Warning:: Not much time or heart for blogging lately, so sorry for the dry litany of house stuff.   I just wanted to update you on the progress!

After looking at forty eleven hardwood samples, we finally found one we both like.

Cue the hallelujah chorus!

It’s nothing like my inspiration picture because Stevie happened to have a strong opinion on this one.

He likes light wood.  Unstained, natural wood.   And he wouldn’t mind if it looked brand new.   That’s where I drew the line.

So back to the drawing board we went and found this beautiful compromise.  It’s random width, somewhat distressed but not hand scraped (which he doesn’t like)

with a very matte finish, giving it an aged look without being too beat up.

We both love it.   And most relieving of all, it’s another decision DONE!

We’ve been in a dust cloud of sheetrock the past week and a half and they’re almost done.   (This pic was taken with my iphone standing on the lake side of kitchen looking back toward the kitchen and workroom.)

I turned in my paint colors Friday and we’ll probably be ready to paint by Tuesday.

I chose Ancient Ivory by Benjamin Moore for most of  the house.   Thanks to all my facebook friends for chiming in on choosing the right white.

I like that this one is creamy with the slightest tinge of green.

We also picked out tile for the bathrooms and backsplash.
Here’s my shower inspiration picture.  I love the use of the trim pieces to make the all white shower more interesting.

We are still looking for trim but the subway tile is easy to find and cheap.

I chose octagon and dot all white with matte finish and charcoal grout for my floor.   Like the pic below, only with dark grout.

And apparently this tile is expensive.   Normally around $14 a square foot.   We got several different quotes ranging from $8-11 per sf but then I lucked up and found it online yesterday

for $4 a square foot from Daltile (via FastFloors.com) and ordered it in a fury.   It’s ordered and in stock!  Woo-hoo!

I’m still looking for the best price on 1 inch hex for the girls’ bathroom but Home Depot seems to be winning at the moment ($5 per sf)

We’re using white subway tile in a herringbone pattern for the backsplash behind the stove and 18 inch marble-looking porcelain tile for the workroom (in a black and white checkerboard).   I found that tile at Stover’s in Knoxville for $4.99 first quality.

The stone for the foundation gets delivered this week and the wood ceilings for the porches and the kitchen will be finished and stained/painted.

The exterior is getting another coat of paint (white dove) and that should be finished by Tuesday.

The power line will be dug and we’ll have electricity and cold air!!!   (in preparation for the hardwood in a week or two)

It looks like cabinets may slow us down but otherwise we seem to be making very good time.

I’m working on my kitchen (chairs, table, window treatments, cab colors etc) and soon to start working hard on the master bedroom.

Whew!!!!!   Busy, busy, busy.


I’ve also been rereading Evangelical Is Not Enough for the 3rd time.    It’s Thomas Howard’s journey from evangelicalism to historic, liturgical Christianity.

He’s very Lewis-esque and quotes C.S. Lewis very often.


It won’t make you defensive if you’re not a part of a  historic liturgical church but it will make you think.

If you are already familiar with the traditions of the historic church, it will enrich your understanding of it in ways you can’t imagine.

Okay, off for  a run and then to the lake.

Hope your weekend is filled with your favorite things!



34 comments on “Project Restoration:: Sheetrock, Paint, Hardwood and Tile”

  1. We’re getting ready to redo a bathroom and have the same tile picked for the floor that you have shown for the girls from Home Depot. It’s less than $3 a foot at Lowes (by American Olean).

  2. So glad things are progressing for ya’ll. I look forward to each and every one of your posts, home-related, homeschool, food, whatever. You always make me smile and challenge me to think. Molly

  3. Such amazing progress, Edie. It must be so very exciting to see it all come together. We have hardwoods throughout our house. When we moved it we refinished them and hubby wanted them light, too. I would have loved some dark flooring. I am so happy for you!! Love the paint color you chose.

    I need to put that book on my must read list. It sounds like a wonderful read.


  4. My dream is to redo my bathroom with some element of subway tile. I love that stuff. My husband is currently tearing out part of our kitchen, and it is the biggest mess. I think it is one small blessing that you don’t have to live in the midst of all your home renovations. Small mercies, for sure!

  5. Moving along…we were so thrilled when our drywall was up…made it seem so much closer…can’t wait to see more updates! 🙂

  6. Love the wood flooring you selected.  Glad you and Steve found a compromise and you didn’t have to pitch a hissy fit when he uttered the dreaded words “yeah, it’s ok with me if it looks brand new” (gasp).  Those could be fighting words.  

