greetings from the minnesota north woods!

here’s where we are on the house;
-the stone foundation is finished.
-the concrete was poured at the walkout basement patio area.
-the trim crew has begun.
-the tile man is starting today, i think.
-the porch ceilings are done.
-the power is on and the air has been turned on.
-hardwood will go in as soon the doors are hung.
-i finalized all my cabinetry but haven’t picked colors yet. (i need your fave white–off-white and your fave charcoal/black)
i love this stain.  i think it’s called early americana.   it’s the yummiest caramel color ever.

we got this wood very cheap—so we’ve used it on all our outdoor ceilings and in several spots inside.   i love the pine imperfections coming through the stain. this is the front porch ceiling–which has the same stain color.

and this my friends, is my take on haint blue.

it took me three weeks to finalize this color.    i searched on forums and blog posts to find the perfect haint blue but just couldn’t settle on one perfect color.

finally, we took a vote.   caiti and my sister voted on the same color—which i can’t remember the name of at the moment—-and i voted on hazel blue.

i did what any schizophrenic half-crazed woman would do and i bought a gallon of each one and mixed it together.

it’s THE most perfect shade of haint blue ever!

my furniture for the screen porch is here so i’m DYING for it to be done.   we could live on the porch til this house is done, could we not?

the kitchen ceiling is painted.   i just love it.  we used the beaded board side of the wood in here.

the painters were mad i didn’t stain it.   i know, it would’ve been cool but i really wanted it white.  it’s white dove by benjamin moore.

then there’s the wood wall at the beverage center in the butler’s pantry.   love it too.    i could plank all my walls and be perfectly content.  and broke.

the stacked stone is looking mighty fine too.

they’re probably done with it now.   we’re still on vacation and can’t wait to get home to see the progress.

we stand around and gaze at the house alot.   my kids have said to me more than once,   “why do you just look at it so long?”

i don’t know.   i just do.  and apparently stevie does too:)

and this is the walk out basement area.  the concrete was poured here on tuesday.

maybe if you’re in the area, you’ll text me a pic?!!!

we’re having a blast in mini–sohta.    we’re ‘camping’ in the family cabin this week.   and by ‘camping’ i mean sleeping in bunk beds with air conditioning.

lots of  lakeside fun, bonfires, s’mores and  early morning reading time.   i think i’ve taken 500 pics this week.

there are new babies in the family and we’ve been just giddy with baby-love.

hope you’re summer fun continues!

much love and hugs from MN,

p.s.  you can thank my dear friend ms. nester for this post.  it’s been in draft on my computer for a week but i’ve been too lazy to post it.

she sent me a tweet this morning requesting a house update.   i love that girl and apparently will blog on demand for her!!!

50 comments on “Project Restoration:: Stone and Porch Ceilings”

  1. Wow . . . great progress. I am staring at the pictures . . . can’t imagine the real thing. Plus . . . the lake, oh my.


  2. The porch ceiling is perfection!  Love that you mixed the two favorite colors together to get the best favorite!

  3. I’ll know who to contact from now on when an update is way overdue!

    Love your take on haint blue and the white ceiling in the kitchen. 

    Have fun kissing on those babies.

  4. Oh my heavens I love that haint blue/combo color (you are crazy in the best way!) on the ceiling and all the b.board & ……..

    You are ROCKIN’ this house!!!

    I pray that you have an amazingly restful/joyful vacation!!!


  5. i live about 2.5 hours from you.  i would happily drive up there and take photos for you.  only if i could set up residence on your screened porch.  and bring my two year old. i think you’d like us 🙂
    love the blue ceiling.  your schizophrenia paid off.

  6. Everything is looking good. Thanks for the update, I’d love to build but will do it via you for now and just enjoy the progress without “the process”. Enjoy your vacation, can’t wait to hear more about it along with some great photos.

  7. Love your porch, what an amazing view!  I’m getting ready to paint our front porch ceiling haint blue.  I think I’ve settled on Aegean Blue for the color, from Martha Stewart at Home Depot.  It looks similar to your gorgeous shade, with a hint of turquoise – love it!

  8. Love your porch, what an amazing view!  I’m getting ready to paint our front porch ceiling haint blue.  I think I’ve settled on Aegean Blue for the color, from Martha Stewart at Home Depot.  It looks similar to your gorgeous shade, with a hint of turquoise – love it!

  9. I am loving all that wood painted white. It’s gorgeous. Reminds me of Sarah Richardson’s cottage. She’s my fave. Your haint blue is just perfect.

    It is so exciting to see all the progress!!! I would stand and stare at it, too.

    Love your type of camping!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.


  10. When i first saw greeting from Minnesota North woods I thought….have I been wrong all this time?  Is Edie from Minnesota?  I thought she was in TN,…a mountain girl?  I was relieved and excited to read you were on vacation in Minnesota.  I thought it was ironic because we just returned from our annual family vacation in minnesota.  I so miss it already…cabins, tubing, fishing, family and seemingly never ending daylight!  Makes me wonder if we stay in similar areas…we stay in the leech Lake walker area.  Are you familiar with this area?  The house is gorgeous and I LOVE the haint blue porch ceiling!!!  Happy vacation!

