Hi, my name is Edie and this is my friend Emily and we are recovering good girls.

It’s sounds so quaint and harmless but my good girl nearly destroyed my life.

Emily has done a very brave and dangerous thing .  She has exposed the good girl in us all—-and with wit and kindness, has helped us to see the damage that the she is wreaking in our lives.

I wish I had found this grace when I was 15 and the ‘do-good’ demons were wrestling me to the ground.   I struggled with this book because it brought back painful memories.   (The darker the room, the harsher the light usually seems.)   My good girl is all grown up now and is smarter and craftier  than ever.

She’s driven by all the wrong reasons  to do all manner of ‘good things’ and when she’s been slighted in the least, she makes sure that everyone knows how hard she’s worked to keep this house of cards from falling—doing it all  with her best, self-serving, martyrdom tactics.   Down deep, she wonders if grace is just too cheap and if unconditional love isn’t a spiritual pipe dream.

Emily leads us to the foot of the Cross, where all sinners must go;  for there,  Christ exchanges our try-hard life for His perfect beautiful  life and our exhausted good girl facade for His true peace and rest.

Her book will challenge your status quo as she brings to light the grave danger that lingers near a performance driven life.

Your good girl will be quaking in her boots.

My favorite quote?

“Good girls live obediently but they do not know the mystery.”

Grace, my friends, is a sacred  mystery.    And you can’t do one thing to earn it.

It is given to you freely by your Father without your effort or striving.

He has come to your rescue with life-giving mercy.

GRACE has come!


Thank you, beautiful Emily, for your courageous truth-telling.  I am so privileged to call you friend.


I just so happen to have an extra copy of Emily’s book so if you’ll leave  a comment on this post, I’ll pick a giveaway winner soon.

This is one you’ll want to read for yourself!

I’m an Amazon Affiliate so if all 5,000 of y’all buy the book from this click, I’ll make enough for a Starbucks coffee!

193 comments on “Grace for the Good Girl”

  1. This good girl would love all over this book!  Dog-eared pages, pink highlighted passages and of course chocolate smudged finger prints are necessary when consuming Truth.

  2. I read about this book a while back and I’ve been wanting to read it since.  I know it would be great!  Thanks!

  3. Edie, thank you for the reminder about this book.  I have been meaning to get to it, now I HAVE to get to it.  Thanks!

  4. Well said, Edie!  I’m reading this amazing book right now and couldn’t agree more.  I want to buy it (in love) for all the “good girls” I know!

  5. I would love to read Emily’s book!  I checked our library system just last week to see if it happened to be in the system so I could read it; alas it was not.

  6. what you wrote above, Edie, couldn’t have come on a better day. it’s been one of those days with most of the feelings you described above. i definitely want and need to read this book. thanks for the recommendation! 

  7. I’m not sure I’m understanding this entire post. I’m gonna reread and try again. Maybe I better read the book cause I’m already lost. :/

  8. I love that you’ll get a whole starbucks coffee if all 5,000 of us buy the book. 🙂 hilarious.  
    ever so grateful for his grace that I couldn’t earn if I tried my very hardest.

    I have my copy of her book, so if my comment gets picked, please pass it to another friend who also needs it. 🙂

  9. what a sweet surprise to see this tonight. Edie? Your words, honesty, kindred spirit? I just can’t tell you what it all means. Thank you for writing this post, for sharing the book, for reminding even me – of the boundless, corner-less, mysterious grace of our God. And if 5000 people buy the book through your affiliate? I’ll buy you TWO cups of coffee 😉

  10. Grace is such a great thing to strive for….when is does happen it is wonderful….blessings abound when surrounded by grace….I would love to read this book….It is the perfect word for you….

  11. Whether we were good girls all the time or not, most of us ….especially 40 and up grew up in a very legalistic environment.
    As an adult, it still has taken much time and many prayers to “break out” of the whole “good girl” or trying always to please and be the “best girl”!  I think many of us “southern” girls still deep down have expectations of ourselves and others that lead us to forget about grace.  Can’t wait to read this book!  

  12. What an intriguing message… it is difficult to grasp, the idea of accepting unearned, undeserved Grace in a world where performance evaluations kind of rule.  It’s there, we know it, but it’s so counter-intuitive to accept it.

    Thanks for the intro to her book! I’d love to win it but will probably end up buying it anyway. Would give the extra copy to a friend of mine. xo

  13. Will be getting  this book one way or the other…if I win it, what a blessing, if not I will buy it….can’t wait to read it…

  14. Oh gosh Ive had this on my Amazon wishlist for ages now. Id love to win a copy and get started reading it.

  15. Hi – this sounds like a great book.  I am in a season where I am LOVING mystery, but it hasn’t always been this way.  It is freeing, isn’t it, to let God be God and not have to be all-perfect-and-figured-out?!

