First, I’d like to send out a huge big hug and smooch to the wonderful, creative people who support this blog by referring to it, linking to it, telling their friends about it, facebooking it, tweeting it, listing it in your sidebar, etc, etc, etc. I LOVE you all and am so humbled and grateful for your love and support.  Here’s to you and my favorite post you wrote this year!  Since you’re all so blimey far away, I’ll just smooch Stevie instead.  But just know that I’d hug and smooch you if I could :)))

(photo courtesy of Jessica, an amazing photographer and friend!)

Top Ten Referrers of 2012

1.  My Sweet Savannah  —   Chalkboard Wall

2.  The Nester  — The Purpose of a Workspace

3.  Flower Patch Farm Girl —  Sidewinder

4.  Centsational Girl  —  Home Goals 2012

5.  BowerPower Blog — The Bower Family

6.  Between You and Me  —  Burlap Wreath

7.  The Pleated Poppy —- Antler Jewelry Stand

8.  Hooked on Houses —Before and After on a 100 year old craftsmen house

9.  Paige Knudsen —-  Our Christmas Home

10.  Just a Girl Blog  —  Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

A few more posts I loved this year::

 Ruth’s In Search of Financial Peace

Candace’s Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion

Julie’s New Year’s Printables

Emily’s Home Office Makeover

Emily’s How to Pray

Meg’s everything

Shaunna’s Playroom Makeover

C Jane’s My Sister Wife—An Ode to Steve Jobs

Amy’s Avery’s Finding the Sweet Spot

Ruth’s Kitchen reorganization project

Andrew Kern’s year end ‘thank you’

See you in 2013!!!



smooches all around!

14 comments on “Best of 2012, around the interwebs”

  1. you & stevie. dude. ya’ll are entirely too hot for the blog world
    & yes. please tell him i said so.
    if only he knew me like dan knows & loves you, our lives would come full circle
    can’t wait to check these all out. seriously woman. do you sleep? how have you saved all these. i need a “how edie stays organized post”. no really.

  2. Hi Edie. I think it should be illegal for you too look so school-girl cute….kissin’ that cutie, Stevie! And I just viewed and read your shared posts. All very nice….so fun! Phew! I agree with Paige….do you ever sleep?! 🙂 You are an over-the-top-achiever among the over-achievers! xxx oooo to you and yours, young lady!

  3. I am glad it got my attention in regards to your blog via Perfectly Imperfect and The Nester. I need to re-read C.S. Lewis books again. Thank you for inspiration and grace.

  4. You continue to amaze me Miss Edie and bless me with your gernerous heart and friendship. Thank you! I do hope to see you in 2013 to give you a big ole’ hug and to say thank you! in person. Happy 2013 dear, beautiful friend!

  5. First, I hadn’t unwrapped my Jan. BHG until last night. Well this morning at around 1AM, actually. I had forgotten this was “THE EDIE ISSUE” 😉 – when I flipped to the article I was like… “I KNOW that wall!” and then I got goosebumps and my Husband was next to me while I was gushing! Such a beautiful spread, congratulations!!
    Next, YAY! Your site is working again now! I too am using Safari on my MacBook and it would just crash. I would still try anyway, and sometimes it would finally load but take a while. So happy!
    Looking forward to reading through the links above. Happy New Year, Edie!! You are a constant blessing and inspiration to so many people, including me. 🙂

  6. Happy New Year, Edie!! There are so many great links. Thanks for linking to me. I appreciate it. Now I need to find out why some of my pictures have disappeared.

  7. I have been on your blog for the past hour…digging around, all up in it!! I can’t believe I’m just now discovering you…I have lots to catch up on. Blessings to you and your gorgeous family this new year!!

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