I’ve been tagged by Keli, so I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself and then tag 7 others.  I’m terrible at following rules and very technically challenged so forgive my ‘butcherin’  of this ‘taggin’ .  

Without further adieu,  I give you 7 things from my dreams:  I start my dreamy day in ‘my’
covered outdoor room with a fireplace,  cozy outdoor furniture,  lots of outdoor lamps,  and me…cozied up with my favorite quilt(cause it’s October…..in my dream) and some perfectly brewed coffee (’cause it’s 7a),  in my flannels,  reading C.S. Lewis……’cause it’s my dream,  and he’s my favorite.   Then there’s this……
‘my’ sub-zero frig that is graciously hosting my half and half,  and my favorite sparkling wine Moscato D’Asti,  and yummy italian soup leftovers……’cause my dreams always have good food.

Then there’s ‘my’ collection of this (in my dream,  of course)…..
Beautiful white ironstone.    I drink my coffee,  pour my half and half and serve my soup…..all from this gorgeous collection.     In my dream,  I then take my hard-working,  stock-market watching  husband to dinner for his birthday in this…….
‘my’ alpine white BMW with khaki leather seats and GPS and a sun roof and built in ipod converter……’cause remember it’s October,  the 22nd to be exact…..and that’s macdaddy’s birthday.    I take pictures of him with ‘my’ handy-dandy- Nikon D300.   The pictures are beautiful and crisp and I post them on my blog…..’cause he’s dreamy like that,  and I knew ya’ll would all want to see.
He tells me thanks for the birthday dinner but it was nothing compared to all the yummy meals I cook for him on ‘my’ Viking Stove with six gas burners and a built in grill.   He says Ruth’s Chris doesn’t hold a candle to me….that me and my Viking Stove have got it goin’ on….everyday, not just on birthdays and not just in my dreams.
After dinner,  we dance in ‘my’  kitchen and make more coffee and talk about kids and stocks and theology and Dave Ramsey’s plan for financial freedom,  which is when I abruptly wake up from my dream.   
And realize that I am, in fact, living the American dream,  and I am sooooo grateful….for all the beautiful things and people in my life and in my dreams.
Now,  I tag the following people:   
Kelly at 5onawhim
Jessica at thesearethedays
Enjoy your day and your dreams!

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  1. hi! thanks for coming by my blog. you have a beautiful family!
    to answer your questions – i have a nikon d80, and the photos you saw on that particular post were shot with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. i also have a 18-55mm and a 55-200mm lens that i use as well. stop by anytime and thanks for the compliments!

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