  16. Oh, I’m *SUCH* a good girl….and southern.  In my 40s and still recovering from my fundie upbringing in which God is far away in heaven, deciding if I’m good enough to earn more gold starts on the chart.

  17. Oh, I’m feeling like I definitely need to read this book!  Sounds like it could contain a few “holy 2x4s” (as my friend Tina and I call those nudges from God) for me. 

  18. I guess begging wont help, heh. I thought for a long time that I wasn’t “good” enough to read this book, thinking it was something completely other than what it is, but now I know a little better. If I could win, great. Eventually I will get it. Thanks for the chance!

  19. This is just what I needed today!  I have been dealing with a lot of heavy things lately and feeling very anxious.  Though the good girl me will tell you it’s all good:)

  20. Martyrdom is no longer my kindgom.  I need a good dose of Grace to set me Good Girl free. 

    Thank you for always making me look deeper.

  21. This is so weird. Our Sunday School study this past Sunday was on this very topic! then my Tuesday morning devotion was on same topic! i think I need to read this book!

  22. I have read Emily’s blog for the past year and would love to win the book! Thanks for the opportunity to plug into a wellspring of love and knowledge for the “good girl” in me.

  23. This looks and sounds like a book that I should read, really. I so much love your blog and following along with your life. I feel like we are old lost friends. Please throw my name in the hat. I don’t have a blog, but I so enjoy yours. WMoss

  24. I would LOVE to have this book.  As it’s become clear to me that I consistently fall very short of the standards I set for myself as a mother (also as a wife, friend, human being, but mother is the big one), I have noticed something else change too:  Jesus and his Gospel has become far sweeter to me than ever before.  I think this is because for the first time, I’ve realized how much I need a savior.  Of course I’ve needed this all along, but I know it in a different way now.  I feel like this is what Emily is talking about…

  25. Oh I just love Emily!!!! She is amazing!! I wish I could read this….but I told Paige when she wrote about this wonderful book that I need to wait for the “Grace for the bad girl” edition. Having a child out of wedlock automatically makes you a bad girl I guess. 🙂 Love you and counting down the days sweet friend!!! 30 more days!! xoxo

  26. Yes, yes, yes. My “good girl” almost made me have a nervous breakdown about 6 months ago.  I was pleasing everyone around doing what they expected of me, but not pleasing the Lord first above all else. This book sounds like such a truth telling account. Can’t wait to check it out.

  27. Good girl syndrome and a heap load of guilt when I can’t reach the good girl standards have been a struggle all my life. God’s grace is unfathomable and I feel unworthy of it. I am continuously in a competition with myself to attain this status and forever failing miserably. I would love a chance to win this awesome book. Either way it is on my Amazon wish list. If I don’t win I’ll buy it through your link and help fluff up your Starbucks fund.

  28. This sounds like such a great book! It would be fun to win…although if I don’t, I’ll probably pick it up anyway 😉

  29. Emily’s book has been on my reading list for ages… I am a chronic “good girl,” desperate to change. This book sounds exactly like what I need!

  30. Wow! What an incredible topic!!! I haven’t seen a book like this before, but I think its something that so many women struggle with! Can’t wait to read it! 

  31. I’ve heard so much about this book.  Thanks for the chance to read it by winning it.  Lovely!

  32. This sounds like just the book I have been searching for!  I just got back from being on the mission field for six months, and now receiving my MBA. Im trying so hard to meet up to the exceptions people have of me “coming off the field” and do this grad school thing perfectly.. of course for the “glory of God”… but maybe my expectation of perfection is more of a self-righteous thing where I am seeking the glory too.. hence.. the anxiety.   Oh, the deep heartache and sin of being a “good girl”! I would love to win a copy! 

  33. i guess i never thought about what i was doing then as “the good girl” inside or the “do-good” demons. i was trying to “manufacture” as emily put it, my environments with excessive purging of my closets, constantly spending money to redecorate thinking that was what i needed to fill that hole inside, i to had a need to “look good” on the outside while inside i was dying.  emily said most of the girls she talked to wern’t dealing with something like alcohol, but i was. i was hugging the toilet up to 12 times a day with my “friend” i struggled so hard to let go of- bulemia. that on top of many other behaviors that were causing anxiety inf my life. i had a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, so why wasn’t i satisfied? because i didn’t have Jesus. he eventually did rescue me from my despair and now my heart goes out to all women, christian and non, that feel, because of society, that we need to be super women. Jesus really does give you rest! i felt as though the whole world had been lifted off my shoulders and that now i could be transparent.

  34. I have been wanting to read this book since the Nester through Emily her book signing party but I’ve been too afraid to read it.  Would love to read this and then pass it on to my 2 nieces who are having trouble with going off to college to pursue their dreams or stay home to help their newly single mother.  They want to be “Good Girl’s”.

