Caiti was pretty sure she didn’t want a graduation party per se. Then she agreed to a pool party at Aunt Gina’s. Then I remembered how fun it was to learn to square dance. So, that’s it.

We’re having a square dance for Caiti’s graduation party!

Not the kind where you wear puffy dresses and bolo’s, although that’d be okay too. The kind where you wear whatever you want–although it does beg for cowboy boots—and you invite your friends and family, young and old, and have an old fashioned hoe-down/throwdown of a good time. I went to Shawna’s 40th birthday party, square-dance style, a couple years ago and it was so much fun that I’ve been dreaming up excuses to have one ever since.  You should see the look on people’s faces when I tell them we’re having a square dance.  You’re gonna be jealous when you see the videos.

And there will be videos.

Caiti is perfectly ready to do-si-do, in her sundress and boots and I’m looking for some good western party treats and ideas if you have any spare time to plan a shindig for me.  Think hay bales and mason jars and red bandanas and burlap.

My sister, who is the saintliest person I know, came to my house and brought lots of pictures of Caiti as a wee one so that I can begin making a video.  Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  So I’m scanning old photos and listening to all manner of musical options.   I’m determined not to let the haze of the past few months put a damper on her celebration.  I only have 4 weeks to plan this and my sister has declined my offer for her to move in with me for a month.   Any takers?

I’ve also asked my dear talented friend Patty to photograph the momentous occasion.

She said yes.


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  1. Don’t know how I always check my blogger dashboard when you’ve just posted. Looks like I’m a stalker.

    A square dance is a wonderful idea. We have them every now and then in our homeschool group. Fun for everyone. You’ll come up with fantastic decorating ideas, I’m sure. Patty taking pictures and you videoing? This will be good!

  2. last month our adult bible fellowship class hosted a hoe down and it was hilarious and fun…and yes. there are pictures to prove it…enjoy planning it!

  3. WOW sounds like so much fun and memories too.
    Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation, you must be so proud.

  4. Girl, you are so much fun! What a wonderful idea! I can only imagine it will be a fantabulous celebration. YeeHaw! 😉

  5. Well Miss Edie this sounds like it will be a romping good time. I can not wait to see the pictures but definitely looking forward to the videos of this square dancing fun.

    Our daughter is graduating this year, too. She does not want a party. She would prefer to go out to dinner with a few close friends and family, so that is what we will do.

    I wish I could move right down to Tennessee with ya and get busy planning this shingdig and helping you get everything ready but I think my family may miss me if I’m gone a month.


  6. My brother had a square dance party for his graduation. I know a great caller and we did it at the Methodist gym for space. I know we have a lot of the decorations still if you want like the denim tablecloths. Fun!

  7. i will be there tomorrow-to move in for the month
    i expect one of the cupcakes in the header to be waiting
    i’m bringing my boots and i will sing you all of the patsy cline songs i know
    and i know a lot-
    and yes lands be yo baby is cuter n punkin pie in the dead of november
    you can work me to the bones
    you should serve corn on the cob roasted on sticks
    you should bob fer apples
    and throw peanuts on the floor
    and you should invite me
    it’s gonna be a BALLLLLLLLLLLL
    i love you and
    i’m glad your back

    for once i feel sooey bessy with a side of yeeee-hawww is more appropriate a closing than amen.

    oh and who do you know that can pull strings-you need harry connick jr. to sing and ask for the harry connick jr. from hope floats. haven’t you missed my 24 hour comments-seriously brevity is not in my spice rack-i checked.

  8. Is this just an excuse for you to buy new (more) boots? Not that I am judging..just sayin.
    Hope the weather isn’t too bad in your neck of the woods tonight. It looks pretty rough for the general TN area. Stay safe and hunkered down!

  9. I would totally sign on if I lived closer! I love country western music, and ANY excuse to wear my cowgirl boots & hat. Alas, I’ll have to live vicariously through your Boot-Skootin’ Boogeying Graduation.

    Great pictures!


  10. Oh my goodness; I’d totally sign on if I lived closer. I love all things country western, or ANY excuse to wear my cowgirl hat & boots. Alas, I’ll have to live vicariously through your Boot-Skootin-Bogeying Graduation.

    Love all the pictures!


  11. That is so fun! The key to a great square dance? A good dance leader on a microphone. I have been to a few, and that makes all the difference for people to get into it! And of course, dressing up accordingly. Those two things help immensely. Have a great time!

  12. Square dances are great ways to celebrate !!! If you are having one you simply must make mason jar cupcakes …..You can decorate the mason jar any way you like( maybe you can use bandana material to lay around the tops before you screw the lid on )….. They are a great addition to any square dance …… Your daughter is so beautiful and looks stunning in her outfit (very square dance savvy ) !! Happy Belated Easter …….Pryaerfully all is well and continuing on in its progress for you and yours ……Keep your chin up and rest well in the arms of your SAVIOUR !! Nite Nite ……………….Summer

  13. Oh goodness that sounds like my kind of people! You’re daughter gets my vote for good taste! I couldn’t think of any better fun than planning a party down home style. 🙂 How about wheelbarrows draped with quilts to hold the gifts? We did this at our wedding reception & it was one of my favorite decorations. Keep us posted!

  14. Love, love, LOVE this idea! You’re the coolest mom ever. I can’t wait to see Patty’s fabulous pictures (and yes, they WILL be fabulous!)

  15. Your daughter has your beautiful smile and is a glorious young woman! I am collecting images already and will try my best to email them to you. Your barn party will be a blast! You don’t know me, but if you could keep me and my husband in your prayers, I’d be so grateful. Looking forward to hearing more about this party…. 🙂


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