My oldest two sweeties are on fall break so I’m soaking them up for a few days.
They sang at my sister’s church this morning so we went there for first service and then on to our beloved First Lutheran.
I know they’re mine and I’m sure I’m all kinds of biased but I LOVE to hear them sing.
Go ahead and hit play. It’ll bless your heart.
And I don’t know about you but my October plate is full to the brim.
I’ll get this series done, don’t you worry but geez have I ever overcommitted myself.
But I’m blocking out all the noise today and creating some quiet, enjoying some worship, and feasting on all the riches His October beauty has to offer.
Hope your Sunday was full to the brim.
This momma’s heart is thankful.

28 comments on “None but Jesus”

  1. Hey Edie, how beautiful for you to see your children enraptured in God’s beauty and presence. I just LOVE this song and for me the lyrics totally sum up everything (more importantly, I LOVE Jesus). Thank you for sharing. 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh Edie…this really was moving….you should be one proud momma 🙂 Your daughter has the voice of an angel….what a gift indeed!

  3. I was blessed. Thank you for sharing your blessings. I thank you also for the commitment you made to 31 days. Your thoughts have been challenging and blessing me.

  4. Edie-I can see why your mama heart is so blessed. Nothing could be better than to see your children walking with Jesus. Your daughter has such a sweet voice and it must always bless you to see your son and daughter worshiping together.
    Hope you were able to enjoy your Sunday with your sweet family.

  5. Beautiful Edie. xoxo

    P.S. If it makes you feel any better, this 31 days thing is killing me too! 🙂 Let’s make a pact to next year not let each other do this to ourselves, no matter how incredible the topic we think of, no matter how much we convince ourselves it will be fine, no matter how much we promise ourselves we will do ahead of time. This is craziness, honey, craziness I tell you…..

  6. oh my word, you’re right. what a blessing! your daughter has an amazing singing voice. what an inheritance you have given your kids!

  7. I’m a long-time reader of your blog, but I’ve never commented – until now. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s gift. The song is beautiful and I am truly blessed for hearing it. God is so amazing!

  8. Edie you are such a blessing to me. You are so funny, and you make me want to be a better mother, wife, and now host. You also make me want to really work on increasing my boot collection. 🙂 I want to be like you when I grow up. Also, I love Hillsong and I love this song, but I have listened to this version by your daughter over and over again. It’s probably my favorite one.

  9. This is my second time back to this post. I woke up wanting to hear her sing it again! Such a beautiful song, sung by an amazing voice. I needed this reminder, none but Jesus. Thanks!

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