View from the boat (taken with Stevie’s iphone)

Warning: Do not watch the following videos if you are prone to motion sickness. Or if you are prone to outbursts of violence at dorky girls giving tours.
Or if you, in general, have any other noble or pressing tasks. This is mindless banter. You are about to waste a good 8 minutes of your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. AND… voice is annoying. But hey, roof trusses call for a celebration. This is like a party for me. Humor me internet friends.

Living Room Video

2nd Floor/Girl’s Room

Finished Walk-Out Basement

The side of the house you never see

42 comments on “Project Restoration:: A Video Tour of the Framed House”

  1. I can’t believe how quickly the house is coming on! 

    Are all houses in your area built with wood?  Houses over here are mainly stone with wood becoming more trendy.
    Have a great weekend Edie. xx 

  2.  I love this! I could also be a job site groupie…although my profession as an interior designer kinda requires me to be! Nothing like the smell of sawdust to get you going in the morning. 🙂 🙂  Thanks for taking us along for the ride. 

  3. You must be so excited watching the progress each day!!! It’s amazing how quickly it’s moving along. Love the videos. I think your voice sounds soothing. I don’t recommend watching it on a teeny, tiny Ipod. Where’s the Dramamine? LOL


  4.  Edie!  I love your floor plan.  Thanks for sharing the process!  Congratulations on your cozy new home!

  5.  Edie, I am SO excited for you. What beautiful lang you live on. And I’m sure the house will be just as majestic. From my reader’s point of view, things seem to be moving along quickly! Congratulations.

  6. wow!  It looks great! It must be so nice to have it come together so quickly (although I am sure that some days it may not feel so quick!)

    thanks for the little tour!

  7. I’m so happy for you! It’s beautiful. I love all the space in the basement for having guests over…and with that gorgeous view, who would ever want to leave?! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  8.  Oh my gosh your VIEW is AMAZING!!  And your house is going to be so lovely when it’s done….how exciting to see it all unfolding with you!  Thanks for sharing, I really, really need to do boring things like laundry and this was much more fun!

  9. Wow! So jealous of that view! It’s fun to following along in the process with you!
    P.S. Love the Chris Farley comment. ha!
    P.P.S. Your voice is so NOT annoying! 

  10.  wow edie!  looks fabulous!  you guys are making such fast progress…. it is all coming right along and i know you are so glad.  loved all of the videos…. and the area sounds so peaceful and relaxing with all of the birds chirping.  the sunlight is gorgeous and i love how it will be coming through so many of your windows!  we are going to have alot of big windows in our new house too, and i just love it!  

    • i know ami, i’ve been scheming about getting a small fridge onto the back deck and a charcoal grill. heck, i’ve even threatened to pitch a tent. hope you’ll come visit when it’s finished 🙂

  11.  I survived the motion sickness!Oh, edie! It is just WONDERFUL!!! I love how every inch maximizes your gorgeous views. And I SO want to come sit with all your books and be a nerd with you guys!!!! or y’all. 🙂

  12.  I loved the videos and they were fine.. no motion sickness here!!!  I am in love with your house… its very comfortable.. not stuffy in the layout. LOVE that!  Cant wait to see more of it.. oh and I love your lake view.. wow to walk into a kitchen daily to see that.  thanks for sharing… oh and i love that you kept all the doors in the pantry area…..

  13. I love the birds chirping in the background! My 8-year-old daughter Watched skme of these videos and said “I would pay them a thousand, no a TRILLION daollars, for that house!” She loves your views…and especially loves the reading loft. I told her she might not like the way God has sent this new house your way, but she said this will be better than what you had before. From the mouths of babes. {wink!}

    Blessings and love,

  14. Now I can really see why you fell in love with this site. So beautiful. You can already feel the love that is going into the house and it’s just as you said “sticks.” I am so pleased to see it moving along so well. And everyone else is wanting to visit and only say lovely things about the house. But I want to say that your Chris Farley comment was the best part of these videos. 😉

  15. What fun!  I loved the video tours.  I should meet you out there for lunch one day after this week is over!  🙂

  16. Well aren’t you just movin’ right along! Lookin’ fab, dear! I have been so encouraged by your faith throughout all of this. God Bless!

  17.  So happy for you Edie. Loved the video’s which will be a great reminder of God’s great work and how far you have come.
    Just one question – what kind of video cam do you have and do you recommend it?
    Many blessings to you and yours,

  18.  Wow, Edie, it looks great!  I can’t believe how quickly it is going, though I’m sure it doesn’t seem fast enough to you!  And your commentary cracked me up.  You are so adorable I could die.  And speaking of which, I am DYING to see the square dance photos.  Post them soon, PLEASE! 🙂  xoxo

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