I’m still decking the halls in preparation for Christmas Eve Brunch (I’m hosting my extended family), which includes a little cleaning, a little table setting, and a lot of snipping from my magnolia, holly and pine trees. It took all morning to clean the gum drops and toothpicks off my kitchen floor from crafting day (yesterday). You can visit here to see the crafts we made and I’ll post about it soon. I’m collecting recipes for the brunch (which shall include the lightest fluffiest angel wing biscuits and my blueberry coffee cake among others yummies) and wondering if I should add homeade waffles to the already bulging menu?! I’m gathering my hodge podge of dishes and adding festive touches with Christmas napkins and mugs.
And then there’s the wrapping. Did I mention we have eight kids? And every year, we purpose to scale down the commercialism and focus our attention on the blessed work of Christ on our behalf. But we also want to use this opportunity to give with a cheerful heart to our kids and to our family. So, there’s a certain amount of commercialism that creeps in, despite our best efforts. If all goes well, most of the ‘work’ will be done this weekend, which will leave plenty of time for movies and board games and ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’. We’re looking forward to ‘time off’, Christmas and Advent services, time to knit and read and enjoying the company of those we love most.

I’ll likely be about as scarce around here as I have been at the gym lately. I’m sure I’ll miss you more though. Actually, I already have a couple posts ready for next week so I take that back—I’ll definitely be more scarce at the gym! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
P.S. I need your help. I ordered Christmas cards from Vista Print and they arrived 2 days ago, in perfect time to quickly mail them out. However, the picture on the card is very distorted and makes us look like we’re standing in front of a fun house mirror. The cards themselves are so perfect and I really wanna send ’em anyway. Vista refunded my money but couldn’t get any new cards to me before Wed. Dec 23rd. So here’s my question. Do I?
1. Send the fun house picture and hope the recipients enjoy the wee bit of Christmas entertainment they provide.
2. Upload a picture to Walgreens and pick one the their photocards that can be printed in an hour.
3. Don’t send anything at all and use the cards we have to make paper airplanes to throw at each other on Christmas morning.
4. When the family is together for Christmas, take a picture and do New Year’s cards instead. (I’ve done this before and it’s not so bad)
Please advise.

51 comments on “Decking, Wrapping, and Christmas Card Woes”

  1. I'd totally send the "fun house mirror" cards anyway! But that's the sort of thing that ALWAYS happens to us, so our family would completely expect it. This year our cards are still unopened on my desk…just haven't have found the time or the stamps I bought weeks ago…
    A Christmas Eve brunch sounds yummy! Ditch the waffles and make homemade chocolate gravy for your southern biscuits! πŸ™‚
    (This is the recipe I've been using: http://therunamuck.com/2009/10/25/a-chocolate-gravy-companion/ )

  2. I would send the cards with a note on them that makes a joke of them like " life has been crazy around hear, just like our christmas card but we still hope you have a wonderful Christmas" or whatever you can come up with! I am sure your family will get a laugh from them!

  3. #1 is my first choice. You could make a joke about it like a previous person said. I hate to waste, so I would want to use them.

    #4 is my runner up choice. I like the idea of having a current picture and sending something out to fam and friends a little later so they will be pleasantly surprised to hear from you.

    It's all good whatever you decide. Cheers!

  4. You had me at Walgreens until I read about a New Year's card. I'd go with the latter. It sounds great and you'll have more time on your hands to do it after all the festivities slow down.

    Merry Christmas, Edie.

  5. Address the envelopes you have. Let Vista print redo and mail them the day after Christmas! I always receive a few the day after….love it!

  6. I absolutely vote for the paper airplane extravaganza! Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like family fun…btw VistaPrints did an amazing job on our Christmas Cards but the same thing happened to some Christmas gifts I had ordered. They can't make it by Christmas now…Thank goodness Target is open til midnight for some last minute plan B gifts…

    Best wishes.

