Do you have any idea how tired my girls are of being toted to the job site? And how they hang on my arms and say five hundred times, “Wheeeen are weeee leeeeaaaving?”

But last night, for some reason, they entertained themselves and pretended like the house was a castle.   And they ran and screamed and ran some  more.

Oh life’s little joys!

Speaking of little joys, they finished my concrete staining this week.

We decided to stain the basement floors instead of using traditional flooring.

I love how it turned out.  We used a color called bronze on most of the floors but in the downstairs kitchen, we had them score it to look like tile and we used a darker brown called mocha.

This is one of the bedrooms with bronze.

The upstairs catwalk going into the girls’ room—one of the few places the floor isn’t completely covered with cardboard.

We’ve begun the fun part of painting wall colors.

I’ve never had so much trouble with colors in my whole life.

Funny thing is, the outrageous colors like pink and black were easy to choose and turned out great.

The ‘beige’ color for the bulk of the house has given me an ulcer.

I’ve painted forty eleven swatches on the wall and asked anyone who would pretend to care their opinion.

I couldn’t decide between hazy skies and abingdon putty.   So what did I do?

I mixed them together of course.   And you’ll see it soon.

This, however, is conch shell pink for the workroom.

The painter opened the paint and kindly said,  “Um, ma’am, do you realize this paint is pink?”    Yes.  Yes I do!

I really like it with the floor!!!  And remember, this is the room with orange drum shades, a yellow bamboo chandelier and a hot pink velvet office chair.

Doesn’t it just inspire you to make something crafty?

The view from the catwalk…….

The outrageous granite paint for the master!   I love it too.

And the outdoor fireplace got stone this week.    You can see it perfectly from our bedroom window.

The colonial style railing was installed.   Love it and especially from the breezeway.

And this is the front door—–fir wood stained with early americana stain and then poly’ed.

And a sampling of the custom paint color I created.     I’m weak and vulnerable.   Don’t tell me if you hate it.    I’ll burst into tears and look for chocolate.

Front door from the front.   Steve and I both LOVE the door.

He said,  “Now that’s a door you could hang the 95 theses from.”

It is indeed but please don’t.  Let’s honor Martin Luther with the chapel balusters.    No nails in the beautiful door.

The screen porch got framed up yesterday.  I thank my neighbor Ms. Jan for letting me take many pictures of her screen porch so that I could emulate it as much as possible.

They’re gonna wait and put the screens in when we’re done with all the dusty work around here but I love it so far.

I even carry my beloved chair around from the garage and sit in it when I can.

And I leave you with this beauty!

Do you have any idea how much my tile guy hates me?    This is apparently not fun to put down.   This apparently makes perfectly rational people want to curse and throw things.

So far, I’ve brought him red velvet cake, cookies and brownies.

He starts the octagon and dot in my bathroom on Monday.   What should I do—-mocha cake?  strawberry cake?   a clogging routine?

Just trying to be a blessing 🙂

And then there’s two more little things.
Number 1. I’m pretty sure my cabinets go in this week. Which means I may bring champagne to the job site.
Number 2. Did I tell you we got parakeets?
okay ba bye.

70 comments on “Project Restoration:: Front Door, Stone Fireplace and more……”

  1. It’s so much fun to see what’s been done when you post updates! 
    I’m in love with that door (it does look like a door for 95 Theses), the fireplace, and the unscreened screen porch.
    Painted walls without all the pretty furnishings and such in the room always scare me. It’s gonna look amazing when you get it all put together.  Tell me he put that tile in by large sheets and not piece by piece!  I think all three would suffice as a peace offering!
    When’s the clogging video coming? 

  2. WOW!  This isn’t a house, it’s a HAVEN!  I can’t wrap my mind around how you make so many awesome decisions so quickly.  Oh, and the beige is PERFECT!  Not too yellow or pink!  Can I come live on your porch?  I’ll just curl up by the fireplace and spent 23.5 hours a day looking at the water 🙂

  3. Edie it’s just beautiful!  That outdoor stone-clad fireplace!!!  The view from the porch!  The catwalk! This post was total eyecandy and my procrastinating self that doesn’t want to do laundry thanks you for sharing!!!

  4. I think you should make your tile guy the cake with the strawberry buttercream frosting. But maybe leave off the “Lylas” on top of the cake 😉

  5. Lovely, lovely place! Can’t wait for you to move in! May God continue to heal those places of fear since the fire. Blessings and have a wonderful weekend. Dorothy

  6. Amazing!  Love to see it all coming together!  You have such great design sense. I really think you should give your tile guy English Toffee. It has mysterious powers…!

  7. Oh! Edie,
    It is all so gorgeous. The porch, the gorgeous front door, the paint color in the master and workroom-they all make me swoon.

    Just wondering if you received my package?


