Edited to add:  I’m joining Kelly’s Show us Your House Party.  Click here to see more decorating and home ideas.  I did this project in January and already want to change it.  I. am. so. fickle. 

We’ll get to the laundry room soon, but let me show you a few details that you might miss otherwise……this little cutie was sitting on my washer today.  I can see why.  I just wanna sit in there too.  It’s so inspiring.

This is my new motto for laundry in 2009. Very original, I know.  Cindy?  Cindy has agreed to be my laundry accountability partner….to keep laundry from loitering in the laundry room.  It’s a little like the blind leading the blind, but at least I’ll want to sit in there now.  That’s a step in the right laundry direction.
and this little bird and starfish ditty just adds the milk to the oreo……
I’ve been looking for the perfect place to feature this beautiful bird that Denise made me for my birthday.  Perfect. And thank you kindly Denise.
And Emme wanted to make sure you saw her new skirt….that we finished sewing today. Let it be declared: A seamstress I am not.
I framed the no.6.  I do not know why.  But I like it.
Elea Grace is pulling on my arm and wants me to remember to show you her skirt too. Cute huh? Albeit a little short.  And hence the leggings.

Now I pinky swear that I did not do this on purpose.  But this is the only BEFORE picture I could find.  I’m sorry it’s so small….although in how much detail does one really need to see a dishoveled laundry room?
Now for the how-to……
Paint the Cabinets
1. Do not under any circumstance be afraid to paint cabinets.  Just sand ’em.  Then paint ’em. Husbands don’t usually like this idea but Stevie can testify to all you rule-following men:  It’s cheaper than getting new ones.  A lot cheaper.  Paint away, he says.  I used an electric mouse sander and went over them once with that.  I then used semi-gloss Valspar paint and painted two coats.  I’ve had that paint for a while so the name and number of the color have since rubbed off.  There’s a generous amount of it in my hair if you’d like to take a strand for matching.  Just find a color you like and go with it.  Don’t stress.  It’s just paint and if you hate it, you can paint over it.  I’m a lover of all things distressed, so after letting the 2nd coat of paint dry well, get out your trusty mouse sander and begin to sand the edges of the cabinets.  You’ll have to hold the sander in creative positions to avoid sanding the ‘body’ of the cabinets.  Sanding just the edges–but not every single last edge–is what makes them look ‘worn’ but not poorly painted.
Notice the sanded egdes.
As for the LAUNDRY sign, I bought the sign at Hobby Lobby.  Normally 19.99 but if you get it at their half price week, even better.  I then made a ‘frame’ using 2 different kinds of scrapbook paper which I just taped to the wall.  I then hung the sign over that.  I’ve made similiar signs and decoupaged scrapbook paper onto plywood and then hung the sign over that. But I wasn’t sure I if I’d love this paper in the room so this was a less permanent option. I still think I need to find paper that has some robin-egg blue in it…..but I think it turned out pretty good.

Paint the Walls
 Paint the walls the color ‘Foxtrot’ (satin finish) from the Valspar collection at Lowe’s.  I j’adore this color. I painted my dining room this color 2 years ago (2 days before Thanksgiving) and it is like eating a thick creamy vanilla shake.  It’s the most wonderful vanilla ice cream color you’ve ever seen.  Thick, rich, luscious.  I would swim in a vat of it.  As a matter of fact, I look like I’ve been swimming in a vat of it.  I am a very messy painter.  And I’m not a patcher.  I don’t like spackle (although I’ve thought of using it on my face occasionally).  So I usually find something to hang over the imperfections.  If your a patcher, by all means, patch away.
 Creatively use fabric to dress the windows:

I did actually line this beautiful yellow toile (which I found at an antique store in town for $5.99 a yard:  I used 3 yards for this project) with muslin to make it ‘hang’ prettier.  I started sewing it together and about half way through, my needle on my machine broke.  This my friends is why I don’t sew very much.  I always run into mechanical difficulties.  But no matter, I shall not be derailed.  I hung the treatments by using upholstery nails and pushing the fabric directly into the wall. I just made the pleats as I went along.
I then took this pom-pom trim (from Hobby Lobby) and used the same upholstery nails to add it to the top and cover up my unfinished fabric.  I  took the rest of the trim and tied it around the fabric about 1/3 of the way down from the top.  I added a tassle to consummate the love fest between the fabric and pom-pom trim.  Notice that I hung the mistreatment about 10 inches above the top of the window to lengthen the look.  The Nester will have to look on and be proud.  And although I’ve been mistreating windows for years, I feel like she gave us all needed permission to do it with pride. So thank you dear Nester.

