My house has been full of lovely people lately and I need to share some of the goings-on with you.  We’ve been talking about xenia (hospitality) over at book club so I’ve been practicing my skills! (I posted to the forum last night if you’d like to discuss life on Ithaca without Odysseus!)

My two middle children had their birthdays this weekend so we partied on to the tune of boots, beef stew and buttercream.  It was epic and delicious and even fall-ish!

We went to an honest-to-goodness western store and bought the cutest cowgirl boots you’ve ever seen.  I’m pretty sure I passed the cowboy boot gene to all my children.  It’s contagious like that.

My lovely  20 year old Caiti-bug in her birthday boots!  Happy Birthday, sweet sissy :))))

We even made mocha cake into a tribute to boots!

And a few pics from the Open House……

My dear friends Kimmy, Cara (so adorably pregnant—which is so crazy since she was my babysitter 9 years ago when the girls were babies!), Lacey and Nikki.  So good to see you girlies!

And then sweet Megan from Feathering-this-Nest stopped by on her way home from to Pennsylvania from South Carolina.  It was so wonderful to meet her and her sweet family!

I was so happy to see Denise and Kelly and Polly and Tricia and so many others that I failed to capture on camera or in focus!

Current shot of the living room.  I redecorrange it every three days.

Then there was the wonderful visit with my dear friend, Ruth(ie) and her girls!  I tell ya—that Ruth is killin’ me.  She wrote a post about our visit that made me all verklempt and then had me wondering if she has me confused with some much better version of myself.  What a blessing, dear friend.  I am forever grateful for your friendship and encouragement.  We met Ms. Patty for dinner one night and then Ruth wanted to go to my real-life book club so she got to meet my nerdy, smart friends.  We loved having here with us for our very lively discussion.

And can I just say that those cutie little girls of hers?  Amazing, adorable, so well-behaved and the stealer of all Wadsworth hearts.  We were all smitten with them and were just hoping she’d leave them here with us.  WE MISS YOU GIRLS!

And there you have it—-I love it when my house is full!

I best get back to tending to the home fires.  I’ve got roasted butternut squash quiche in the oven and tomato soup on the stove and two girls who need to hear about King Narmer of Egypt and the constellations that are visible in night sky in September.

Happy Monday to y’all!


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  1. Hi! I’ve been reading for a while now but never commented! I love your curtains in the living room – the seafoam graphic print. Can you tell me the fabric that you used? I am hoping to make some cafe curtains for my kitchen and its just what I’m looking for! Thank you!


  2. Oh my! I loved this peek into all that’s been happening in your lives! Happy birthday to your girls! 🙂

    (on another note, i’m loving that stripe top you are wearing on your day with Ruth! Do you remember where it’s from? 🙂

  3. Jeans. Edie, you always have on the most adorable NON-MOM jeans.

    I’m not a mom. (thought I’d love to be)

    I always end up with jeans that fit well BUT my BUTT. Pockets are all wrong and too low and make my curvy self look, well, curvier. I’m all for curves but I like them accentuated and not broadened.

    Would you consider doing a “jeans” post?

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful daughters and wonderful day!

    Please tell us about boot brands. I have two that would love some new boots.

  5. Oh Miss Edie-how I wish I could have been there. It looks like you are all having a blast. I do believe you have a gift for Xenia. You are so very gracious and open up your home to so many. Love your daughter’s boots!!!! And that cake!!!
    Heading over to the forum to read up on life in Ithaca.

  6. Edie, I really enjoy your blog. I look forward to each new post. I have to ask…how do you have time to do so much?! Your house is beautifully decorated, you homeschool, you blog, you entertain, and find time to read for pleasure. I homeschool my two youngest, 8th and 11th grade. I love decorating and creating a beautiful home for my family but there just never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I need some of your energy! : ) Thanks for sharing and motivating us to live life to the fullest. God bless!

  7. the hostess with the mostest …… can I put in my reservation now? and oh by the way…… I would like those amazing chocolate chip cookies….. pretty please 🙂 xo

  8. Hey Edie! LOVE the boots! I just bought a pair of red Old Gringo’s… and I’m already eyeing up my second and THIRD pair that I’d like next!

    PLEASE, tell me what brand Catie received? They are absolutely gorgeous, as is SHE! Wow, such a beautiful family! And Catie looks great in her new boots!

    Tell us what the brand is? I have the bug. Oh my!!!

  9. Edie,

    How I love your heart! I love drawing near to you–if even through a screen–and gleaning from the overflow of that beautiful heart! Thank you for sharing so honestly.

    On a completely material note–can you tell me a bit more about the Roman Shades in your living room. They are wonderful!

    With Joy~

  10. I just love your home and your heart…I love that you welcome people into your home so freely.
    I also LOVE how your home radiates color….it’s so happy feeling. 🙂

    I’d love to know your philosophy on moving color around in your home…you do it so well with your clothes and your home. :))

    seriously. tell me your stance on it. 😉 it’s the look i want but it’s so dang hard for me to commit for fear that I’ll tire of it.

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