Grace for the Good Girl

Hi, my name is Edie and this is my friend Emily and we are recovering good girls.

It’s sounds so quaint and harmless but my good girl nearly destroyed my life.

Emily has done a very brave and dangerous thing .  She has exposed the good girl in us all—-and with wit and kindness, has helped us to see the damage that the she is wreaking in our lives.

I wish I had found this grace when I was 15 and the ‘do-good’ demons were wrestling me to the ground.   I struggled with this book because it brought back painful memories.   (The darker the room, the harsher the light usually seems.)   My good girl is all grown up now and is smarter and craftier  than ever.

She’s driven by all the wrong reasons  to do all manner of ‘good things’ and when she’s been slighted in the least, she makes sure that everyone knows how hard she’s worked to keep this house of cards from falling—doing it all  with her best, self-serving, martyrdom tactics.   Down deep, she wonders if grace is just too cheap and if unconditional love isn’t a spiritual pipe dream.

Emily leads us to the foot of the Cross, where all sinners must go;  for there,  Christ exchanges our try-hard life for His perfect beautiful  life and our exhausted good girl facade for His true peace and rest.

Her book will challenge your status quo as she brings to light the grave danger that lingers near a performance driven life.

Your good girl will be quaking in her boots.

My favorite quote?

“Good girls live obediently but they do not know the mystery.”

Grace, my friends, is a sacred  mystery.    And you can’t do one thing to earn it.

It is given to you freely by your Father without your effort or striving.

He has come to your rescue with life-giving mercy.

GRACE has come!


Thank you, beautiful Emily, for your courageous truth-telling.  I am so privileged to call you friend.


I just so happen to have an extra copy of Emily’s book so if you’ll leave  a comment on this post, I’ll pick a giveaway winner soon.

This is one you’ll want to read for yourself!

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