  7. Adding waffles too, even though they are my favorite, sounds to filling! I would just serve plenty of the other stuff with maybe lots of fruit?! Sounds wonderful fun to me! I want to see the Christmas card before I'd give advise on that one..I guess it depends on if you want funny or beautiful family! But the airplane thing sound like a fun thing too! Come say hi πŸ˜€

  8. i would be so bummed. i would ask them to do them over. and send them out when they do…that's what i would do.
    hope you have a fabulous christmas!
    isn't it so hard not to let commercialism sneak in?!
    so hard!

  9. if you can't bring yourself to send the funhouse pic, i vote new years cards. that's fun and everyone loves a photo card no matter when.

  10. First off, don't go to Walgreen's. They screwed my order up and then couldn't fix them because their machines where all busted. I would do the New Year's thing. It's kind of fun getting a late one. Cheers! Jess

  11. I love the New Year's Card idea. I was thinking of doing that this year in lieu of a Christmas card, but hubby is a traditionalist..LOL! Maybe I can convince him to do it next year!!!

  12. I say go with what you have! Things happen… life happens… cards get messed up… that's ok! Put a cute note with them and call it good and cross it off the list! πŸ™‚

  13. First, love your packages all wrapped up! They look so cute! Second, I don't see anything wrong with sending cards out after Christmas…it is the holiday season after all. If you have a Costco in your area and happen to be a member, or know someone that is, I HIGHLY recommend getting cards through them. I got mine there the day after I ordered. They are 6×7 size, come with foil lined envelopes and don't require extra postage. Oh, and they are printed on matter paper which I think looks a little nicer. The best part…I paid $21 for 80 cards! Alright, done with my endorsement for Costco πŸ˜‰ enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  14. New Uear's Card (but you're getting advice from someone who stopped sending them four years ago. πŸ™‚

  15. I'd go for a new shot when you all get together! Whether Christmas late or New Year's, people will just be glad to get an updated photo! Your festivities sound fun. Why is it that when I'm working that hard to get ready for a big event, it doesn't sound like fun. I've been going since 5 a.m. and still have things to do before tomorrow night's party here. And I haven't even bought the ingredients for what I'm making. No, doesn't sound like fun to me! I will be so pleased though when I am done because then there will be nothing left I have to do! Then we can play.

  16. I vote for the new year's card. It's always fun to get a card in the mail after the Christmas rush dies down. It's unexpected and touching. If it works out well you could make it a tradition. Merry Christmas and good luck with the cards!!

  17. I'd probably just upload the photo at the one hour walgreen or walmart. I'm supposed to be a photographer so I wouldn't send something I wasn't proud of. But late would probably be fine as well.

  18. By all means I'd send the fun house photo card–and waffles are a little labor intensive. How about a Christmas ambrosia as a side dish?

  19. I love all the ideas. I would probably just wait and send out New Year's cards. That is always a nice little surprise to find in your mailbox!

  20. I vote New Years card with the whole family!!! How special to have them together and capture it! The frugalisa in me is pained at the idea of you paying postage for cards that you are settling for.

    Getting the enveloped ready NOW is a GREAT idea….your followers are good!!

  21. I am cracking up about the cards! I usually have some "card" drama every year. This year was, I ordered 60 cards and they gave dh 20 envelopes! UGH, oh well!
    However, I have to say, I have ordered the last couple of years from Walgreens and they have come out great! I have ordered from all over, but have been happy so sticking with them.
    I'm really no help because I would either send the ones you have, do walgreens or new years, lOL. Told ya, no help!
    Oh and you think YOUR scarce around the gym???????????? I haven't worked out since I was pregnant!!!! S he's 17 mnths old! LOL
    Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  22. Have you thought about
    with code: newbaby you get 50 free cards with envelopes. I paid 3.19 shipping but then later heard that ordering 10 more is cheaper than the shipping πŸ™‚

    I have a picture of mine up on my blog if that helps any:)

  23. I vote for New Year's cards! Think about capturing the true delight of the holiday and sharing that with people to begin 2010!