  35. Thanks for the giveaway … I want to get my hands on this book.  Can’t wait to hear you Edie at the Pearl Event in just a month!

  36. What’s wrong with being a good girl?
    (I’m so good that I’m telling you that I have ulterior motives and maybe you won’t read this part and be tricked into thinking “that poor soul needs this book for sure).
    Sounds wonderful : )

  37. I’m friends with leedsracer, who sent me to this link, so if i win, i’ll think about letting her borrow it. 😉

  38. Oh how I want this book! I NEED this book. It’s my first time visiting your blog. Came to it by way of your cabinet re-do..ha. But wound up at your post for today.  I’ve heard so many great things about the book just haven’t seen it to purchase. Really hope I win….:)

  39. Didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. Watched the video of the author introducing herself and what her book is about…brought tears to my eyes. Never judge a book by its cover is so true

  40. “The darker the room, the harsher the light usually seems.”  Edie, you have quite a way with words and insight too … waiting for your book to be published.  In the meantime I’d love to read Grace for the Good Girl.  Thanks for the having this give-away.

  41. Reading this book has been on my “to-do” list since I saw the beautiful pictures of the book signing party.  Emily’s description of her book was so heartfelt and the content is something so many women live with daily.  Would love to win!!  Thanks for the opportunity~I’ll read it either way! Have a blessed weekend~we might finally see some of the white stuff in TN! 🙂

  42. As a recovering good girl, coming to understand the glory of his grace I  have been very curious to read this book.  If I don’t win I will try to remember to go through your affiliate link so that you can get some coffee!  🙂

  43. Here I am, 70 years old, and still a “good girl”.  It   does  not    work !
    Sure would like some help.  I would love to have the book !


  44. Thanks for this post. I didn’t realize that this is me until reading and watching video clip. Would love to read this book!

  45. I would love to read this…Emily is after all speaking to me right?, ;D  I think there’s many of us caught in that same place and not sure how to move on. 

  46. There are many of us “Martha’s” out there all trying to do good to make everything perfect. The husband, the kids, church functions, school functions. etc.. thank God we have His Grace and Mercy because we would endlessly fail with out it.

  47. I’m a bad girl. Met God’s grace early on and i’ve lived richly in it since I was 18. But, somehow…I’ve managed to raise a good girl. A black and white, hard on herself, hard on everyone, judiciously obedient, STRESS puppy.  She’s been 30 since the 3rd grade. God love her, she’s a pharisee. We can’t figure out how we should parent her sometimes…she parents herself. Well, this year the good girl fell…and OH my, good girls fall hard…and don’t easily recover when they’ve dissappointed God, self, family…at 18 my dear daughter is learning that she’s just like the rest of us. And while she fought the humility it requires to admit failure, she’s finally trying to stand back up and let others doctor her skinned knees. Oh it’s so much harder than it was for me at 18–I needed mercy and I knew it. She just realized why she needs a savior.

  48. Watching and listening to Emily, I thought of my daughter.  She is that perfect good girl – always has been…yet doesn’t ever feel quite good enough.  Now at 34 I watch her still struggle with that….though very  privately…probably only her mother knows that.   But then, I saw not my daughter…but me.   I NEED to read her book…I need to believe it.

  49. I have wanted this book forever and some how keep forgetting to buy it!  I was telling a friend about it in church on Sunday and then come her today and there it is again!   I was going to just click over and buy it and then saw that you were giving one away…so the spendthrift in me will wait until you announce the winner…if it’s not me, then I will click over and buy it! 🙂

  50. I would LOVE to read this book someday. I will have to get my hands on it some way or another, (maybe this is the way 🙂  ) I think it would benefit so many to read it. 

  51. Such a small, sweet world god has created! I found your blog several months ago. I recognized Emily and had to determine how and why! I’m like that. So, I finally discovered that she is at a nearby church I visited once with a friend! I love how God intertwined my love I’f design to finding you, to finding her and her ministry. I feel like I’ve gained 2 new friends! Would love to read her book!

  52. Such a small, sweet world god has created! I found your blog several months ago. I recognized Emily and had to determine how and why! I’m like that. So, I finally discovered that she is at a nearby church I visited once with a friend! I love how God intertwined my love I’f design to finding you, to finding her and her ministry. I feel like I’ve gained 2 new friends! Would love to read her book!

  53. Oooooo!!! Did you pick a winner yet? Pick me! Pick me! I would love to read this book and have it for my girls! I was a good girl all my life and finally, FINALLY understood grace just a year or two ago. And Praise God, He is changing my life and my parenting and my friendships and EVERYTHING. That’s why I love your blog so much, Edie. It’s like water for my too-long-parched soul. (I found you through the lovely Darlene, who we attend co-op with, and whose design blog I also love.) I linger long here, just so you know. Mostly when I should be doing laundry, or washing dishes… True confessions. =)

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