I did a radio interview with Issues, Etc yesterday on the dignity of vocation.  I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, but after the brilliant editing of Jeff Schwarz and the genius interviewing skills of Todd Wilken, I survived and it turned out okay.

Todd said something during our interview that makes the interview worth listening to, even if hearing me yammering on in my Southern drawl isn’t that appealing.

He admitted that part of the reason he went into the ministry was to have an inside track to God.  He wanted to serve God in some kind of direct way, so it seemed the ministry would be the perfect venue for that.  I’ve had a similar hankering my whole life.  I’ve wanted to know God intimately.  I’ve craved an experience with God that would give me some kind of assurance that He is for me and with me.  Most Christians are the same way.  We want God to “show up.”  I hear that phrase a lot and I think I know what people mean, but it gives me pause.  I get it, though. We are desperate for God to show up.  But how do we know when He has?

Many would say that when God shows up you can just feel it.  The “Spirit is moving,” we like to say.  If the music is just right or the emotions are just right or if the a certain number of people walk the aisle—then we’re pretty sure God has been with us.  I think most would agree that our measure of God showing up is flawed, though.  There’s no way to know for sure.  Or is there?  The Old Testament saints might warn us not to ask for an unmediated encounter with God.  Those didn’t usually go over so well.  Just ask Lot’s wife or one of the pharaohs of Egypt.

But, when Jesus comes, in the New Testament, we know that God is here, in the flesh.  He comes forgiving people, teaching them, feeding them and then in the ultimate act of love—dying for them on a cross.  There God is—in the flesh,  showing up in all the ways that matter.  He rises on the third day and manifests himself to His disciples as the risen Lord.  Jesus is how God has decided to show up.

But what about today?  Where does He predictably comes to us in modern times?

+First, He has promised to be where His word is preached.  What is His word? Jesus, the incarnate God is the Word made flesh, so when Jesus is preached, God shows up—just like He promised.

+Two, He has promised to be in the Supper.  “Take eat, this is my body, given for you, for the forgiveness of sins.”  When communion is rightly administered, Jesus is unmistakably present.  He shows up every time—just like He promised.

+And then, in a strange twist of crazy, like only Jesus would do, He shows up in your life wearing the skin of your neighbor.

“Whatever you do for one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do it for me.”

Jesus shows up everyday for you,  looking like your husband and your children and all the rest of the difficult people that populate your life.  And just like Todd said, God doesn’t need anything you have to offer. He’s come to give you everything in Himself.   But your neighbor is swimming in need.  So,  He comes disguised as the guy who served you breakfast this morning or the child who woke you up at 3am, or the little girl from Nicaragua staring at you on the other side of your computer.  And He wonders if you’ll recognize Him.  He hopes you’ll see right through to Him.  Because you’ve been wanting to serve Him so much, you’ve been waiting for Him to “show up” in a big way in your life.  Or at least I have.

And here He is, right in front of you, dressed like a ten year old and wanting breakfast.

It’s not as glamorous or emotional or as life-changing as you had hoped.

But you start making waffles, because Jesus showed up in your kitchen and He’s hungry.


You can listen to the interview segment here.

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48 comments on “When God Showed Up Wanting Waffles”

  1. What a wonderful message. I love that God shows up in the face of our family, our neighbors, Compassion children, and even, in the strangers we meet. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. You are so right, Miss Edie, God does indeed show up in those in whom we encounter every day and he shows up in the nature and the world around us, and he shows up even in every single breath we take. He shows up in the person looking back at us in the mirror and sometimes that is the hardest place for us to witness his presence. These words you wrote here, “Todd said something during our interview that makes the interview worth listening to, even if hearing me yammering on in my Southern drawl isn’t that appealing” are probably the most profound ones in this entire post. You see, you felt scared, and nervous and found your “southern drawl” to be unappealing, BUT GOD showed up and through your trust in him used YOU to shine his light through all of your feelings of nervousness and your very own voice. What first makes this interview worth listening to is the way in which you allowed God to use you as his instrument to shine this message to others. Just as he chose a small helpless infant to be the light of the world, he chooses each of us in turn to shine his light to others if we trust in him and allow our “self” to get out of the way in order to let his will be done in and through us. God shows up in YOU Edie each day because you DO trust and allow him to show up. Your Southern drawl is beautiful and appealing and made even more so for the way in which you trust in God and allow his light and love to shine through you!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been busying myself and not seeing what life has been showing me…It took away so much..I slowed down today to do some laundry and sat to read this. It made me reflect on what is really missing and that’s time to listen, and see where God wants me to be. I’m tearing up because he has used you to minister to me…thank you with the love of The Lord