    The white tile bathroom will be lovely and will give you such a great canvas to add pops of color!

  7. Edie,  I love your choices and I would love to know where to get the wood floors!  My husband and I are working on our house and something like that would be perfect.  Please let me know if possible.
    Thanks, Tara

  8. Hey, Edie. So happy with the progress and the healing for your family. God is so good. Love you, friend!

  9. I think that wood floor and those white tiles will all look great! I am adding the book to my “to read” list now. I forgot to comment several months ago to tell you how much I enjoyed Bloodroot and thank you for recommending it.

  10. I cannot tell you how excited I am to read Evangelical Is Not Enough.  I just read the excerpt on Amazon!  I’ve been having this ongoing conversation with my bffs about the importance of embracing our history as a church and the things that “fall flat” to me in evangelical reasonings.  Maybe I’m just getting older but the traditions of the church speak powerfully to me of grace and of being children of a holy, holy God. (P.S. I’m totally an evangelical by everyone’s definition, but I’m married to a Lutheran and bestfriends with a Presbyterian, so I’m basically indecisive about everything but Jesus. 😉 )

  11. We took the carpet up from the three bedrooms at home a few years ago and went with the old floorboards which were sanded and are the same colour as you will have.  I still can’t believe how quickly everything is coming together.  The paint colour looks lovely and calming (great for summer and winter) and I love the tiles.  And dark grout will be so much easier to keep clean. 

    Don’t worry about not posting – I think we all know that you are very busy! 

    Love to you all.

  12. Love, love, LOVE the floor AND the tile.  They are both perfect in every way.  And I’m secretly glad you’re not posting very often because I can actually keep up. 🙂  Hugs to you dear friend Edie!  You are always in my thoughts & prayers. xoxo Ruth

  13. you guys are coming along with the house…..and you’re reading books….superwoman. 🙂  LOVE the floors that you chose….I think they are gonna be my new favorite thing ever.  Also, love the part in your explanation of the book where you said, “it won’t make you defensive if you aren’t historic liturgical church, but it will make you think.”  love books that make you think and don’t make you defensive.

  14. I’m amazed (and happy for you) over how quickly this process has gone. You must be a girl who knows what she likes and (other than the floors) makes quick decisions. Love that! Your quick time also inspires me because had I been in your shoes, I’m afraid the loss would’ve paralyzed me for quite a while. THough I hope that with Jesus I’d have the strength and grace to move forward, I tend to slow Him down at times with my own “stuckness” and resistance.

    You’re an inspiration to this Texas girl…a reminder that God is good, even when He isn’t safe (my favorite Narnia quote!).

  15. Love your photography, love watching your home come back to life wearing a different outfit 🙂
    Love your heart for the Lord…..

  16. Edie, from the very first thing I ever read of yours before I began blogging – all those many, many, many, many, months ago I have stood amazed at how you – whatever the topic – reel me in with your words – I just always get lost in them – and, of course, the heart behind the words. I have never in my life been so breathless about someone building a house. Thank you for everything you do, thank you for your faith, thank you for your love for your family and your hubs, thank you – just thank you Edie, and God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day. 

  17. Hi Edie, It is so difficult to balance all of what life throws our way but you are doing a great job because you draw on the strength of the LORD ….. Your house is looking good and soon you will look back upon your hard work ( and the hard work of your husband and family ) and be able to enjoy a dinner of that fabulous paella and sangria in your new kitchen !!!! I lift you and yours to the Lord today ….. If I may ask you to friend my little brick and mortar (did I spell that correct) shoppe on facebook when you get a minute ….. the facebook name is CLOE N COMPNY …..If you would do this you can browse through the pictures of the Shoppe that the through much prayerful consideration God has blessed me with …. My Shoppe is a place where 95% of the items are from America whether on a local, state or national level ….. I have met so many wonderful people while planning and opening this place …… Have  a most wonderful day and do enjoy all that GOD has given !!  

  18. Hi Edie… now i know why everyone loves you so much. I think it’s your personal touch to responding to comments. Not many bloggers do that. I’m excited for you and your home. I hope we get to meet some day. I had a great weekend with my son and a good Christian friend of mine. Life is good despite personal tragedies… and you are the example of that. Hugs to you, andrea

  19. Wow love how much it has all come together,what color will you be painting your kitchen? Ancient Ivor also? Just curious..thanks for sharing.

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