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Hope you are enjoying the gorgeousness of the season.  I’m working on a few fun projects for you and can’t wait to share.

Here were some of my favorite finds from around the web.

Jenny’s Faux Iron Painted Bust.


I got the most wonderful gift from Gretchen. Check out her shop, she is talented artist!


Shaun Groves wrote a beautiful new hymn.  Enjoy on repeat!

I love everything about Traci—her mad dancing skills (which I learned of when rooming with her in Nicaragua), her love for her boys, her faith, and now her awesome kitchen makeover/coffee station.  Now, you can go and love her, too.


I love this cookie log idea for gift giving! So PERFECT!


Check out this darling blog by a a girl I’ve watched blossom into a beautiful young lady.  She’s a fashionista and trained in fashion and marketing.  So glad to have you in blog world, Ashleigh!


I got my 3rd Stitch Fix this week.  Despite the fact that I LOVE this concept and find it to be fun and exciting, I  still don’t think they’ve quite figured me out, yet.  While at Allume, I saw SO many beautiful ladies with Stitch Fix pieces on that I LOVED.    But I’ve heard, the longer you stay with them, the better they are able to find clothing that suits your style, etc.  Stitch Fix is a styling service that sends you five pieces of clothing per month.  If you choose not to keep any of them, there’s  a $20 styling fee, but they waive the styling fee if you purchase any of the pieces.  You can earn credit by referring others to the program.

Here’s what I sent back and what I kept.

stitch fix

1. Gray and White Striped layered shirt—Not my style, too much material on the top half of my body.

2. Thick cardigan—Not my style, too thick and hot for TN weather.

3. Animal print cardigan—No.  I wouldn’t mind animal print skinnies or animal print shoes.  This sweater just wasn’t right.  I don’t know what else to say.

4. Blue brocade tunic/dress—Fit well and looks good with the skinny jeans they sent.

5. Kaine Floral print skinny jeans—same photo.  I wouldn’t have paid that much for them in the store ($88) but I had credit and I really like them.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here!

Don’t forget my November meal plan, full of seasonal delicious food that makes your 5:00 happier!





4 comments on “Weekend Grace”

  1. I’ve received two Stitch Fix shipments. I ended up sending everything back from each box except for one item. And those items I didn’t love but they were usable and I didn’t want to waste my $20 credit.

    I love the concept but I got pregnant and put further shipments on hold. Hopefully but next summer/early fall I will be back to my normal size (fingers crossed) and I can start trying again.

    The items they sent me were a little too dressy for my tastes and needs. I think I need to adjust my profile before I try again.

  2. Great links, thank you! I really like the iron-colored bust. So nice. Will your David soon get a similar makeover?
    I could never do the remote stylist adventure. LOL But kudos to those brave women who can! haha! ; )

  3. Thank you for sharing the link to Shaun Groves. I have never heard his music. I have listened about 3 times now to his new hymn. I’m enjoying reading your blog too and your words of honesty and life and beauty.

  4. I had to comment @ stitch fix. I’ve done 3 boxes and kept everything, mostly b/c of the discount. I’ve obviously been pretty satisfied. What they sent you is so extremely different from anything I’ve ever been sent. I’m 40 and live in Boston. When I open a box I’m initially a little disappointed but when I try everything on, I get hooked b/c the fit/style is usually very up-to-date. I feel like the young women who pick the clothes out have a much fresher take than I do, which I really appreciate. One of my biggest issues is that I feel like some of the clothes are junior sizing. At the end of every month, I always give very detailed comments about each of the items and also ask for items I would like for the next month.

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