  3. What lovely words ! This is a wonderful, insightful, thought-provoking devotional this morning. Thank you for reminding me

  4. This is so, so, so true. I am learning that everyday tasks I do for my family is a service.
    I also want to say that many times God DOES show up, but there is no “feeling” that accompanies it. You know He was there because something (even really small) you just prayed about 1 minute ago has happened, yet you didn’t even feel a breeze in your hair.
    Great post Edie. I will listen to the interview in a little while.

  5. YES! He shows up in the “ordinary” things in our lives, if we (I) would just open the eyes of my heart to see HIM! …learning to do this.
    Have a most blessed day!

  6. This was such a wonderful post full of fantastic thoughts to ponder. I can’t wait to hear the interview. For me personally it is never a question as to when God shows up. He is always there. For me God is closest when I am fully present and make room for Him.

  7. Thank you. I needed these words this morning. We had our fourth baby a week ago and as you know, adjusting to a new baby can be so hard. This was a great reminder of how God is showing up in our home-through our older children. I’m ready to meet the Lord and serve with my whole heart, puffy eyes and all because He won’t mind!

  8. Oh my, your post brought tears to my eyes. You are so right about when and how God presents Himself to us. When it is not easy, when it is not convenient, when things are “too busy”, when it is “too soon”, there He is, wanting and needing who I am, what I am, right now. Thanks so much for all you do for us, your readers. Thanks for standing in the gap in the hedges!

  9. Congratulations Edie!!!! Soundbite of the Week!!! I loved your interview with Todd and was so excited to tell my husband, “Edie’s on Issues, Etc.!!”

  10. Love, love, love when you share so candidly from your heart! Yes, we yearn for Jesus in the everyday; and the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Thank you for writing- it is a wonderful blessing to me! (Made the fudge pie last night and it is a blessing as well!!- the printable feature is such a plus 😉

  11. Hi Edie,
    I’ve never commented before but have faithfully read your blog for about 6 months now. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy ALL the content you share. I have laughed, been inspired and convicted(in a good way), while visiting you here. I find myself wanting to come to your site to read through archives like I used to want to get settled into a book. Thanks for working so hard at what you do. It is much appreciated!

  12. You are so encouraging! It’s always the words I want to say but not sure how to fit them together. Thank you for opening my eyes to the neighbors God has placed in my life. Love!!

  13. I was able to listen to this last night. It was just what I needed. I have been struggling with my job for the past several months – – I work in the A.P. department of an rapidly growing supplement company and have wondered if it’s really important work ‘for the kingdom’. I realize now, I’m exactly where I need to be doing what I’m supposed to do. I can hardly wait to go to work tomorrow!! Thankful God was patient and kept me there while I sorted this out!

  14. Hi, Edie! I appreciated this post and it immediately made me think of Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “What Now”…..As an adoptive mama, I’d definitely say these songs speak to some of the places I’ve found Jesus in my life…..I especially love the lyric “I know I may not look like what you expected.” You’re SO right when you say Jesus TOLD us one place to find Him, and I’ve learned more about His love for me in my loving the hurting than in waiting on an “experience”…I’ll look forward to checking out the interview…Oh, and love the blog!

  15. Thank you Edie – I have been loving reading your posts – your words, your humour, your zest for life have so inspired me. Your words are helping me live life better, to be kinder to my children, to cook yummier food, to listen to music, to write, pray and read more. I was so inspired by your new year goals I wrote them above my computer so I wouldn’t forget. We have just reached the end of summer here in Australia and we have had lots of rain and a drop in temperature – so perfect for trying your cheese tortellini soup – LOVED it – kids not so much but they gave me points for trying – so sweet. Thank you, thank you !!!