I spent about $90 redoing this room and $15 of it was on this pom-pom trim.  But it adds so much and gives the room a finished look. (Never mind that just to the right of the window, I still have painting to do. Never mind that)  I bought those ‘king and queen’ canvas paintings at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4.  And that cute little tassel for $2.
So, without further adieu, I present to you my laundry room (that reminds me of an Oreo cookie)…..which sadly I cannot fit into one picture.




Before you even say it, here’s a few things you should know.
1. You don’t even want to know what’s behind those beautiful black distressed cabinets.
2. The other side of the room is undone–unpainted, unorganized, undecorated.
3. This project is a trial-run for my kitchen redo….which will be coming in February—I hope. I’m busy picking paint colors and praying to win the lottery.
4.  My blog makes me look more creative and more productive than I am.  I spent 3 hours Saturday evening in a semi-comatose state on the sofa surfing the net.  That said, I’m able to accomplish what I do because I stay home ALOT.  Being home is the key to making home projects happen. It’s not for everyone.  It’s just how I function best.
5. I seldom do anything by the book.  I actually bought a curtain rod which I will probably return because I like my make-shift window treatment better.  And our cordless drill  needs a new battery.  
6. Oh and the two missing knobs, they’re still drying.  This project is hot off the press.
If you have any further questions, email me at ediewadsworth@hotmail.com
Hugs and love and a blessed day!  
BTW, my wonderfully creative and kind friend Patty has a new blog!  You’re gonna love her.

43 comments on “Laundry Room Reveal……”

  1. Fabulous! I love all the different colors. I really like your shiny finish on the black, I say that because the black cabinets I painted didn’t turn out shiny enough. You are so smart to paint them rather than buy new or be dumb like me and spend $4k to have someone else do it. If I’d known back then how easy it was, I would have painted my own kitchen cabinets. I’ll look forward to seeing your kitchen. BTW, love the orange washer and dryer. All the funky colors are so YOU!

  2. Fantastic job girl! I’ve tried to keep up with you and your laundry room adventures and have loved reading what you have written about it! Way to mistreat and way to embrace the truth that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

    What an encouraging post!

    Favorite part: hanging something over the hole in the drywall!

  3. You have the most macked out laundry room ever. . . and I love your phrase . . . just do it! It looks GREAT!!
    Don’t you just love that feeling you get after finishing a project?

  4. Wow – it looks fabulous! It kinda makes me want to come over and I’ll do your laundry! I love the sign and your motto is hilarious! Maybe you can get a “2 fer” out of it and do a little a load laundry then go for a run…hmmm. I love, that bird. I had just yesterday wandered over to her blog and saw one there and loved loved loved it! Tell the girls their skirts are adorable! One of these days, maybe after I get those photos organized, I’ll get inspired to paint something – maybe in that vanilla color – it is really pretty! Nice work Miss Edie!

  5. the laundry room looks great-love the cabinets and the laundry-just do it sign(s). that’s the motivation i need! you are so right about staying home to get things done. never home, and things are never done! thanks for the link, and remind me to tell you of my love-affair with oreos! 😉 (dbl-stuffed is better!)

  6. I so love this room. It gives me motivation to tackle mine. I think. You are a great designer. Can’t wait to see the kitchen.

  7. I LOVE it! It looks so “Edie” now. I think my favorite part is that fabulous sign over the washer and dryer, and of course your logo. I may attempt to paint some cabinets soon, dum dum dum.

    Also wanted to let you know I gave you the lemonade award on my blog. You deserve it!

  8. SO, I just read my husband the part about “husbands not liking the idea of painting cupboards”. He said,”Ya, but who’s going to be doing the painting?” Well, he’s a better painter than me….

