Today, I’m giving you a sneak peek into my ‘Cottage Kitchen Makeover’. And I’m planning on hosting a Mr. Linky party of my own Monday when I make my big reveal. I hope you’ll join me…this is my first attempt to host…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe a few a you will show off your ‘Painted Wood Projects’ then. If you’ve painted any wood surface (cabinets, floors, picture frames, ANYTHING—-or if you’ve been wanting to paint some wood surface in your house but haven’t gotten around to it, link up and show us your plans.  Spread the word on your blog and let’s get everybody painting this weekend.  Of course we’d love to see stuff you painted months or years ago too.  That’s this Monday April 26th.

Now for Mrs. Nester’s Linky party, I have a confession to make. I have no L.Herbert Feathers and Eggs prints….. at least not yet. I’m always late for the show. Two seconds too late. Johnny come lately.   Like those ten years  I kept wearing blue eye shadow when everyone else had moved on to the natural look.  I do have a couple spots where they’d be perfect though.

First, in my guest bathroom that has also recently had a makeover, I’d love to exchange my faux eggs print (that I printed off the internet from this site) for 3 or 4 authentic ones.

It’s pretty cute but I need something bigger there.

Or maybe in place of this bird print that’s hanging on my newly painted kitchen cabinets.

Or maybe here….in lieu of plates.   I love the plates but I never know when to stop with an idea.  We have nothing to eat dinner on because all my plates are hanging on the wall.

And now for more teasers……these cabinets were very standard oak finish with the doors ON.
So my painter and I have been very busy this week.  

And because my kitchen is 10 years old and not built by me, the lighting has always been an issue for me.  Hence, the 17 lamps I used to have in the kitchen.   But I bought these little bookshelf lights from IKEA and voila……custom lighting.

Make sure you come back on Monday for the rest of the reveal.   

And link up with me for the love of painted wood!
Thank you my friend Mrs. Nester for hosting and for so graciously sharing all of your wonderful ‘nesting’ ideas!

26 comments on “Feathers, eggs and painted wood…..”

  1. Those teasers are killing me!!! I look forward to your linky 🙂 I know what you mean about the hosting fear. Like planning for a big party and then what if no one comes! I can link up to my kitchen cabs. Look forward to it!

  2. I love everything so far!!! It looks like it’s going to be a delight to see…do we have to wait till Monday???
    Friday may be good..
    sandy toe

  3. I agree with Sandy Toes, can’t wait that long!! I love the blue cabinets and knobs. Did you make those cookies just for the picture? I would have, but knowing you, they are probably a ‘made fresh daily’ kind of thing.

  4. Beautiful so far-I need to see the whole thing-my kitchen is in need of painting….and I love what I saw in yours so far-

  5. Your kitchen is looking fabulous! I am looking forward to the rest of it. I am amazed at how much you get done in such a short time. Thanks for the sneek peek.

  6. I can’t wait! I am so getting in the car right now! Are you home? Just kidding- I’ll call first. Now I need to go paint something- how about the piano??? hmmm

  7. Edie . . I am so excited. We are painting and distressing cabinets right now. I will take lots of pictures, although they may not be on the hinges yet. I will work hard on getting the island ready too, although it will be a picture taken in my garage b/c it can’t go back in the kitchen until the HW floors are sanded and stained. . . okay, enough rambling. . . I’ve got work to do!! This is so fun. I can’t wait to see the big reveal!

  8. I can’t wait to see your kitchen! And thanks for the link to Vintage Printable! I’ve never been there before and I’ll definitely be making good use of it.

    I’ll be here for your party on Monday! I have a wood-painting project that should be ready by then as long as it doesn’t rain this weekend.


  9. Unless my French Manicure is going to count as “painting” I am afraid I will have to only watch the link party on Monday.

  10. Looks great, I can’t wait until Monday to see the finished project. Also, I wish I could some of those cookies on your counter, yummy!!


    Like seriously, I’m entirely too excited about it. And yes, those prints would work seamlessly.

  12. I CAN NOT WAIT to see what you have done. The teasers look fantastic, just like everything you always do! Those little crystal knobs on the bottom cabinet are perfect. I will be joining in the linky fun as well. Can’t wait!

  13. I cannot wait to see how it all looks. The little teasers here are about to do me in… ha.
    So far….you’ve caught my eye.

  14. Please bring your kids and they can play while you help me with my kitchen!!! Those teasers are AMAZING i actually think if I see the whole thing I am going to be a bit envious which I know is so bad! So long story short I luv what you have done.:)

  15. Please hurry up and show me your kitchen! What is that color blue called? I love it! Good luck with the testing!

  16. Edie….I can’t wait until Monday! So, is that pretty shower curtain linen! Is it mistreated? I love your style! I have been trying to “prepare” for painting my kitchen cabinets forEVER….maybe MOnday your post will give me the kick in the pants that I need!

  17. I love your black and white shaded lamp with the starfish. Not only is all that part way cool but the base is too! AND those canisters are fabulous and we may use your kitchen lighting idea. We have a hard time with that too! Can’t wait to see the rest. I don’t know that I’ve been to your blog before (came over from Nester’s) but I look forward to checking out more. I like your use of color. Kelly

  18. Edie! I’d love for you to pick out 2 prints. It would make me so happy to know that I can help, in a small way, to make up for some of the thing that you lost in the fire.

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