Before/After: Painted Furniture

I’ve had this piece of furniture since the beginning of time and why on earth I haven’t painted it before now, I do not know. You probably have this piece of furniture too, don’t you? Or at least a side table or armoire like it?
Well, something told me it was time. Time to give it a little painted love.

So while these four cousins choreographed a hip hop dance and took the American girl dolls on a much needed family vacation, I painted.

I sanded it twice and then used the Behr paint plus primer paint {color to be disclosed soon but it was a shade of black from the Benjamin Moore fandeck} and applied two coats. I used a brush to apply the paint and then went back over it with a sponge roller–so that the brush marks weren’t visible. That paint-plus-primer has changed my life. It’s like buttah. It’s like painting with silky velvet. I love it.
And I added the pulls, which I ordered nearly a year ago from I don’t know where. And then I spray painted my flea market elephant with biscuit-colored appliance paint and then I cut down half a tree and put it in my lemonade server.
And that’s how I got this.

Now, I’m at my sisters’ with JamieKnoxville singing  helping her get ready for her son Corey’s 16th birthday.

And by helping I mean laughing until I almost can’t stand up while Jamie and I quote Slingblade and Coal Miner’s Daughter and sing Mama Tried to Corey as an early birthday present.  Now, I really must go and try to be of some real service since she’s invited waayyyy too many people to this party (95);  although entertaining other people as they work should not be discounted.

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  • Michelle says:

    It’s so pretty now! What a transformation.

  • Southern Gal says:

    It’s beautiful. I’m on the look out for a dresser/chest for my kitchen. Small town = not much luck. One day.

    Now I’m trying to avoid clicking your link for “Mama Tried”. My husband breaks out in that song at the most random times. I’m scared if I get him started we won’t hear the end of it for MONTHS. That and Charlie Pride’s “Is Anybody Going to San Antone” and many, many others. You bring back such memories when you post about music or your childhood. Thanks.

  • ulli says:


  • Sarah says:

    As always, your project turned out beautiful. It might just be the inspiration I needed to tackle my dining room set. Enjoy your family!
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah :D

  • Yes, I DO have that piece of furniture! Well, not exactly as I’ve got double front doors instead of a single, but I’ve been wanting to paint it for oh… ahem… 10 years now! This may just be the inspiration I needed to kick it into gear. It’s LOVELY!

    Thanks Edie!

  • patty says:

    love the new! but i have a thing for black furniture, too… :)
    hope you had a wonderful day with all those people!

  • Amy Kinser says:

    It looks just wonderful. Great job!

    Have a fun time at the party.

  • Amy Kinser says:

    It looks just wonderful. Great job!

    Have a fun time at the party.

  • Kathy Eller says:

    GEORGOUS!! What a blessing cousins are:)

  • took one look at the before shot and new you’d change the knobs. i was thinking white and pulling, hoping for turquoise, but surprised by black in a pleasant sort of way. still so many surprises up your sleeves! you’re the best. thanks for sharing your world with us. and you tell that sister of yours entertainment of the country ballads variety is worth a double portion when it comes to all things cake. happy partying and painting!

  • I’m liking it!!! It looks SO much better painted! Is the paint you are using a latex/acrylic or an alkyd oil enamel? I’m going to paint my kitchen cabinets and I’m afraid to use latex. The guy at the paint store said to always go with oil on furniture or cabinets. What do you think?
    P.S. Are you familiar with Utah Lutheran at blogspot (I think)–I love his blog!

  • Angie says:

    LOVE it!!! Gorgeous transformation!!!

  • Love the dresser! And I have a rooster with multi-colored feathers that would look good in the same color as your elephant. Very nice! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear your Merle Haggard impression. Too funny!:-)

  • Tara says:

    LERVE it. you did a great job! …looking forward to pics of the grand party if you take any…

  • Amy Lockhart says:

    Ohh, so pretty, me likes! I had to look over at my dresser that I have never really liked too much, think it’s time for some “buttah” paint!

  • Laura says:

    It’s beautiful! Very quick question, if you have a chance to answer: did you use sand paper or a sander, and what grit paper did you use? I’m about to embark on a similar project, and the last time I tried something like this I used the wrong sand paper and ruined my table :-(.

  • Angie says:

    I love it! I have a dresser I want to paint and this is great motivation. Did you use latex or oil based paint?

  • Ruth says:

    Looks so good!!!! Love the half a tree in your lemonade server!!

    Hope the party was great!!


  • A very beautiful transformation!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Yes, in fact, I do have relatives of this piece, the sons that are also known as end tables. They were from my husband’s pre-marriage condo and now that I see this black beauty they will certainly be getting a facelift. Thanks for the recommendation on Behr paint, I’m in the painting market and will check it out. Love the ring knobs too, thanks for sharing! Hope you’re having fun with Jamie & your sister!

  • Meredith@Tuesdays with Molly says:

    I just painted my bathroom cabinets with that stuff! Super fantastic!! I sanded the crud out of my cabinets (as much as it has a primer in it, I still felt the need to sand.) I did three coats of paint – going thin and slow and letting it dry over night between coats. Check it out here:

  • what a transformation! i love that people aren’t afraid to paint wood these days….especially pieces that aren’t valuable antiques. i’d much rather paint something a color that i’ll enjoy than keep it just so-so.

  • Doris says:

    Beautiful job!

  • lovely! can’t wait to see what else you’ve done.

  • It’s beautiful! I bought two elephant sculptures at HobLob and was thinking of doing the exact same thing! Seeing yours, I’m convinced. :o)

  • megan says:

    I love it! I am expecting and once we find out what we are having I am going to paint my son’s old changing table (pine) – boy = espresso, girl= white.. I was wondering if they have the paint and primer in a low voc – something I could use? hmm.. it looks like new – great job! ~ Meg @ Life Together

  • I love how you just get out there and paint things up. I wish I had the nerve to do that.

  • I had to laugh when I read “cut down half a tree”.. that was seriously funny! The dresser looks great! I have lots of those projects waiting in the garage..not sure I will ever get to them. Love your blog

  • antiquechase says:


  • Kitchen says:

    Great job.. I really like it. Green is mine favorite color. Even i have also painted my kitchen cabinets with green color. But i had done partially due to some uncertain situation.

  • Rhonda Goodwin says:

    Love this color. What brand of paint and what color? I love it!

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