  8. Oh Edie, I love it all … just so lovely!  The view is breathtaking … I’d never get anything done … I’d just sit & stare at the beauty of it all. 

  9. The front door looks amazing.  And I LOVE the color.  I am excited to continue to see the house as it gets finished.

  10. Oh my! Honestly, I love every choice you have made. I could move right in. Can I? Lol. The pink walls with the black = white floor look fabulous. The bedroom color is to die for. The front doors are gorgeous. And the screened in porch, what can I say? Serious envy. 😉 I have so enjoyed you sharing the building of your new home. I can’t wait to see the kitchen! Champagne for sure…and I don’t even drink! =D

  11. I can’t WAIT to see the finished project! It looks amazing. I love the staircase & catwalk railing & spindles. Beautiful. 

  12. Doesn’t everyone have trouble with beige? I just used accessible beige and it looks gray at times. You just have to paint and then “let it go.”  I love, love the concrete flooring, and mostly, sigh, the porch view. And I did think the front doors had a “Luther nod” to them. You are getting close now!

  13. Oh i love those cement floors – just beautiful! This made me chuckle out loud: “I’ve painted forty eleven swatches on the wall and asked anyone who would pretend to care their opinion.” Hahaha! And you made need to go big with your next cake for the tile guy. I’m talking cheesesake 😉

  14. Thank you for the update on your children’s castle!! She is a beauty – oh, and that photo of the lake – I am seeing visions of Scotland dancing in my head. I agree with the cheesecake comments for your tile master – so dreamy!!

    xoxo michele  

  15. is it sad to you that looking at these pictures made my day? 

    does it make you worry about me?

    we moved to Athens, GA one week ago today.
    I’m currently living in someone else’s house until mid November…which is a total blessing but it makes me LONG for the day to make a house my own.

    love every detail of your home but especially love your heart.

  16. Everything is just beautiful…I love your color choices…don’t worry about them…..color is the easiet thing to change if you hate it….but it is so lovely…..I think your going to love it once you stop worrying about it……hang in there…it is really looking like a house now….can’t wait for more pics!!!!!!!!!! 

  17. Love watching the progress on the house!  You have to tell me sometime how long it has taken start to finish.  We are hopefully moving south in the next 2 yrs and plan to build our own house.  
    The stained concrete is beautiful and you can actually hose it down (assuming you have a drain nearby).  It should also stay wonderfully cool even in the summer.  We have tile on our first level with similar features.  I am really anti-carpet at this point.
    Your update and pics are a happy thought on a very rainy day here for us in VA.   

  18. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Love the concrete floors, the pink paint w/ the floors, the granite paint, the front door and of course the beautiful fireplace on the porch! Fantastic! Have fun on the last steps towards completion!

  19. You know I just realized how much I need an outdoor fireplace!  Well, maybe it doesn’t technically qualify as a ‘need’ persay…but yours is beautiful!  I’m so happy for you & SO ENJOY viewing the process!

    Happy Saturday!

  20. I love everything, Edie, you did an amazing job picking the paint colors and everything overall. I have been looking and looking for that perfect color as well, I love yours! May I ask the brand of paint for mixing the two colors? . . .  I may have to copy your paint color. Your home is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us. 

  21. edie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!! YAY! wow! WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! How amazing every thing is looking! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!! {my butt is SO sitting near that outdoor FP with you. so put it on your calendar, pronto. k????}
    love seeing pics of the girls.
    LOVE your color creation. Perfect solution. you seem to have a knack for throwing 2 colors together as a tie breaker, and making it work. looks beautiful with your 95-theses-worthy door. beautiful, I tell ya.
    the conch shell is great!
    the charcoal is great! How FUN it is to see this come to life.

    oh, and I vote clogging routine.

    anything else I wanted to tell ya? oh, yes:

    LOVE YOU! filled with joy over your home 🙂

  22. I am in awe.  Your paint is beautiful as is everything else you’ve so generously shared with us.  I can’t wait to see your school/craft room all completed!

  23. Oh  Edie – this is just the most beautiful house I have ever seen.  It has been so thought that it is perfect. I will be so glad when your family can get and life goes on again. God is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I love the oak floors! We are building a home too, and are in about the same stage of building. Flooring is going in this week, and my Carrara counters were installed last week. It has been so stressful making all these decisions, and I was the same way about choosing the paint! I finally got so sick of paint samples I just had to force myself to make a decision. I chose Hazy Skies for main areas and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt for mud room and hobby room. I also have hex tiles and oct/dot, I had it in my last house and I love it. It is such a classic look. Now my biggest and hardest decision is cabinet hardware. Have you made those selections yet? I love Anthropologie hardware, but it is really bulky! The ones I thought I liked online turned out to be huge in person. Now I don’t know what to do. And lighting!! Too many choices. I can say, with each selection I’ve finalized, I feel so much less stressed. Who knew building a home could be so stressful? When are you guys set to close? What did you choose for your countertops? Was it marble? Honed or polished? I liked August Fields gray cabs too, but I worried I would get tired of them, so I went with white cabs and an aqua island. My inspiration was from Urban Grace Interiors. I love their work. Your house is looking great, and the balusters are beautiful!

