What do you do when you’re no longer a spring chicken and you know it?

You drive like mad to the nearest seller of spring chickens and you buy 6 of them in the name ‘home education’.

Your children crown you mother of the year.  Again.

And then you start a Pinterest board called chicken coops.

And you find out that your darling husband thinks egg-laying chickens are all kinds of awesome.

Then you spot the most adorable chicken coop  by the lovely Heather Bullard.

So you order the plans and tell your builder that you have the perfect spring project.

And then everyone calls you coo coo but they’re too late because you already knew that.

At least now you’ll be coo coo with the cutest chicken coop EVER and fresh eggs!

And really, does anything usher in the magic of spring like baby chicks?

Happy first week of Spring!  Mwahhhh:)


Speaking of cute chicks, my friend Michele is posting today at lifeingrace girls!  She blogs about one of my favorite topics—books—-at her blog The Great Read!

And I’m in need of more contributors for our sister site.  Send me your ideas this weekend!    My email has been super annoyingly unpredictable lately so email me again if you haven’t heard from me!

I hope to catch upon on our book study this weekend.

Loves to all,




30 comments on “Spring Chicken”

  1. Yay! Ours arrive on Monday – the mail lady hates this time of year! That coop is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Those are some lucky ducks, I mean chicks! P.S. Spring Chicken Muscle Rub from Sweetgrassonline.com is AWESOME. Just sayin’. 🙂

  2. Now that’s a chicken coop! My parents have chickens and an extensive chicken yard. My mom’s friend calls it the cadillac of chicken coops. Ha! I’ll have to direct her here.

  3. Miss Edie-you are awesome. I have wanted chickens forever. Our town is very backwards and does not allow chickens. In the name of home education we tried to change that ordinance and found it was a complicated matter that cost a lot of money. Sad but true. I thought it would have been a fantastic project for the kids to see how the legislative process works. Hasn’t this town heard of urban farming??!!! Maybe I need to start pestering them with the wealth of information that is available on it. Even our capital city allows chickens but not our town.
    Ok-enough of my rant. Of course, noone would have a more amazing chicken coop than Miss Heather. Yours will be smazing too. Your girls are going to love the chickens. How do you think your dogs will do?
    Have a great day!!

  4. Love, love, LOVE that chicken coop and the chicks! You must keep us posted on how many eggs you are getting when you start getting eggs!

  5. You are going to love it (although the mess was an adjustment to me). We aren’t allowed to keep chickens, but we did hatch them last spring as a school project and then did photo shoots for friends Easter portraits. It was a lot of fun! They went to a friends farm and are happy!

  6. I adore chickens. Don’t know why, but I’ve admired them for years. When we lived in Maine, I had 10. My son was a baby and I’d push him over in his carriage to go watch the chickens. He loved them.

    Once an animal attacked and we had a chicken we were nursing back to health, so we had to separate him from the others. When I was going out, I stuck him in the shed instead of the coop. The UPS man came and went to stick my package in the shed, as was his usual procedure, only this time he got quite the surprise. He told me later that he chased that chicken around for about 20 minutes trying to get it back in the shed. So fun!

    You’re gonna love your chicks.


  7. You will LOVE having chickens and fresh eggs! It’s possibly my favorite thing about the farm, especially when they roam free range all day. We just stopped collecting eggs last week in order to let the hens hatch some for Easter… So exciting!! Can’t wait for pics of your new coop! xo Happy Springtime!

  8. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! I’ve always wanted chickens, but our town zoning won’t allow. I have to settle for going over to my cousins and spending time with her chickens. There’s nothing that gets my kids more excited than finding eggs!

  9. What a fun read and I hope you get your great coop and fresh eggs. My spring in Arizona is in the 80’s, the citrus trees are in bloom and scenting the air with a most lovely fragrance (except maybe to the hayfever folks). Wishing you a happy day.

  10. I’d crown you queen mom (and friend) every day, Edie! These photos are too precious for words.

    Thank you for starting Life In Grace Girls and giving all of us an opportunity to meet and encourage bloggers while sharing our passion: brilliant!

    Enjoy your weekend surrounded by chicks of all types. 😉

    xoxo michele

  11. Awesome! My husband is trying to talk me into getting chickens and I’m nervous about what that entails! Guess I need to do a little research.

    I write a blog focusing on family life but am passionate about foster care adoptions. We are in our first year of homeschooling and it’s awesome!

  12. I think u should be my big sister!! Just sayin:) we r church planters right on the south hill, in Spokane Washington. We became urban farmers( that’s my own title), in february!! We have four hens the most u can have, we love it!!! I homeschool our girlies, my husband has tattoos and is a hottie:), as we strive to bring him alone all glory and honor!! Jesus is alive and my soul is awakened at his stirring of my once dead heart!!! Come awake, come awake, come and rise up from the grave!!! Xoxo Kate

  13. My husband and I got chicks last year, and it’s one of the best things we ever did. We get two eggs a day, the chickens are friendly, and just so cute. I’m trying to talk him into buying two more this spring 🙂

  14. LOVE this post! Your chicks are adorable and I can’t wait to follow along on your new adventure. You will love how funny they can be! Thanks for ordering the plans and I’m looking forward to seeing your Chez Poulet! Best, H

  15. We too are home edumacators and are super excited about inheriting a coop this week and getting our chicks on! My kids are excited about making a few dozen egg dollars a week and I am excited about eating a few dozen eggs a week.

    Faithful follower of your blog and fellow Avett, Mumford, Civil Wars and Over the Rhine aficionado.

  16. i want to get chickens…..i think…now that we’re farm people.
    i am kind of afraid.
    our neighbors have them and i love them.
    maybe i just let them do all the work?
    we’ll see.
    i will watch you and see what you do….

  17. Edie, I know that you don’t tweet much – but I DID see your last tweet – about you, a map, some post-its, and the fireplace – and I thought to myself, “that’s why I admire that woman so much”. You love your husband – and that’s a dear and precious thing. You love your babies, and you teach them, and nobody can teach them better than the one who loves them most – and YOU love them most.

    And this! It is so absolutely funny! It’s light and charming – the way you wrote it is the way that you write everything – winsome and inviting. I have always felt that “life in grace” had a double meaning – the grace of God – and the grace that you exhibit.

    Anyway, I’m done gushing. God bless you Edie, and God bless your new bloggy adventure – If I were a woman I’d join in. God bless your children, and God bless your husband…

    and God bless the chickens too. 🙂

  18. We had chickens growing up, and had fun hunting eggs! That Chicken Coop ROCKS! One of our first homes was when we rented a transformed/remodeled chicken coop in Connecticut…it was tiny and narrow, but quaint and wonderful, obviously, once the mac daddy castle to chickens since it could house humans :). This post brought back memories 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  19. We’ve had chickens for about 3-4 years now. We get about 8-12 eggs a day. Sometimes I sell the eggs or give them away, I wish we would have had them when our kids were little. Always something to eat when you don’t have anything in mind. They aren’t too much work really, have a nice little pen for them, throw them some feed, keep their roosts clean with fresh straw. Its good to teach children responsiblity with animals. I’ve seen the cute little coops and that would sure be nice! We have a little shed we turned into a coop, cut a hole in the side for them to go in and out, even in the winter in MN they will go outside.

  20. Nothing beats fresh eggs! Oh so jealous, they are one of my favorite foods, next too coffee of course.

  21. I’ve had Heather’s ‘coop’ plans for 3 years now! Someday I will find someone to build it for me. I have a coop now, but it’s not fancy like this one.

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