My whole life has been filled with the best women.  Sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, aunts, cousins, and random women I’ve only known for a few minutes—women who have loved me, inspired me, mothered me, taught me, rebuked me, and handled my heart in the kindest, most beautiful ways.  I’ve always had friends who could be gone from my life for days or months or years but then when we found ourselves back together, nothing had changed.


That’s the way I feel about you too.  I know I’ve been scarce around these parts but I hold you in my heart just the same.  I’ve missed you and I pray for you and think of you everyday and hope you’re well.  Happy Mother’s Day friends.  xoxo

(Enjoy this repost from Mother’s Day last year.)


My oldest mother gave birth to me eons ago.  She lived in a luscious garden by day and surely twirled under leafy moonlit palms by night.

She was the most beautiful creature in all the world, the consummate woman—made for glorious communion, devoted and adored.

She gave herself freely in love and affection.  Her name was Eve, the mother of all the living.

But like us all, her story bleeds.  She was wrecked by heartache.   Her paradise was laid waste.  So she hid and felt ashamed, she doubted His love and provision.

Her story is the story of us all—the fall that wrecked us and shut us out of Eden.

I see myself in her.  I am my mother’s daughter.   We both cling to the world’s only hope and her story sustains me.

She mothers on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My flesh and blood mother gave birth to me in the January cold and bundled me up on a  Friday night for my first homecoming.

The handsome man in the fedora was no where to be found.  That is, until he brought the honky tonk band home from the bar to finish out their set in the kitchen at 3am.  Because surely homecomings need music.

(I’ll tell you the whole story someday but it may well be the best birth story in all the land.)

(Think Doyle Hargrave’s band in Slingblade)

This woman carried me through hell and back. She gave me the gift of life.  She worked all the jobs.  She sacrificed everything a woman can.   She NEVER complained.  She loved me,  she believed in me, she never, ever stopped giving, she worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known.  She laid her life down with quiet courage so that I might someday stand tall and find my voice.  This is how I learned to be a woman.  This is how I learned what it means to empty yourself.  She was first light for me.   She has made my every homecoming possible.

She is my momma.  And her love plays a melody in my heart.

She mothers on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



My spirit and blood mother  gave birth to me on a Sunday morning, in the clear cool waters of Baptism.  Her name is called Church— the arc of safety, where Christ our Father has placed us and befits us with everything we need.

He left her with His manifesto and she faithfully labors on to give birth to God’s children;  to teach of His love and to serve His blessed body and blood for  life and forgiveness.  She is weary from the war, bruised and battle-worn.  But, she knows what’s at stake so she soldiers on, bending and stooping to hold on to us at all cost.

Mother Church will bear us to heaven, where we will finally know what price Love has paid to get us home.

Until then, she mothers on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We labor and love and sacrifice—as our mothers have so faithfully done before us—for the sake of seeing the miracle of grace born and nurtured in another human heart.

Mother on, dear sisters.

You are the beautiful life-givers, body and soul.

19 comments on “We Mother On”

  1. Welcome back. This blogging world amazes me because I have never met you in person, I’m not even sure I’ve ever commented before, and I rarely post on my blog (trying to change that, however, I am a faithful reader. I was truly worried about you in your absence and hoped all was well. Glad to hear that it is.

    Many blessings.

  2. Yes, you are missed! Your words are a treasure I always look forward to. Praying you are getting your soul fed and loved on during this time. God Bless 🙂

  3. You have been missed – – I finally figured out the new website so I can hear Pastor Paul. What a blessing he is.

  4. You are loved and cherished by us out here in the blogosphere. Your words have changed me, especially when sharing your brokenness. Come back when you can.

  5. Edie, I love you. Your perspective on the church is so beautiful and touched my soul. Thank you for knowing yourself and reaching to your deepest parts and even knowing when to stay away. I cannot wait to read your book. I am so thankful for the truth you have so generously shared thus far. I treasure it. Last summer my husband and I listened to your podcasts on a road trip to the beach, one of our favorite memories from the trip. There were beautiful conversations that came from those podcasts. I am still learning my calling, where my gifting and my neighbors need intersect- but oh how I have grown since this time last year. You are a gem! If I don’t get to meet you earthside, I am so looking forward to being friends in heaven. Thank you for pouring into my life!

  6. Good AfC,nroonetould I have some clarification on the early bird registration? The student organization I advise at Trinity University had elections last night in order for newly elected officers to register and attend IMPACT on the early bird discount. I was under the impression that 2/29/12 was the last day for this discount, however it is not available today when all 3, plus myself registered. Could I get some clarification on this?thanks!

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