    Amy Callahan

  25. Absolutely beautiful! LOVE it all!

    I often get the same result from painters (and once a neighbor!) when they see my paint colors, and it always makes me laugh! Can’t wait to see your work room and all it inspiring glory!

  26. Holy cow! It’s shaping up to be even more gorgeous than I imagined! Love, love, love the concrete floors – but green with envy about the porch, complete with fireplace! What a lovely space you’re creating here.

  27. It’s all so perfect!  You might find me knocking at your door in a few months, book in hand, and ready to read on your porch.  😉 As always, I love reading your posts.

  28. OMgoodness, I’d be so incredibly JEALOUS except I know the pain you had to go thru to get here, and that I would not want to do! But your lives are an example of God doing something very good out of pain. We just have to trust in Him that He will take care of us. I see He is restoring your joy and giving you so much to do (to stay out of trouble perhaps!) 🙂 …. and that He is feeding you a bountiful feast. I hope He works the same joys in my life! 🙂 Please keep me in your prayers… please!! 

  29. This is sooooooooooo exciting!!!  I love it all 🙂  I hate how you got to this place but you certainly have a gift for embracing the “bumps” and making something special with the gifts God has given you.  I love everything but am skeptical of the pink/yellow/red (????) craft room. . .but your taste is phenomenal so I’m sure it will all turn out great.  And your neutral color is good too. . .good for you taking that much time to pick something out. . .I don’t think I’d have the patience to do half of what you’re doing.  I’m incredibly jealous of your back porch view. . .WOW.  I could live in just that area.  Will you show more pictures of the concrete staining?  Sounds so interesting and the bronze is beautiful.  How do you care for it?  Does it wear well?  How long does it take to cure?
    Have a blessed week.

  30. Well, I would’ve gone with Hazy Skies, but only because I base my decision 90% on which name I like better. Your rationale is clearly superior. It looks fantastic. All of it. And those stained concrete floors just blew my mind…

  31. “Don’t cry,,shop girl” what movie??  It’s You’ve Got Mail,, Thinking of fall , had to throw that one in there. But seriously don’t cry, I LOVE the beige, it looks like a nice neutral with an on the lake nature inspired hue. 

  32. your upstairs railing makes me swoon.  i have what i think must be your inspiration pinned on pinterest as my DREAM.  love.  

  33. Your home is simply gorgeous already!  And your view….simply too beautiful for words….I’d never want to leave the porch!  I love the beige color too…..what brand of paint?  I only stumbled across your blog from another blog just after your home burned down but I was captivated because of your faith and how it is enabling you to go forward with grace and His strength!  God bless you.  Toni

  34. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!  I honestly can’t imagine in my wildest dreams having something so grand to call home!  Gee whiz you have been richly blessed!  Congratulations and Enjoy!!!

    Angie Guinn

  35. As a mother to 3 boys…I love, love, love the pink room.  I tried to sneak pink into a room once but got caught;)  Your home is coming together so beautifully. 

  36. Looks beautiful Edie, ALL of it!!! And I BURST out laughing when I saw your teeny tiny tile! I put a very similar one in the boys bathroom (and it’s a small bathroom) and they made sure to tell me that it was NOT easy to put down about 10 times, LOL! But I LOOOOVVVEEE the way it turned out 🙂

  37. Edi!  You must go to Willow Decor’s blog and see your balusters 🙂  Can you believe the resemblance?  How fun to see your ideas in a beautiful home across the world.  I have been missing your blog and can’t wait to see your latest accomplishments.  From another East Tennessee girl …

  38. Hi Edie, I love reading your blog and your home is going to be so beautiful when it’s all done. I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product.

  39. It is a fabulous project you’ve got here! I am amazed by the carftship that you show us. I am in Europe and I can’t see where I could find such craftman to have a such fabulous house. I am talking about the guardrail, the wooden floor, the kitchen, the door… I had my kitchen renovated this summer, paid high money and I am still soooooo far from what I can see here….

  40. You  have such a beautiful sense of design.  I am happy that I came across your site (looking for white painted balusters on google images).  Yours are the prettiest I’ve seen.  Where did you learn about this design?  I would love to know the origin.  You mentioned that you had written about it at one point but I couldn’t find it.
    Also, I am incredibly grateful that you talked about your unstained, white oak, random width flooring.  I’m not too good at explaining what I like to the flooring guy, but when I saw your wood floor I thought, “That’s it!”.  Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful project.  It is helping me with mine, which has seemed so overwhelming.

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