  16. Hi Edie,
    I caught your interview the other evening. I thought you did wonderfully.
    You were thoughtful yet sounded so real.
    I feel blessed that The Holy Father has in His divinity allowed me to find your blog and grow in it.
    Thank you for loving our Almighty God and pointing to Him.

  17. I enjoy Issues, Etc….also, but rarely get to listen to it live…I’ll search the archives/podcasts for you!

  18. Edie…I think God showed up in your words. I had only been to your site once. I don’t even know how I found you. But I have always loved the word Grace. So when I saw your blog’s name I thought “let’s take a look” . God has shown up in my life when I needed him to help me change. Now, I didn’t really know I needed that change but I had become too lost from God and he knew to show up and help me. Since then He comes round from time to time to remind me to be the better person. I agree, He may be the cashier at McDs or the elderly man searching for change in his pocket. That’s the besuty of it.

  19. Jesus has also promised that whenever two or more are gathered in His name, He is there. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement Edie. X

  20. I knew someone with a large family and a great sense of humor. One day when she was busy with the infant, one of the toddlers needed his diaper changed. She asked one of the older children to do it and they balked. Her prompt response was a no nonsense, “Change Baby Jesus’s diaper!” I had to stifle my laughter as a realized how serious (and right) she was. I oftentimes hear her voice in my head when I’m confronted with a task I’d rather not do. The Lord gives us amble opportunities to encounter him in every day life!

  21. Recently I sat in church and heard one of pastors talk about wanting God to “show up.” It made me cringe….just as it has on numerous times. This time I needed to discover why that phrase troubled me.

    Why are we wanting a God who is always present everywhere to “show up?” Seriously…that is crazy. He’s already here. 😉

    It occurred to me that what we really want is for US to “show up.”

    God’s always waiting for us. Patiently, gracefully, lovingly….waiting. It’s when WE “show up” that he’s *finally* able to accomplish some things. And when he finally gets to do his thing we get really jazzed and all kinds of things happen.

    The King of the Universe is waiting….for ME to “show up.” What am I doing that is so much more important than coming to him? That for me changes everything. Yes!!

    Now, I’m off to listen to your interview Edie. Can’t wait to hear your drawl! 😉 [hugs]

  22. Than you for your writings. God does show up. He is with us always, but we must remember to be still, to stop and look around us and listen. There is so much beauty and love if we let the spirit show us. You have been a blessing to me. God has used you to remind me that as a stay home mom I am serving God, by serving my husband and three children. The every day tasks can be serving God if done with love. God Bless.

  23. Edie,
    I love the way you pull things all together in the end. As I sit here and read your post, I cry, I laugh, it all just makes so much sense! I feel like I am always waiting on God to show up, give me a sign and believe you me, I have asked him to be as obvious as he can because I am just not getting it. But maybe it’s been right in front of me this whole time. Thank you for your words, they are inspiring!!!

  24. I enjoyed reading your comments. God shows up all over the place but I get so busy I forget to notice him. I need to take the time needed to find him and enjoy his presence. As a Hoosier (for those who are unfamiliar, that is someone from Indiana) that was transplanted to Texas for 15 years then moved back to Indiana, I have missed that drawl. It’s always so genuine and honest. You have encouraged me to work on my book “Pray for Tomatoes”. I feel blessed to have come across your blog. I’ll be back.

  25. first of all, thank you for this.
    it is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. Lately I’ve gotten completely consumed with me, me, me that I’ve forgotten my true purpose in life.
    So, thank you for this gentle, neon reminder. 🙂


  26. I read this blog post about three weeks ago and it keeps resonating in my spirit, today I read the following verse that took me right back to this blog post. 🙂

    Hebrews 13:16The Message (MSG)
    16 Make sure you don’t take things for granted and go slack in working for the common good; share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship—a different kind of “sacrifice”—that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets.

    Thank you!!!

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