  24. Edie,

    Simply stated; life is not perfection, sometimes things break, or get messy, but it's life and none the less beautiful. Send the cards you have.


  25. I just ordered our photo cards from Walgreens because I am SOOOO last minute! Picked them up an hour later, came home and addressed them and they were ready to go. We did the Unto Us a Savior is Born one and it came out great!! Good luck!!

  26. First of all if I lived at your house I there would not be a Christmas card on the planet that would contain my rear!

    Secondly, I upload @ Walgreens every single year and have never once been disappointed with the quality. And I'm pretty much eat up with perfectionism.

    BUT….the paper airplanes idea sounds much more fun!

    Lastly, (I promise I'll shush after this) I am loving the New Years card idea…simply because it would be an unsuspected arrival…and I love surprises!

    Merry Christmas Edie!

  27. Just my opinion, but I'd absolutely send the fun house cards. Everybody will get a good laugh, they will be remembered for years to come, and you'll actually make money on the deal. Life doesn't get any better than that! πŸ˜‰


  28. i vote to use the ones you have, or new year's cards.. they're fun, too.
    hope lexi wasn't part of the gumdrop mess!! πŸ™‚ she had a great time!

  29. Girl, we used Walgreens, and they SO screwed up the text size….nowhere NEAR to the size I made on the card….I'm still debating sending them out, because now I think they look tacky…. I hate tacky…FUNNY is another story all together…I LOVE funny and different, but if you're not gonna be happy with them then just wait and send something you will be happy with…..

    Merry Christmas
    (from Loulou with the tiny text Christmas card)

  30. Do New Years cards. Get the entire family in the photo. The reason the photo was distorted is b/c Vista doesn't print a 4×6. It's something like a 4.7×5.2 (specs are listed on their website). Did you print postcards to use as photo cards?

    I blogged about Vista's cards here and all the ins and outs. Love their stuff.


    If you need any help resizing, just send the photo my way. I can quickly do it in photoshop. littlelizardking@gmail.com

  31. I am with #4 (Leonie)also her idea about crazy year just adds the right touch. I think we forget that everyone else has crazy things happening in their families, it would be refreshing to see real people sending funny cards,that are not so perfect! Life is so much fun when we try not to be perfect and just enjoy the fun of it all!! May you have a Blessed 7 Merry Funhouse mirror Christmas πŸ™‚

  32. I vote to send a Christmas email to folks for now, then take a new pic on Christmas day & send out the cards for New Year's πŸ™‚ then don't worry about it for another second!

  33. I vote for sending late. I love sending cards after the rush. It gives people a chance to actually look at your card and enjoy it, rather than tossing in a pile.

  34. i think the new year's card is perfect! don't stress over getting it out now- would be more fun to just do after Christmas.

    i would love to get a new year's card… Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! thanks for always keeping me encouraged through your faith!

  35. I think you should make a joke of it for sure, there's no point in wasting them. Maybe get your kids to add a few comedy moustaches, beards and black teeth πŸ˜‰ That'll give everyone a good laugh, just write something funny inside.

  36. Either 1 or 4…..people will be thrilled to hear from you either way.
    I will pray for your Christmas crazy times. I need to go because I'm doin' crazy hosting, too, with lots of girls coming over to decorate cookies/cupakes, etc. Am I insane? Why, yes I am! And so are you, but in a GREAT WAY! ENJOY THE MAGIC! I know God has blessed you with amazing hospitality skills (I feel your hospitality even via the computer!) and I know you will make Merry with everyone and I pray that you find some peace and joy in it all, too, and not exhaustion. You, dear Edie, are one in a million. Make that one in a gazillion. You are such a blessing. Crazy fun house picture or not, your cards will BE PERFECT because they will be FROM YOU!
    You are shining with HIS light!
    Love, hugs and turquoise joy, Lana

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