1. First, let me start with this post, which was written months ago, but has left my mind reeling today. I’ve been thinking about this topic alot and I’m sure I’ll feel the need to write about it soon. Ann, author of the blog Holy Experience, is a beautiful crafter of words, and has a way of sharing her heart that is rare and inspiring. This is a must read for any blogger. Or any person who has a story to tell.
Now on to lighter subjects:
2. This just so happens to be a peek at my new living room. I’m not ready for a complete reveal, but I thought I’d show you a close up of the silverleaf cocktail table that had been $4000 which I purchased for $359. This room is shaping up to be my favorite room EVER, but I’m struggling to add some vintage to the mix. Right now, it’s a little too ‘uncluttered’ for me.
3. In other blogland love, I thought you’d enjoy this little girl’s room remake as much as I did. Kelly (one of my rare real life friends who blogs) made that ‘chandelier’ out of a planter and some Christmas lights and her husband crafted the bed. Go see the before picture. You’ll love her stuff.
4. ANd I’m swooning over this room from Cottage Livings’ website. Swooning I tell you. I love this color. I want to paint my DR and alleged craft room this color. Then I want to swim around in a vat of it.
5. And last but not least, let me introduce you to my new favorite blogger, Meg. She found my site somehow and left a sweet comment, so I clicked over to properly ‘meet’ her and immediately knew we should have coffee and go fabric shopping. Her photography is todiefor and her house is a creative masterpiece. I’m currently making the cutest rainbow cake I found on her site and hoping for a little time tonight to ‘comb’ her archives. Have you ever gotten ‘lost’ for periods of time in someone’s archives? Yeah, me too. You should visit her if you haven’t already. Y’all probably already know her and if you do, I’m gonna be mad you didn’t tell me about her. Mmmmkay?
6. Oh and for your spiritual edification, there’s this audio clip about The Gospel Driven Church. Micheal Horton is interviewed by Todd Wilken. It’s worth your time!
Now I’m done. Have a great weekend!
Thanks to Jeanie for my title ‘Grace Notes’.

20 comments on “Grace Notes”

  1. I love Meg and her Whatever blog too! Sorry, should have shared…
    Anyway, I regularly get lost looking at her photos, and her house, and her wonderful family. Enjoy!

  2. Why is it I love your table even more because you got it for $400 instead of $4000?

    Maybe I am more of a hunter than gatherer when it comes to shopping because I do so love a bargain!

    Your living room is going to be simply amazing. At my house, the table would end up with 2000 kitty nose prints, but I think that only adds to the charm.

  3. Hi Edie.
    The living room is looking great. I have complete faith that you will "vintage it up" perfectly! 😉
    Love the bed and chandelier in your friends' little girls' room. I may have to find a way to do something like it. Lovely!
    Meg's blog is soooo easy to get lost in. I actually shared one of her recipes in my linky love post today.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I LOVE your living room. I really like how nothing is "matchy". Can't wait to see the rest. (waiting)

  5. Ahhhhh…your living room. Right now I will simply sigh and know that my day is coming.

    For now, eveything is childproof, there is a wicker basket filled with diapers and wipes instead of untouchables and the pitter-patter of feet seem to run faster around my wood floors every day.

    I love this stage so very much, but when I see photos such as yours, there's a touch of longing…

  6. Oh I just love Meg. I want to be her bestie! I found her about 3 weeks ago and stayed up way too late one night, reading all of her posts from the last year! I've never done that before. Only problem now is that I want to read her new posts ALL the time.
    Hello? Meg? Can't you post like twice a day or something?? haha.
    Edie, I love your blog too and check in each day to see what's new. How is the concert tour going?

  7. I love your living room so far. The orange colored couch is WONDERFUL! I am loving that coral color you posted too. I am trying to think what room in my house I could paint that color. Maybe my bedroom. Hmmmm

  8. Crap, I wish I wasn't going out tonight because you've peeked my interests. I'll have to get back to this post…looks like a good one. As for your awesome new room…LOVE IT. It's less busy and I like it, very classy!! You're making me want to decorate which I have NO time for this month. 🙂 Have a good Friday night.

  9. well you are WAY too kind.
    thank you for sending new friends my way.
    that living room looks straight out of a magazine…a really nice one! AMAZING!

  10. Must tell how you scored that table for $349 so I can vicariously live through that squeal moment. I love Anne – wow, she is a might word crafter for our Lord.

  11. How very nice of you! I wondered where all the traffic was from! Also did you take down all your photos on that wall or am I looking at the wrong wall? Love the coffee table- I admired a piece at TJMaxx out of mirrors- love it! Off to read Meg…

  12. I totally admire your for your bold decorating statements! I think your choices in colors are wonderful! I am loving your new furniture…what a deal!

  13. i love your site. don't know if i've ever left a comment or not, but i'm going back through your archives to see if you give info on that FABulous blue/green armoire in your living area!!!!

    happy day! or night, i should say!

  14. Umm…yes…I do get lost in archives…and right now they would be yours…LOVING it! Now if only I could get it together enough to start blogging on a regular basis 🙂 Thanks for all you share…so encouraging to me!

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