The sale was supposed to start at 8am. By 7:45, 1/3 of my stuff was gone. Just like that. No time to mourn. No time to reminisce. Just gone. And by 11:30, we were packing up a small load for Goodwill and headed to the local fall festival. It was nearly the perfect yard sale. Caiti might dispute that there is such a thing.

My friend Denise, and her daughter Kelly, came and like a true blogger she strolled up the driveway taking pictures. I finally managed to get a few too but only after the crowd subsided.

In short, I drank too much coffee, ate too much sugar and sold more fake greenery than any person should ever have in their possession. The fake greens ruled the day. Or was it the donuts?

I finally coerced my neighbor Renee to buy my ever-so-eclectic planter. She’s a hard sell. She came back for a second look with her measuring tape and her beautiful daughter Natalie. Natalie must have made her buy it.

And then we were off the fall festival where we saw some talented dancers….

and continued the dietary disaster with chili cheese fries and a funnel cake.

I’m collapsed on the sofa and can’t decide if my headache is from the caffeine, sugar or possibly from the various makes and models of embroidery/sewing machines that are swimming through my head. Should I buy a slightly used Bernina Artista 180 or a brand new lesser model? If you have any advice on which machine I need or would like to comment on the outrageousness of todays’ eats or would like to contemplate buying the last few fake greens,

please chat away!

16 comments on “Sewing machines, fake greens and fried dough”

  1. It sure sounds like a success! Good for you for being able to pack up by 11:30. That never happens! As far as the donuts and coffee, I would have been right there with you.

    Berninas, well, that's a question I can't help you with.

  2. I love that you sold refreshments at your yard sale! I probably would have ate/drank waaaay too much too 😉 Glad it was a success.

  3. It is a good thing I wasn't visiting my parents this weekend or I would have cleaned you out! Glad the sale went good, and the refreshments are a great addition. By the way, I would like to put in a vote for the Apple Bars over Apple pie. I made them Thursday, and they received rave reviews from several people. Your MIL must make some killer pie if Steve thinks apple pie is better than those bars!

  4. Do you try on purpose to wear a pop of color near your face? I've noticed that on your blog and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Didn't know if you did it intentionally.

    Wish I could have bought that planter…..sweet!

  5. Im so jealous. My 8 yr old has declared that we have had the worst garage sale EVER. A few weeks ago we worked hard to make everything look lovely and organize. Only to have sold 1 suitcase!! and it wasn't even for SALE!

  6. Glad your sale went well! Hate I missed it…Oh, and the apple bars went over great at my house. I took them on our retreat too and everyone loved them!!! I will make that recipe again soon. Thanks for sharing! Sorry I am no help when it comes to embroidery machines, but I have heard that Bernina name around the family.

  7. sounds like my yard sale- just about over before it officially started. glad it was a success, i'll be interested in learning what model you get… I would like to take up sewing.

  8. Glad to hear your yard sale went so well. What fun at the fall festival. It has rained here almost every weekend and we only went to one fall festival and missed out on all the fun at the farms.


  9. love: the coffee pot; the fact that you sold refreshments at your yard sale (i really would have expected you to just invite everybody in for coffee and a pick of a multitude of home-made goodies!); the photo of the square dance (much more post-able than mine!), and your reference to fake greens… mine went to consignment! good to see you this weekend!

  10. You look adorable, as usual:-) I have a Brother pe150 which is a baby, but I LOVE it. I bought it brand new about 7 years ago, and have had it serviced one time. I would love to get a digitizer and card reader and all the stuff you need to download more designs but I just haven't gotten around to it. I bought most of my cards on ebay for a lot less than new. Good luck to you!

  11. All I can say is research, research research! Did I say research? Can't wait to see what you get. A whole new world will open up to ya!

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