  11. So happy for you to be coming closer to finishing this lovely home.  I love the stone and all the wood ceilings and walls.  And it will just all be so wonderful to sit on thos porches and gaze at that beautiful view.  God is so good!

    Have a wonderful time in Minnesota with the family, and all of those precious babies!  I adore babies.  They are so precious.

  12. Beautiful!  Beautiful House!  Beautiful View!  Beautiful Taste!  Just Simply Beautiful!  Rising from the ashes even better than before!  To God Be the Glory!
    So Happy for YOU!


  13. You nailed it on the haint blue,,,saweet,,,Love the stone and the stain color and the white on the house all so beautiful.  I would just sit and stare too,,,what a blessing!!!

  14. You nailed it on the haint blue,,,saweet,,,Love the stone and the stain color and the white on the house all so beautiful.  I would just sit and stare too,,,what a blessing!!!

  15. I have such joy when I see your house coming together; I know you desperately want to return home and based on your photos / progress it shouldn’t be long now.

    To your point about living on the screened porch … that’s exactly how we first returned to our home last summer after our fire.  We didn’t camp overnight, but as soon as we had access to indoor plumbing and electricity to run the ceiling fan the porch became our home base and our temporary housing was just where we spent the night and did laundry.  You can never get away from the laundry!

    As soon as the vacation is over I hope you get the furniture on the porch and celebrate the first phase of coming home. 


    I thought it was a mistake when I saw a post by your blog name in my reader!!!  If I lived closer I’d so be there texting you photos~I’m living vicariously through your new home design

    • oh and of course I love and also want to marry every single decision you have made with every design detail. love.

  17. I absolutely love it! it is looking so pretty. That’s the perfect shade of blue, and the wood is SO pretty – as is the stacked stone. The porch is amazing.

      Area is really cool too!!!  Keep having fun!!! 🙂

  19. Beautiful home…I enjoy reading about all of your projects!  How fun!!  MN sure is nice this time of year…we are in the west central lakes area.  Hope you enjoy your vaca!

  20. Edie, 
    I’m pretty sure we have the same wood on our porch ceilings. Got it super cheap too!
    The front is painted white and the back porch is stained. Love it both ways.
    We also used the beadboard side on our kitchen island. Your house is looking awesome.

  21. Absolutely beautiful. I agree with the painted wood, my husband has a fit whenever I suggest painting something…but I am always right, of course. Everything looks perfect. Can’t wait to see pics of your first family gathering in your home. Prayers for you all.

  22. It makes me SO happy to see this house coming together!  I love it and I know you are so excited to get it finished!  Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  23. thank you ms. nester!!!!!! inspire that half crazed schizophrenic lady to keep us in the know!
    edie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS GORGEOUS! You are right. The PERFECT shade of blue. I can’t wait to hear what you are dreaming up in the kitchen so I can find you some color ideas! Hugs. Eat a smore for me {I like mine with chocolate on the top AND bottom, k?}

  24. I hope it is cooler in MN than here in TN. We were recently there (in MN — where I am from) & it was still pretty roasty, toasty. Your home is looking beautiful. What part of the North Woods are you at? We were recently in Detroit Lakes & Nevis at Camper’s Paradise — it was a nice campground but there was no air-conditioning there.

    Take care!

    • hey kathleen! we’re in alexandria–central minnesota about 2+ hours north of the cities. it’s beautiful here and we’ve had great weather this week. we’ve needed the air conditioning though 🙂 xo,

  25. LOVE the porch ceilings… can we share some tea (or lattes) our there one fall morning??? 
    have fun at the lake there with your family!

  26. Love the stone and the siding.  Love the haint blue ceiling that’s everybody’s color.  Love the beadboard ceiling.  Love the view.  What a dreamy place to call home!  So glad it’s all coming along and you will be in there soon!

  27. there really aren’t words.
    you will literally spend most of your waking moments, at least the early morning ones, on that porch with the blue ceiling.

  28. I live in MN! What lake do you guys go to? We’d like to find a good “camping” / place to rent a cabin! =)

  29. Beautiful! I just learned about haint blue when I was in Charleston last fall! They say it keeps bugs and spiders away too! Beautiful!

  30. The house is just BEAUTIFUL!  I got excited when you said you were in MN, lol!  I’m in MN, 50 miles west of Minneapolis, and grew up in the north.  Where are you guys vacationing at?  Maybe post some picks when you get back and then I’ll probably be able to guess :o)  Hope you’re having a great time.  The weather has been very warm this summer!

  31. Hi Edie, I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you found out the name of the other blue paint you used and what type of paint do you use?  We are about to do a blue porch ceiling and I’m collecting paint colors for options.  Also, is Early American the MInwax brand?  thanks!!!  Elizabeth

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