The big clean-out/take-down has begun.  It’s 9p and the only thing I can be sure of is that  the American Girl accessories now have their very own slighty-used storage container.  What a blessed gift to find an purse belonging to ‘Kit’ only to say to my daughter, “You know exactly where this goes, don’t you?”  So this is what life is like in non-ADD land?  And I’m not sure who loves the American girls more……Emme and Elea…..or Hank.  He’s turning out to be quite the ladies man.
In between eating hard-boiled eggs (Thanks Michele) and protein bars and sorting through way too many AG doll clothes, I read some more in my new ADD book.  I learned 3 more gems.

  1. We ADDers must use retractable pens.  The caps are otherwise too distracting and can disturb our already jumpy train-of-thought.  I did not get the memo on that one.  
 2. We tend to let laundry ‘loiter’ in the laundry room.  I love that.  Not the piles but calling it ‘loitering’.  ADD is so much fun.
3. We apparently have no business owning wire shoes racks.  That extra step of making sure the shoe lodges onto its holder is enough to push us over the edge.  We’re supposed to pare our shoe collection down to a bare minimum and then we get a pass……to store them ON the closet floor.  I’m beginning to wander if I’m capable of running my own dishwasher.  We probably let dishes ‘loiter’ too.

Then there’s the other book which I believe Jessica (from Musings) recommended.  It is very provoking and has given me some much needed ‘inspiration’ to keep on trucking with homeschooling.
My neighbor and friend Leigh Anne has so kindly offered  to come and help me in the school room tomorrow.  I’ve been working in there already today and you’ll soon see why I need supervision. My mother usually comes to help me with such projects…..she’s perfect for the job. Focused, slightly irritable if I get off task, and such a worker bee.  Leigh Anne has promised to fill the ‘slightly irritable’ portion of the qualifications if I find myself led off on a tangent by a stack of old pictures.  Tough love, Leigh Anne.  I’m not easy to wrangle in.  My mother is probably so glad she’s in Key West.
Life with ‘Hanker Down’ has been so much fun.  He got to play with another English golden this weekend and they were instant friends.  Our dear friends Cara and Drew brought Brody over to play.  He was a welcome playmate after the intense cold shoulder Scooter’s been giving.
Oh, and Elea wanted me to show you the Littlest Pet Shop Fitness Club.  At least somebody’s working out this week.
And finally, here’s where a smidge of ADD comes in handy.  I bought this cool scrapbook paper at Walmart this morning.  At 5:30 in the am.  Thankyouverymuch.    I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do with it, but I got quickly inspired when I found myself facing a huge basket of 8,756 unrelated items that needed to be sorted through.   I’ve got just the cure for that.
I used modge podge on the back and then hung the letters on the wall in random order in the school room.
There’s a  whole page of each letter in all colors and sizes.
And oh my dear… turned out so cute.  You must try this at home.  Now don’t go asking technical questions like what happens when you try to take the letters off.  Those of us with ADD seldom consider such consequences.  We get inspired……and go for it!  Anything’s better than the basket I was facing.  
What’d ya think?

22 comments on “Let the Games Begin……I own Resolutions.”

  1. Edie…..I have to admit im slightly addicted to your blog!!!
    The puppy looks like he has settled in well, Hank is a perfect name for him. After reading your ADD facts….Im thinking…..uhoh….maybe I am ADD too! Hahaa!
    And lastly your home schooling room is beautiful, what a peacful, pretty place to learn.
    Have a wonderful new year.

  2. I’m heading to walmart for those scrapbook letters tomorrow…lovin it! Thanks for the idea. I enjoy your blog. Also love the way you layer your shirts, scarves, necklaces…you inspire me to get creative.

    Bye for now,

  3. Way cute letters. Way cute Hank. Dougie will have to see this blog post for sure…that laundry loitering thing…surely he’ll get me once he reads this. Keep up the amazing work! I’d come over and get snippy with you but I’m not sure how much help I’d be…chances are you’d find me in the corner looking through your old yearbook!

    see ya soon – Cindy

  4. Very cute letters and creative!!! Mmm…I have never considered myself ADD but I may need to reconsider after reading your post:(!
    Hee hee!

