"Doo’s done thowed me out, Momma"

Steve would probably like to throw me out.  I’ve been quotin’ Lorettee all weekend.  You gotta love a man who’ll watch Coal Miner’s Daughter with you….and laugh just as much as you do. Coal Miner’s Daughter does something good for me way down deep in my soul.  I don’t think it’s just a southern thing either.  So, now it’s your turn…to pick your favorite line.  Some of you have already started and I am touched by your enthusiasm.  To repay you for your sincere devotion to my Appalachian upbringing, I’ve found a couple treats for ya.

My first mullet:  notice my cute little sister Gina to the far right who would later have that Coca-cola poured into her bottle.

And my first perm: I’m proud to say that I was already accessorizin’ way back when.
Now, to leave your quotes, go to this post. To make fun of me and my mullet, just stay right here.
Thanks for playing.   I took three pages of notes while I watched and I’m not sure if I can narrow it down to one.  One of my 236  favorite quotes: 
 ”If youns knock sissy off  ’at porch one more tiiime,  I’m ona wup youns both”

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