and guess what she got for her birthday?

these chicks are cute

yep, chicks…..and ducks

m r ducks

You only turn 7 once, right?  And I am a firm believer in a little bit 
of childhood magic.  So what if they ‘cheep’ alot.  So what if there are 6 of them.
Life is messy.  Might as well get your hands dirty.


And this particular wonderful spring time fun is 
brought to you by Daddy…who apparently
thinks childhood is magical too.


The girls have named them
and held them…
and fed them…
and watched them….
and are currently running a little bath water
for the ducks to take a swim.

cheep cheep

Every adult should occasionally put all rational thought aside.
And enjoy the small creatures God made.

ducks and chicks

So while my oldest chick is in NYC on a choir trip,
the younger chicks will play with their own ducks and chicks.
And watch cute YouTube videos of chicks hatching.

Caiti's duck

We throw caution to the wind
and celebrate
life’s little wonders.
More birthday fun to follow!
Email me with any advice on how to keep them alive!
P.S.  One of my precious readers wrote the sweetest things about me and it really blessed me to read it.  The isolating world of homeschooling is made easier by those of you who read this blog and offer so much encouragement.  I am thankful for you all.  Check out her blog here.
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