my mantel is always an evolving work-in-progress

i made the rosette necklace yesterday and i thought it looked nice on the mantel…
but David probably doesn’t like it–at least not strung around his kingly neck.
Picnik collage
if i can get my act together, i’ll show you how i made it.
i kinda love it.
the mantel—well, knowing me, i’ll change it tomorrow.
for today, i  kinda like it too.
and my friend, the nester, inspired me to add my gnarly-so ugly it’s almost cute-pumpkin to the mix!

it was the perfect addition.

to make this the perfect fall day, i’m making this pumpkin soup and this apple cake and listening to these guys sing and play the banjo.

now go visit the nesting place and see a million more mantels.   inspiration abounds.

34 comments on “Fall Mantel”

  1. i love that narlly pumpkin too!!
    beautiful mantel my friend

    oh yes…i totally love that all you need is love piece. have debated over it for a while too…LOVE how you used it

  2. Love the Beatles reference! Love the touches of Fall… I saw your thumbnail on Nesting Place and was immediately drawn to it, as you share my daughters name… Any one with the name Edie is great in my books! Happy that I have found your bog! Lx

  3. Your mantle SO YOU! Love it! And did you make your “love is all you need” sign? that is one of “our” songs! Love that! And I can’t wait to see how you made that necklace! I snagged one on clearance at Boden! 🙂

  4. Love it Edie! What a crazy warty, cool pumpkin!! Where did you find that?? Your mantle is just fabulous with those words over it! I love letters and words and inspiration of this nature all over the house! Blessings to you!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!! But I must agree that David probbaly doesnt feel the same.

    I welcomed Autumn quite excitedly and then BOOM a heatwave struck. thats right its has been over 100 when all Summer it never hit 80. I’m melting and hoping to return to Autumn soon.

  6. I absolutely love it! The raven might be my favorite thing (after David and it necklace), but I also love how you incorporated a starfish, even for fall. Everyone tends to hide away their summer decor, but I like how you sneaked a little touch of the water in.

  7. I want that “All you need is love” signage badly! It may make an appearance on my holiday wishlist. I am worried once I go down the word art path there may be no return for me.

    I strongly considered picking up an assortment of cute pumpkins this weekend but I fear my “has no fear” wornder kitten would jump right up there and I would awake the next day to smashed pumpkins all over my floor. I will just covet your mantle and may break out some fall candles. I am also considering rescenting some once cinnamon pinecones that could liven up the living room.

  8. Starting to read A LOT of blogs….but you are still my fav! Genuine, unique style, beautiful but not too polished as to seem institutional or professional…but definitely excellent. Just so you know I am an individual, though, gotta say we must part ways on the text art explosion. 🙂 However the chicken and dumplins were PHENOM and we are from chicago!!!! Lastly, we’ve been enjoying “More Ultimate Picking” as a backdrop to our lives. Thanks again.

  9. Edie, your mantel looks great. Large pumpkins and gourds aren’t available here yet, but I decorated our mantlepiece today (will post photos next week). You inspired me to do this – thank you.

  10. I have seen this “All You Need Is Love” sign from Unexpected Grace. You did a a very nice copy. I’ve been wanting to try this myself.

  11. Love the simplicity of your mantel. It is gorgeous. Your subway art is super. Did you make it? Did I miss it somewhere along the line? My favorite pumpkins are the ugly gnarly ones. The uglier they are the cuter I think they are.


  12. Hi Edie! I just love this to pieces! I’m going to try to tackle my own next week. Can I ask where you found your stencils? Did you find yours at Office Max like the girl from “Nothing but Bonfires” did? Thank you so much!! 🙂

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