The stone is finished and the concrete at the basement level looks great!

I thought you might enjoy seeing the kitchen layout.  I’m so happy with Gary from Keith’s Custom Cabinets.

He’s truly an artisan and has been able to interpret my vague ideas perfectly.  Most of my cabinets are made and we’re now ready to finalize colors.   YIKES!!!!!!

I’ve spent so many hours on this kitchen design and have pulled from all my favorite ideas on the internet.

This is the wall that faces the screen porch—the lake is on the right side of all these drawings.

I love the drawing for my built-in hutch.  It has leaded glass and will be some sort of gray-green.  Possibly ‘intrigue’ from Benjamin Moore but I’m painting a few more sample colors today to be sure.

My sister and I painted some boards yesterday and have tentatively decided on fieldstone for the bulk of the cabinets.    I stole the idea from Sara at August Fields, who borrowed the idea from Sally Wheat’s kitchen.   I was originally pretty sure I wanted white cabs but there’s so much light in this house that the white washes out too much I think.

The island will be black (midnight summer) and the hutch will be intrigue? or possibly a greener color—–kennebunkport green or great barrington green.

More swatch painting today will help I hope.

The tile is underway in the workroom—it’s so fun to watch it take shape.  I’ve been enjoying Jenny’s latest projects and may have to try her custom bookshelf look and her desk idea since I think we’re gonna need to wait a while on most of our custom shelving for this room.

I’m usually so decisive but I think my decision center has been dreadfully overworked.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom?  A word from the Lord?   Just kidding.   But the words of wisdom I’ll take.

That reminds me of my fundy days where I struggled so much with every decision trying to discern God’s will.

Issues did a great segment on that yesterday—you might enjoy it!

22 comments on “Project Restoration:: Concrete and Kitchen Layout”

  1. Edie, I love Gary and Keith’s custom cabinets. They built all the cabinets in my house 19 years ago and they are still just as beautiful!!

  2. That’s going to be one amazing kitchen.  I think you’ve done fine with all your decisions so far.  Trust your instincts.  If it were me, I’d still be at the drawing board. 😉  I love the Intrigue and field stone colors. You’re probably right about white washing out.  I’m in love with that huge refrigerator, stove, and bookshelves area.  Seriously in love.

  3. Edie-I love the colors you’ve chosen for the kitchen. It’s going to be gorgeous. I agree that the white will be too washed out with all the light in the kitchen.
    Love the bookcase and desk idea for the workroom. I am working on my son’s room right now and I think a trip to Ikea is necessary!! He needs a lot of things in his room.
    I can only imagine how worn the deciding part of your brain is. Hoping it all goes smoothly.


  4. What wonderful colors you’ve chosen that celebrate God’s creation.  Perfect for a lake house.  I love the color on the beadboard at the bottom.  What’s that color? 


  5. I say Rushing River. It’s the best of all of them. Not too dark and not too light. I can’t WAIT to see what you do with the house!!!!! Tell those workers to hurry up! haha!

  6. I remember when my folks were building there house. Near the end my mom hated stopping by the house . . . because someone always wanted her to make another decision. 🙂


  7. ginny @ small things {} has the most beautiful shade of green cabinets – Land of Liberty by Benjamin Moore – house it looking so wonderful. restoration, in every sense of the word.

  8. A wise women doeth not forsake turquoise-amen ; 0 )

    i often pick colors based on names i think the perfect vocation in life would be to name nail polishes that stated
    rushing river take me away

    she’s going to be a beaut i just knows it! 

  9. My heart is so full for you… with every step I rejoice as you re-build!  Your heart and style always inspire!  Oh and your tile… sooooo lovely (sigh)

  10. No “liver shivers” here, but I do like your color choices. Fieldstone, intrigue, and black will look great together!  Have you read Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung?  Think you’d appreciate/enjoy it.  A good, quick read for teens/young adults, too.  

  11. Ohh, Edie…it’s been so long since I’ve spent any time on the computer with summer and babies and such!  I do wanna know this??  How did that change for you?  The part about your fundy days where you struggled so much with every decision trying to discern God’s will?  I wanna say I “had” fundy days  but these days it seems like I’m livin’ in them!

  12. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time.  I just love the homeschooling ideas as I am still swaying with what to do with our children.  I wanted to comment because we just redid our bathroom (our house was built in 1870 so we are taking it back to the studs and redoing the old charm) and we used the same tile!!  I love it!!

  13. It is never easy to decide on a color or two for your kitchen interior design. You may be worried to go bold, but you are sure you do not want a kitchen like your mother. There are many colors and ideas, the best news is that they are here to stay. Many information i have gather from your site!

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