Monday, June 29, 2009

Creating an Environment of Learning in Your Home

by Edie Wadsworth on June 29, 2009

How do you make your home a haven of learning and education for your children?   I don’t have all the answers to this question, but I’m trying to learn.   Over the next week or so I’ll be giving you some practical suggestions on how I’m working to achieve this in my home and […]


Room Makeover: from Garage to Schoolroom

by Edie Wadsworth on June 29, 2009

When I decided to homeschool, I knew right away where the homeschool room would be;  the GARAGE!  I had already,  four years earlier, painted the floor and the walls and converted it into a playroom, so the transition to ‘schoolroom’ was inevitable.   I bought bookshelves and the most darling sofa EVER from IKEA and […]

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