Steve would probably like to throw me out.  I’ve been quotin’ Lorettee all weekend.  You gotta love a man who’ll watch Coal Miner’s Daughter with you….and laugh just as much as you do. Coal Miner’s Daughter does something good for me way down deep in my soul.  I don’t think it’s just a southern thing either.  So, now it’s your turn…to pick your favorite line.  Some of you have already started and I am touched by your enthusiasm.  To repay you for your sincere devotion to my Appalachian upbringing, I’ve found a couple treats for ya.

My first mullet:  notice my cute little sister Gina to the far right who would later have that Coca-cola poured into her bottle.

And my first perm: I’m proud to say that I was already accessorizin’ way back when.

Now, to leave your quotes, go to this post. To make fun of me and my mullet, just stay right here.
Thanks for playing.   I took three pages of notes while I watched and I’m not sure if I can narrow it down to one.  One of my 236  favorite quotes: 
 “If youns knock sissy off  ‘at porch one more tiiime,  I’m ona wup youns both”

12 comments on “"Doo’s done thowed me out, Momma"”

  1. I’m also a day late and a dollar (or two) short. I can’t get my Twitter on my blog. How’d you do it? Yes, I’m an idiot. But it’s ok…cause I admit it.

  2. You are too funny, me and my sister used to drink cola out of our Fred Flintstone bottles when we little and sported perms and short bangs. Although my mom did hair I can never understand why she did those hair do’s on us. HAHA!!
    ~ Molly P

  3. My fav is after Doo took Lorettes pic (using a bare lightbulb and a metal pot lid, he said “put ta back drop back on tha bed baby”. Nans is “you sound like a ole bear a growlin” I will be picking the next movie shortly!

    Blog: lifeingrace
    Post: In which I confess my tiny obsession with Loretta Lynn…….

  4. One of my favorite lines is in the beginning on the movie when brother Herman asked daddy “how come she gets somethin’ extree”?

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