winner of the Lutheran prayer book is Becky from A Peaceful Dwelling. I so enjoyed all your book recommendations and have ordered several already!
tomato soup

Spicy Tomato Soup

{with a hint of blue cheese}

don’t let the blue cheese scare you. this is the best tomato soup recipe i’ve ever eaten. ever.  just ask stevie.

he won’t lie for me just to promote my tomato soup.


Now, if I’ve already offended you with the suggestion of blue cheese, don’t get your panties in a ruffle.

You just use a little—for a complex layer of flavors—- and I highly doubt you could tell it had blue cheese in it, if you didn’t already know.

Try it and you could always substitute the cheese if you have serious issues with blue cheese.

The other two stars of the show are sriracha and a large can of cento tomatoes.

Sriracha is a deliciously-hot-addictive sauce  that has seductive powers unlike any hot sauce

you’ve ever had.  Your mouth might burn but it will not stop you from adding more.   A little squirt into soup is makes all the difference!

You’ll need these ingredients:

a few splashes of olive oil

1 small onion

2-3 cloves of garlic

1 28 ounce can of tomatoes

1 14 ounce can of diced tomatoes

1 cup chicken broth

2 T. honey

1 small squirt of sriracha (more if you like really spicy–but start small)

handful of basil leaves

about an ounce of blue cheese (or your favorite easy melt cheese)

1/3 cup of cream

kosher salt and pepper to taste

You’ll also need a submersion blender!

The directions:

In a large dutch oven, add a few tablespoons of olive oil.  Don’t measure, just swirl a few times.    Then add the chopped onion and garlic and salt to taste and then saute for about 5 minutes.   Add the tomatoes in their juice.   Then add the rest of the ingredients except the cream and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.  Use your submersion blender to achieve the consistency you’d like and then add cream.   Taste it and reseason as necessary.  I almost always have to add more salt and more honey.   And if you accidentally go heavy on the sriracha, add a little more cream to balance the heat.   Serve with artisan bread or crackers and prepare to be lavished with ” mmmm’s”  and gratitude.

Garnish with basil and enjoy!

27 comments on “{spicy} Tomato Soup”

  1. You’ve just made my husband very, very happy. He loves all thing tomato, the spicier the better. I’ll have to put this on the menu for next week and surprise him. (He actually has that hot sauce in the refrigerator so I’m set.)

  2. Edie- your recipes are always the best. I love to try them all. Two of our faves are the cheese tortellini soup and the italian sub soup(def. Hubby’s fave).
    I have been trying to email you for a few weeks now. Don’t know if you ever received them. I have finished the crochet pillow covers for you. Just have a couple questions. Email me when you can.
    I did subscribe to your blog but it only worked a couple of times then stopped.

    • Ruth,
      I got one email a while back and thought I responded. I did see the beautiful pillow covers and LOVE them so much! Let me know what you need b/c apparently you didn’t get my response either. They are still working to fix the email issues but at least I can reply on comments now 🙂
      Hope you are well dearie and thank you again so much for such a labor of love on the pillow covers. I can’t wait to get them.
      Much love,

      • Hi! Edie~
        I am so happy you like the pillow covers. I did not receive your email. I was wondering if you preferred the pillow fronts as is to sew onto pillows you currently have or would you prefer that I sew some pillow covers and then add the pillow fronts to those?
        I also need your current address so I can send them off to you.
        So thrilled you like them.

  3. The soup looks as gorgeous now as it did before – hope the bugs get sorted out.

    I have searched, and searched and searched, for the video you made when you showed us the house – it begins with you in the car and you had the Florence & Machines music set to it. Edie, where is that video. I love that video. I miss that video 🙁

    Please help! Hope you are all well and that spring has sprung. It is is raining and cold in London.


  4. my people swear they hate blue cheese.
    i load it in the soup. for the complexity of flavors of course.
    they have no clue!
    & yes, that’s little bit’s fave. even requested on her birthday. now that’s a serious compliment my friend!

    love you
    & coveting that you have the entire collection of the penguin classics…persuasion releases next week. surely your ups/amazon delivery boy already has this planned!

  5. Just checking to see if any kinks in my blog are fixed? Please, for the love of Tammy Wynette, let it all be working!

  6. Edie,
    I used tomatoes from our farm (canned). So do you use some diced and some whole? Just trying to figure out how many mason jars of canned tomatoes I would need?!? We have dozens left from last summer and our tomatoes will all be ready to pick in a month. Need to eat those canned ones! This will be a great recipe for us! Thanks!!

    • I use a 14 oz can of diced and then a 28 oz can of whole tomatoes (because it gets pureed in the end) so that’s probably close to a 3 pints or a quart and a half. I’m jealous of the home canned ones 🙂
      I’m planting a small ‘kitchen’ garden this year so maybe I’ll get some of my own too!

  7. The boyfriend has deemed this his favorite all time soup (my version is only slightly tweaked to make it vegetarian) and demands it when he feels sick, has a dentist appointment or just in general when it’s been too long since we had “the soup”. I do tone down the spice for those post dentist visits, but this soup is just the thing to kick a cold. We find it best served with grilled cheese’s made with yummy grainy bread and velveeta. That’s right, I said velveeta! Don’t judge. 🙂

    Tech note: I have signed up for email notifications on the other blog, lifeingrace girls, and have been receiving emails successfully. Just signed up here today to test it out for you.

    • I take it back. I don’t see the option to sign up for email notifications/posts for this blog. But I did click to see comments to this post via email.

      • Thanks so much Miss Ami! I think it’s the email notifications to this blog that haven’t been working and I don’t think we have it set up yet. We just moved this one to Thesis today to see if that will help resolves some of the mammoth issues.
        And the fact that you use Velveeta and admit it—another reason I love ya 🙂
        So glad y’all like the soup. I think you’re in a tight run with Paige for making it most often!

  8. “The Soup” – yep, that’s what my crew calls it. And actually – my oldest told me a few days ago of some of his favorites that are on the “missing” list – and was seconded by my youngest. Since the tornado hit…my cooking has been slim and none – the loss of our home has kinda put us in a tailspin. I sure do miss my kitchen the most – because that is where I made beautiful things happen with food…

    Immersion blender…is on my next list of “necessities”…there just has to be some sort of normal while the builders are busy clearing out the broken to make room for the new.

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss, Tiffany. I know how despairing it can be at times but God is so faithful. Cling to His promises and create your new normal. I’ll be praying…….

  10. just wanted to let you know, we have tried the soup before and love it miss edie. also, i have not gotten emails in awhile, but i do get your twitters. love you girl.

  11. Oh my goodness! I only just saw this post and that I won! Now I’m thinking you must have thought me silly when I made that comment on FB- about how I would pretend I inspired you to read Walking on Water! It’s true, I am a big ol’ dork! But I didn’t know that my comment *did* inspire you to order it! (blushing!)

    BTW, did you know that Levon Helm – who played Loretta’s Daddy in Coal Miner’s Daughter – passed away last week? I was so sad to hear it. I loved his weathered, twangy voice. I thought you’d enjoy this performance of his from last year:

    I’m so excited about the prayer book! I will email you.

  12. This sounds amazing –I love spicy food and blue cheese, but the sriracha sauce I bought, I noticed (after I bought it of course) has sulfite preservative in it and that makes me ITCH! I will be making it, but I’ll just substitute the hot sauce for Cholula sauce.

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