    That puppy is just too cute!
    -sandy toes

  5. You and your ADD comments are cracking me up. When we meet at Blissdom any suggestions for keeping you focused. Love the letters in the room – too cute, and I just realized that American Girl things alll organized in a box is a novel idea..hee hee….Our whole family room is covered with tons of AG dolls, clothes and their accessories. Yep, know the feeling. 🙂

  6. Edie,
    please don’t be afraid, but i stayed up until midnight reading every letter of your blog. i’m going to stalk you down at the conference, so be aware or beware! email me so we can chat. i have lots of questions for you…like that hs room/garage? is it heated? i so want to do that! Great idea! Love your creative flair…i’m so going to copy you! and now i think i have ADD. I was told not to buy any more bookshelves or plastic bins.

  7. You’re off to a great start on your resolutions! I need to get in gear! I love your school room! I think it’s great that a friend is coming over to help you organize it! I could use some help with our’s! I’ll have to try the boiled egg trick. Maybe it’ll help me with this coke addiction.

  8. I think the room looks cute!! I have to read the organizing book now- it’s cracking me up. I let my laundry loiter once it’s clean- folding it just never holds my attention. lol. As for cleaning- I am a whirlwind but it takes forever because anything I bump into along the way changes my focus and I start doing that… until I have umpteen projects started and have run out of time.

    I just love your homeschool room- i have to be happy with my set of drawers for now- lol.

    How cute was that pic of the two pups- gosh , these posts of yours just make me LAUGH!

  9. Yesterday I was visiting a friend of mine who homeschools her kiddos. She knows I’ve been looking into homeschooling for years. She recommended I read John Taylor Gatto’s books. I’m headed to the library this afternoon to check them out. I LOVE your homeschool room. I’m gong to have to search your blog to see if you list where you bought your table and chairs from. And your book cases. IKEA?

  10. Lovin the letters- might be feeling a quick trip to Wally world- not at 5am of course- maybe 5pm!

    Although not so sure on the modge podge on the wall- oh wait maybe I’ll order my wall words since well I sell those…or I can paint them…or hmmmm what was I doing?


  11. Five a.m. is THE only time to attempt Walmart in my humble opinion. I love the letters and hank is a hunk of burnin love. I’m glad he has a new friend.

    I’ve been on one too, cleaning out drawers and organizing cupboards. It’s such a great feeling to get things in order. I’m feeling a lot of panic because our break is almost over, I still have my folks in town and I’m not even close to being ready to start school next Monday. I can’t believe how fast the break went. I kind of wanted to revamp things but it hasn’t happened yet. I think my ADD is setting in because I’m feeling like I need some big time change. I hope that feeling passes because I know that homeschool is a good thing and my kids LOVE it. Good luck with your school room.

  12. Love your schoolroom. We are only in our 1st year & have moved once in the house & thinking of moving again.

    Saw your newest HS book Dumbing Us Down working on that one too. Very interesting

    Glad I'm not only the only one with AG everywhere.

    Just discovered your blog a few days ago, from CG's blog. Really enjoying your post & that you home school & use classical curriculum.
    I'm looking to reading more when I can find some extra time (whatever that is)

  13. -Love the letters – so cute.
    -Love that Hank is becoming quite the ladies man in between the 2 AG girls
    -I am beginning to wonder if I am ADD? Maybe for me ignorance is bliss in this area?

    I am so PROUD of you for ‘no sugar’ – hope the hard boiled eggs are working out well for you.

    My girls LOVE Littlest Pet Shop too. I don’t think they have the gym yet though.

  14. I love the letters on the wall- I am just like you- I would stick it up and not think a minute about it–then have someone ask how to remove it. We live for the moment and have happy walls! 🙂


  15. wow. I am so like this. I know i have add. I am on a med for it. it makes it MUCH better. but it doesn't go away.

    Reading your entry, I realized, I don't think it is ok for me to be like this. I feel the condemnation of all the straight-laced people around me. My idea of what a mother should be is very far from what I am.

    And yes, I sooo identify with avoiding to-dos because I dread them.

    My mother also comes and helps me clean. But I always feel like she is asking herself what she did wrong with me that I cannot manage life.

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