Welcome Sasha from Lemonade Makin’ Mama to the blog today!  She has a great blog, full of beautiful words and eye candy galore and a shop that will quickly become one of your favorites.  I’m so excited about the project she’s sharing today and  I can’t wait to make one for myself!  I know you’re gonna love and welcome her!

I’m Sasha and I blog over at lemoandemakinmama.com.  I was so thrilled when Edie asked me to come hang out over here today, as she’s been a long time inspiration for me in so many aspects of being a wife, mother, friend and godly woman!  (Always awesome when you can partner up with your blog crushes.)  Edie asked me tell you just a bit about myself before I share a great DIY craft with you.  I’m a mom of two kids- a son Joe, who is becoming a teenager next week. (I’m seriously dying on the inside) and a daughter, Ava who will be eleven next month.  My son has Asperger’s and I keep that mostly private on my blog for his sake, but it’s a big piece of my heart as a mom, as we navigate tricky waters.  I blog once a week, with a group of other moms for a Seattle radio station, here, and love the collective wisdom I get to glean from all these other mamas doing life.  I sell my artwork and a few other random items at my etsy shop here, and I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for going on nineteen years!   I love painting things white, but I also love color. I love hosting overnight guests, campfire time in the backyard, and deep talks.  Life is too short for small talk. (I’d love to get to know you better so stop on by my blog sometime and say hello!)

As moms, it’s often easy to lose ourselves in the very daily (and often mundane) tasks of life isn’t it?  This year I’ve taken a good look at areas I want to improve in my own self, some deep inside my heart, others a bit more surface level. The goal is to be a balanced wife, mother and woman so they all have their place.  One of the surface areas I’m trying to make more of an effort in, is my outward appearance. Just the basics of putting together an outfit that looks intentional (and clean) with a few accessories- because, raise you hand if you’ve ever been a member of the “I wore yoga pants all day because they were easy, but never actually worked out in them,” club.  (Um. Guilty.)

As a mostly stay at home mom, I find comfort often wins out for me, and besides, who is going to see me?
Well.  The people I love most in the world, is who.  Of course, they don’t love me for how I look, (thank goodness!) but I sure feel a bit more presentable when I’ve put some effort into a more polished look an I can’t help but think that reflects in how I feel about myself and even outwardly act on some level.  As a mom, do you ever find that it’s the small things that tend to slip at first, and then they become piece of our identity? Beauty comes from the inside, but you’ve probably heard it said, that a little mascara also doesn’t hurt?  (grin)  Anyway, my personal goal this year has been to put on at least one piece of jewelry every day, let myself feel feminine, and know that as I age and change, I can still put my best foot forward.  You get this, I know you do. Which brings me to simple jewelry organization.  My shoestring budget and I went shopping, and we decided to bust something out together so I could put my jewelry items out where I’d see and then eventually remember to actually wear them and I would love to share this fairly simple DIY idea with you today!


Instructions for this DIY:

I found a balsa wood craft dowel (7/8″) at JoAnns for $2.49.  Then I grabbed a thin strip of wood (sized 1/32 x 3 x24″) for $2.99 but I used a 40% off coupon.  This was so thin I could cut it with a pair of scissors.  I went to Lowes next and bought a pack of gold assorted screw hooks for $3.97.  I had self leveling hangers at home, along with some antique gold paint that I planned to use but neither of those items would break the bank if you needed to purchase them.  I drew a simple triangle for one end of my arrow hanger and then just did an end piece that wasn’t too complicated. That’s the best way that I can really describe it for you.  The first time, the wood split when I cut it but I had plenty of extra wood and finally got both a front and end piece for my arrow.  I borrowed my man’s hack saw and cut grooves into the ends of the dowel.  The grooves don’t need to be very deep and the thin wood I used for the arrow ends fit perfectly into the grooves, with no glue needed.  (Make sure the grooves both go the same direction.)  I choose the smallest screw hooks for this and decided to place them 3″ apart.  It turned out that the dowel wood was so soft I could press it into the marks I’d drawn, then screw them in all the way with my fingers.

Then I added some self leveling hangers to the backside.  (That will be the toughest part of this project and if I’d been smarter,  I might have thought to add those before putting in the screw hooks on the reverse sides.  It all worked out however) soft antique gold finish, so I used this metallic rub all over it.  (I didn’t buff it. I painted it on with a brush and let that be that. I even painted over the shiny gold hooks so everything looked even.)
I used some picture hooks that I already had to hang this and it only took about an hour from start to finish!
I can’t begin to tell you how much more I am grabbing a little sparkle for my wrist or around my neck, now that I have everything within reach.  I love being able to see these items and it’s helping me take just a bit better care of myself on the outside, anyway and I hope this inspires YOU!
And thank you so much sweet Edie, for letting me hang out with your readers today!  I just adore you and all you do.  Thank you for being such a great source of inspiration for myself and others in this blog-world!


11 comments on “DIY Arrow Jewelry Holder”

  1. This is a fabulous idea. Although my arrow would be sparse. I am inept when it comes to jewelry and pairing things that work-so I never buy any.

  2. I am LOVING this DIY! One of my sorority symbols is the arrow, so I am looking for ways to incorporate it (subtly) in my new house. This is just perfect and classy!

  3. That is just adorable Sasha! Thank you so much. I think even I could do that. Love all your cute chunky necklaces. I think I would wear more of mine if they were out in the open like that.

  4. Thank you Sasha! Enjoyed your visit here while Edie is away- Loved the arrow and the framed Hey Y’all. Looking forward to trying it sometime soon. I went over to visit your blog after reading you here. That Rescue post was something else-!!!! Thank you- Big Big Hugs 🙂

  5. i love the way this looks… so perfect w sparkly statement necklaces… sasha, been a fan for a while- love your sense of humor! (hi edie!)

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