My way of saying ‘bird watching’ or ‘linky love’.   Please name this post.   You must use the term ‘grace’ in your entry.   I will use this post a few times a month to show you great stuff I’ve found on the internet, but you must help me name it.   Come on, be creative.  Or at least enjoy these links!
1.  I will certainly be ordering  this sign. I found it here. Great blog too!

2.  I went to a homeschool conference yesterday for the sole purpose of buying books without tax or shipping and at 10-20% off. I took Nicholas and the girls with me. Nicholas was wearing a DEEP cut V-neck t-shirt with a skull on the front. He had his hat on sideways and wore Caiti’s very large white sunglasses. Did I mention this was a homeschool conference? Yeah, I was sure we were gonna be kicked out. But I managed to buy this book. You MUST read this if you interested in education. My blog friend Jessica introduced me to this Thomas Jefferson Education with this audio file. PLEASE, you must listen and read. It will change the way you look at your children’s education.   

3.  My friend Patty has a blog.   And she is such a good writer and such a good mother and such a good friend.   She brought me the yummiest plate of chocolate chip cookies last week and sends me the sweetest, encouraging emails.   You’ll love her writing, especially this post she wrote on ‘Daughters’.  
4.   Most of you know of my love for the christian talk radio show, IssuesEtc.   Steve and I subscribe to the show through iTunes (or our iPhones) and listen ‘on demand’ (whenever we want).   I usually listen in the mornings when I’m doing morning chores or as I sit and watch the kiddos play in the pool.   This show has radically changed my life.  It’s intensely Christ-centered and cross-focused and has been a major part of my on-going ‘educational pursuits’.   Their one year anniversary (of producing the show on their own) is this Tuesday.  We’re planning to celebrate with them ‘online’  since we procrastinated too long to fly to St. Louis.  They recently interviewed Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller on Evangelism based on an article he wrote on the topic.   Fascinating stuff!   You may listen here.

5.  And last but not least, my favorite ‘painted patio furniture’ link from my recent link party was Mandi’s.  You’ll love her and her blog!   Thank you Mandi and thanks to all of you who participated.
~~Update on the Verity:   I followed them to lunch yesterday but I did have a legitimate reason:  Taylor forgot his swim trunks.  I gave a few last hugs and left, before I cried again.   They made to SC and seem to be doing just fine.   Breathe.   Just breathe.  Emme has decided to wear The Verity t-shirt to bed every night until they get home… we’ll remember to pray for them.  Not that there was any danger in this momma forgetting!

I promise to stop stalking them now, but I’m so happy that one of my blog friends might be able to spy on  see them in Ohio.

20 comments on “Grace abounds……or finding grace……or gracefully searching…..”

  1. Aha! I knew there was more than ONE reason I loved your blog! You share the name of a favorite aunt of mine who is NEAR and DEAR to my heart! Mmmm, hmm…I told you that you rocked! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  2. I chuckled out loud with the glasses and shirt at the homeschooling conference..we need a picture!
    sandy toe

  3. Hi Edie.
    All of the names are great. I like Finding Grace, and I agree that Found by Grace is good too. Searching for Grace, maybe.
    Either way I am off to check out your fav.'s.
    BTW: I would love to see a photo of the outfit too. 😉

  4. You're wise to have a spy…I'd probably do the same. I'm telling you, I love Nicholas' gettup. LOL, he has such a sense of style. Actually I think it's so great you two are hanging out this summer. It makes me wish one of my fun nieces or nephews would come live w/ me. I can't wait to get back to Utah in a few weeks so I can hang with them for a few weeks. They keep us young! Love the picture in my head of y'all at the h.s. convention.

    Thanks for the blog shout out again. If I don't h.s. this year I'm SO glad I have the Thomas Jefferson method to keep me inspired to 'afterschool'. We'll still do tons of fun field trips and activities…the best part of the TJED method is they won't even realize they'll be learning!!

    Here's my suggestions to your ?:
    A Graceful Glimpse
    A Graceful Gander
    Gandering Gracefully
    A Graceful Glance
    Glancing Gracefully

    In any combo.
    Have a great weekend Edie!

  5. Gracefully said is perfect!!

    OK, I JUST read about your son's band–only a couple of days behind! Sorry. They're coming to Greenville, SC?? Where in Greenville??? I live in a suburb of Greenville! But the concert starts here in 10 minutes!! And I don't know where to go! Oh, such a bad bloggy friend! I am sorry, chickadee! Call me if they need anything!! Email me at, and I'll give you my number if you need it! Oh, I am bummed!!


  6. If you have found wonderful things to share with us, I think you should call this feature "amazing grace".

  7. I love all of your posts that I read. . .so many of them make me think more deeply about my faith and beliefs, and where they are grounded. . .

    My suggestion for your title. . .Grace in life. . .

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Oh girls, I love them all! I guess I'll have another week or two to decide! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!

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