So, while I’ve been mistreating windows with canvas dropcloths (not my original idea, but brilliant) and spray painting many things yellow (more to come on that soon)…..
…..and doing all those little things you never do until company comes…….
Darcy has performed a small miracle here at lifeingrace!   I’ll be working on adding ‘stuff’ to my sidebar categories, so just be patient.  But make yourself at home, look around a while, and check the links out (help us make sure they work) and then tell me what you think.  My
archives page is at the very bottom and along with my ‘categories’ list.
I wish I had the same good news to report about my real life projects.  It’s down to the
wire.  Graduation is tonight.  The party’s tomorrow. Hard decisions must be made. 
 Do I shower or clean the baseboards of the 
schoolroom?   Should I make gourmet appetizers or clean my closet?   Should I feign ill and curl up on the sofa in the fetal position and wallow in my bittersweet memories?  
It’s a toss up.  I think I’ll just sit here and look at my pretty blog all day. 
I definitely must get water proof mascara. 

Big southern gigantic-invade your personal space- hugs to Darcy.   She is wonderful to work with…..very professional and timely, but also genuinely interested in making your blog beautiful and more user friendly.  You should ‘get in line’.   She’s worth waiting for.  A link to her design blog, called Graphically Designing, is at the bottom of the page.

21 comments on “Project Procrastination”

  1. Praying for a wonderful graduation-
    if that’s even possible for Moms. I’m so sad even thinking about that day!
    Oh, and the kitchen looks great! I MUST step out of my box and just do it!
    In Him,

  2. Everything looks gorgeous, and somehow you will get it all done for graduation. YOur blog looks fabulous. Have fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. I totally understand about the graduation thing! My son just graduated from university and I’ve been listing everything I need to do still! lol
    Happy Friday!

  4. I can imagine the ache in your heart – even if you are so proud of your sons accomplishments – it would be hard not to be sad. I have two years and I cannot imagine how it will feel. Know I(even if I am a stranger) am thinking of you on this big weekend. Enjoy and yes wear waterproof mascara!!!

  5. Thinking of you this weekend as your bird takes flight. All your hard really paid off. I know that the roots you gave him will allow him to be a successful, happy and grounded adult.

    Still, your posts are killin’ me. It is so bittersweet to see them grow up.

    You must be very proud of your boy.


  6. Edie I love your new blog!! Hope you have fun tonight and tomorrow!! Love that sunburst mirror too!!
    ~Molly P

  7. Yellow is all the decorating rage right now (or so they say….). Can’t wait to see your other yellow treasures!

    Yes… company is always a motivator. Be Blessed, Jennifer

  8. Edie, Your home is looking beautiful! I really love the arrangement on "our" fireplace. I only ask one thing, as your friend… drink in the moments that this weekend brings. Sure, run around acting all Southern, cleaning, cooking, taking pictures and most importantly making everyone feel at home. Just don't forget to create some memories for yourself. You'll want to remember the details when you finally do curl up in a fetal position and cry!! ;> God bless you girl!

  9. love the “in action” shot. It makes me feel lazy looking at you work so hard! Hope graduation was wonderful!

  10. I’m doing curtains for my covered deck with the dropcloths (also involving DH and gromets and cables…and DH). Also, going to use dropcloths for table coverings…family reunion at my home!

  11. edie….your blog looks beautiful!!! I will definently be making myself a home and peruse around. 🙂 you’ve got lots of cuteness going on at that house!!

  12. hi edie! been thinking about you, yesterday and today… hope you mde it through graduation wo too many tears.. or maybe not. the crying is cathartic, isn’t it? and today, still reading elie and found the part about his difficulty with words… that they fail him b/c they don’t define the experience well-enough, and remembered your love of words. what do you think about that?
    the blog looks great, and i like your new button! i’m moving monday, ready or not, to squarespace…

  13. i am collecting things for my wall of fame right now! i got some great frames (at my own yard sale from my cousin) this weekend.

    hope graduation, gatherings and all went well for you this weekend.

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