  9. Looks wonderful!!! I love the curtains..so creative and a perfect touch!!! Such a fun laundry room…you may even like doing a load of underwear in there!
    -sandy toe

  10. Awesome job & I love that you shared your adventures in completing it…it's like HGtv in a blog…I've said it before..I just LOVE makeovers!!

  11. Wow! That bird sure is cute! 😉 So glad you planned a whole room around it! 😉 Cabinet redo made a huge difference in the room with those orange appliances. Love them!

  12. I am so in love with your laundry room, I’m coming to live in it. You have totally inspired me to revamp mine…or maybe just to put away the 49 piles of clean laundry stacked in there…

  13. Oh my- that is the cutest laundry room ever! I would be so excited to do laundry and just spend time in there! When you are in San Diego – i need to put your skills to work!:0)

  14. Hi Edie! You just might have convinced me I can do mine! I like the lamp by the sink. So cozy! I would want to go in there and shut the door and just hang out if I lived there. Draperies! Imagine … in the laundry room! posh girl! It makes me want them and I do not have a window in mine. Maybe a faux window is in order just so I can have draperies?

    Love it! Love all of it!

  15. It looks great…
    it’s almost enough to make me ready to paint my kitchen cabinets.

    The scary thing about kitchen cabinets is the thought of all those dishes and such everywhere for several days. I have very little counter space… that could get tricky. But I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to try, especially after the cover of one of my favorite magazines had my dream kitchen colors on the front. I immediately started looking and thinking again when I saw it…

    I’ll let you know, wink wink. Maybe when spring fever hits? Cuz it always does…

  16. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness – I LOOOOOOOOOVE your laundry room Edie! Congrats on doing such a FAB job in redoing it!!! I can’t even pick a favorite part, the whole room is so great!

    I don’t even have a laundry room, just a really heinous corner of our disgusting basement [hence the pile of laundry I don’t want to tackle, I fear I might get rabies just going down to the basement] but if or when I do this room will definitely inspire my own design.

  17. OHHH and AHHH and ClaPPinG really loud! It looks fantasitc. Loving the black, love your sign, I want a sign, love your lamp. I wish I had a spot for a lamp and I of course I love the drapes and so glad they are tacked to the wall,cause I don’t sew!!!

  18. i love it… so love it! big fan of black cabinets! great job Edie!

    i have that same green bird… :)!

    you know… so funny about Live Writer… when i was typing that i was even thinking… “she might have a MAC”… too funny! i do know there is one for MAC… just don’t know a thing about it… how similar!
    all i know… your pics look great!

  19. I have quickly scrolled through this post that I was so totally hoping you would do. I will be back to delve in it and all of your directions.
    It looks awesome!!!

  20. Perfection…in the way that I love the most! Sales, quick fixes, creativity, paint, all the good stuff!

    And those appliances are seriously gorgeous. I didn’t know I could drool over a washer and dryer.

    Scary, huh?

  21. Hey Edie! I got my prayer book today! I’m so excited to start looking through it. I’m so thankful to have received it today:-)

  22. I’m seeing all of these painted cabinets and it makes me want to do mine!!! Love how it turned out. I have that same Laundry sign, and it looks nicer with the paper behind–not so plain. 🙂

  23. You’ve definitely inspired me. One question before I get started: How do you sand down the ridge or frame piece around the door? Thanks for the help!

  24. Wow! Wow! Wow! Stopping by from Pink and Polka Dot. I’m speechless! I so wish I could do this in my laundry room! I drooled over PandP’s laundry room which led to me posting about my sad laundry. Now me thinks I need to get myself to a priest for I am now absolutely coveting yours!! JK, of course!!

  25. I just found your blog and I love it. This laundry room re-do is just gorgeous! I am in the process of planning my own makeover, and this is just the kind of inspiration I need. Thanks so much for posting it!!!

  26. I have been wanting to also paint my cabinets black. Looks terrific and easy, but did you really leave them up while you painted? The doors dont stick at all? Thanks!

  27. Ok, I simply had fun reading the post. You could have written about cleaning your toilet and your style of writing would probably have been equally engaging! The room looks great, by the way!

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