In blogging years, I’ve been at it since almost the beginning of time. This year is my 7th year.  There are only a few people I know who’ve been doing it longer and one of them is my good friend Sophie Hudson, from the blog BooMama.  We’ve been blog friends for quite a long time but just this past year met for the the first time in real life and let me just say, it was one of the highlights of 2014 for me.  I have never laughed so hard or been so entertained in my life.  She’s my people, that’s one thing for sure.  She’s just released her 2nd book called Home is Where My People Are, a memoir of growing up to find that home is a collection of people that love us and give us a place of belonging.

(I’m super jealous of her book title but since it’s already taken, I may have to write a sequel called Home is Where My Books Are or Home is Where My Karaoke Machine Is or Home is Where My Cowboy Boots Are.  Would you buy said books, if I wrote them?)  Sorry, I digress.


But, you’re in for a treat because she grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and went to college in the 90’s so the way she weaves a story about the plethora of bad hair and clothing decisions from that era will have you collapsed on the floor.  We also come from an era when teenagers still had clunker cars and boy could I relate to all her car woes.  We’ve decided that teenagers need bad cars so they’ll at least have some good stories to tell when they’re 45.




I interviewed her on the podcast so I hope you’ll be able to cipher the collective southern twang!

Mostly, she and I laugh for 30 minutes because that’s what you do when you talk to Sophie.  She’s as funny and Southern as they come and has been one of my favorite bloggers for the past 7 years.  Her book is almost as wonderful as spending a few hours with her on the front porch with some sweet tea—you’ll laugh just as much and be sad when your visit is over.  I love her like a sister and know you’ll love her too.

She also has some awesome preorder specials if you get the book before January 30th.

Visit her book page to see all the details!

You can listen here or from the player below!

9 comments on “Home Is Where My People Are {New Podcast!}”

  1. Good fun with you ladies this morning. And a not so great car does build character! Nothing like stalling in the middle of an intersection…

  2. ohmygoodness at Boo mama! I’m loving her! Her accent alone makes me crack up. I love a good southern woman! 🙂 Thanks for the podcast. loved it!

  3. The player below your post did not play for me at all, so I tried listening from the link and it was like hearing a one-sided phone conversation.

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