This is what I’m wearing for the ‘cocktail’ party’ on Friday night at Blissdom.  I’m not a fan of cocktail dresses per se.  I am, however,  a fan of layering and boots and accessories.  Even better news, I’ve had the outfit for a couple of years and bought the dress at Forever 21 for probably 14.99.  At least I’ll be warm!  Visit Big Mama’s site for other fun Friday fashion tips. And no, I do not own a ‘snuggly’…..although Stevie does vow to buy me one everytime the commercial come on.


Things I need to do before my writer’s workshop  (*wink*Blissdom) on Friday
1. Clean out my car so that Leigh Ann doesn’t lose all respect for me.
2. Or at least clean out the front seat and throw the shoes and clothes and petrified french fries to the ‘way’ back.
3. Personal grooming items including but not limited to: 
4. trim and polish nails
5. should I use ‘Oh to be 25 again’ or just clear polish
6. pedi….should I indulge or just do it myself?
7. shop my closet for some fun ‘looks’….I know there are things buried in there that I haven’t seen in a while….if I can just find them.
8. make my ‘cheat sheet’ list of bloggers I want to meet….and look back through emails to see if they gave their real names.
9. buy birthday gifts that the girls will need for parties they will attend while I’m gone.
10. plan a couple of make ahead meals to leave for the family for Friday and Saturday….they miss you much less if you leave good food.
11. Make a master list for Stevie of  where girls need to go and when… make it easy, I’ll lay out clothes ahead of time.  This will all be in vain because they will reject being told what to wear and will leave for their various events  in sweat pants and tshirts with stains and mangled hair.
12. Should I bring my lap top or not?  I know you say yes but Stevie uses it too and may need it desperately while I’m gone….and all my blogger friends will be with me….so they probably won’t be blogging, right?
13. should I  Refuse to eat another bite of food and lose the 10 pounds I’ve been trying to get off.
14. Or have another creme de menthe brownie and make use of the slimming effects of black.
15. Print out the schedule for the workshops and back them with scrapbook paper and laminate them.
16. Just kidding. 
17. I was thinking of making some kind small little love gifts for a few blog friends.  Maybe a bookmark or felt flower pin.  It’s the thought that counts, right?
18. I’m not a person who normally does girls’ weekends or anything much away from home and I’m a little finicky about the following items:  coffee, pillows (I’ll just bring my own), mattress, bedding, diet pepsi (where and how will I find it), hours spent in real clothes, and real shoes, and the heartache that goes with missing the family.
19.  That said, I can’t wait!
20. So what’s on your list?  What did I leave off?
21. I’m working on a guest post  on homeschooling.  What do you love/look for in homeschool related posts….what do you hate… you even care? Should I just submit my king tut video and call it a day?

16 comments on “To Do List…..”

  1. 18 is a big one for me- yet I think I might love to attend a bloggers’ conference someday. For now, i will live vicariously through you. And to twelve I’m guessing wrong. But do what floats your boat- we can wait til you get back to hear all about it.


  2. I am LOL ’bout your car…because I HAVE to clean mine…in a desperate way. I know you posted a typical HS day, but i love reading people’s schedules and what curriculum’s they use and why and how they can fit in a run (wink). You know…practical stuff.

  3. I just wanted to say Hi! I just recently found your blog, can’t even remember how, or who linked to you.. but I’m glad I did! I love your posts and have a little bit of school-room envy going on! We are planning on homeschooling our little ones and are in need of a designated space.

    Great posts, I’ll definitely be dropping by often!

  4. wait-I’m not driving? why don’t we save you the stress and I’ll just drive my pristine, totally hip, MINIVAN!! Oh, and I may need that coffee tutorial today (Monday) because I will be so embarassed at that conference that I don’t drink adult beverages…oh and I have super exciting news for you…Anna will be at MDO so I’ll be home all morning (I’m skipping the gym due to injury…seriously).

  5. Oh..share your fun outfits…there are so many fun bloggers going to Blissdom…I should go!!! Can’t wait to see all the pictures!
    -sandy toe

  6. Totally jealous! I kind of wish I could go to Blissdom. Hope you have a great time, can’t wait to hear all about it. I think you could do without the laptop for Stevie’s sake but if he doesn’t really care you’d probably like having it there. I’ll bet your girls will ignore the clothes you lay out for them but if you’re like me, you’ll still do it anyway. About h.s. blogs, I enjoy hearing everyone’s schedules too and I love any fun ideas I can copy like projects, field trips. I also like hearing the curriculum, and how they fit it all in. Pretty much everything I guess. 🙂 Umm, did I mention I’m so envious you’re going to blissdom and I’m not???

  7. edie,
    someone sent me a fake email…from your email address…asking for money…i’ll forward it to you…but check on it!

  8. same here, I was wondering if somone hacked into your email or mine…looks like it’s yours. I mean if you really need $2,500 because you’re on a trip to help fight aids and you forgot your wallet, I guess I could float ya for a while. 🙂

  9. Okay- first things first- those boots are FANTASTIC. You should wear them every day- for the rest of your life. I am coveting those boots and asking God to forgive me all at the same time…He’s probably laughing at me!

    Okay-clean out the car because you’ll be glad you did and if you’re like me, you’ll find something you forgot you had!

    Use “Oh to be 25 again” and indulge in a pedicure. You deserve it!

    Post a picture of every outfit you wear so that I can have a little guidance in getting myself out of my rut. I need to be a cool mama like you…

    Leave the laptop home with Stevie. That will keep you from spending unnecessary time online and more time visiting and meeting new friends.

    Have another brownie because you don’t want to be starving during your trip and turn into the girl that finished everyone else’s dessert (that’s me)…Besides, you look great!

    Take a case of Diet Pepsi- surely you will have a fridge in your room. Oh, and take a cute little cozy so you’ll at least look cool while hauling your DP around with you all day!

    As far as the Homeschooling- I love to see pictures of the homeschool room, see how mom’s stay organized and hear about mom’s twist on the curriculm.

    Did I answer all of your questions? Now, go have some fun!!!

  10. holy cow – I haven’t even thought of half of those things….what to do first. I still can’t believe it’s here and I have WAY too much to do.

  11. oh gosh… you do have lots to do… but oh the FUN… SO worth it!

    blissdom… can i be jealous? no i AM super happy for you though!
    SO neat! imagine all the cameras THERE! 🙂

  12. oops… clicked enter before i was done… :)…

    LOVE… LOVE… LOVE the outfit you donned there! hello… cute!

    and yuck… naughty computer hacking thieves! darn it!

    oh… the fun girl time coming!

  13. i’d love a homeschooling post! i’d love to know…. well, everything! we’re still deciding what we’re going to do with our first.

  14. I need to state what’s important here: I want that red sweater dress, love the boots with socks peeking’. But most of all your legs look long and thin!

  15. Hi Edie,

    You just made me realize that I need to get my buttercup in gear if I’m going to be ready for Friday.

    And, since I’m flying, that just adds to the list of stuff I need to do (confirm flight, figure out carryon liquids limitations, etc.)
    At least I don’t have to clean out my car.

    I hope I’m on your ‘people I have to meet’ list, because I’m really looking forward to meeting the real-LIVE Edie.

    Definately have a brownie (or two!) You know you can always hide any extra weight with clever layering.

    You do know that there is going to be karoeke (sp?), right? Shall we be requesting “King Tut?”

    Counting down the minutes until Blissdom… See ya there… Oh yeah, my real name’s Michelle, in case you didn’t already know that.

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