“Miiuss” Vicki taught us a new game called Blokus…..warning to all you gamers…..highly addictive.   You will say mean things to your small children  while playing this game,   of course wholly justified because they just blocked your next move.   Purchase with caution.
We enjoyed boat rides and Caiti especially enjoyed that tubing adventure when she told the boys “please don’t pull me too fast”  to which they slyly answered ” oh,  we won’t”.    Waves went crashing and body parts went flying.   I would NEVER let them pull me on a tube.   NEVER!
Then,  our little Elea  finally mustered up the courage to swim to the raft.    This we attributed to the magnetism of Adrian who was the only one to coax her to the task.    She then promptly pushed Emme off.   She can dish it out but trust me,  she can’t take it. 
This is perhaps my favorite picture from the trip.     Little Elea learning to knit.   She sat here forever…..humming little tunes to herself…..presumably ‘Little House’…..while she clacked her needles together.    Those little fingers learn quickly.

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