I’m am so giddy this morning to introduce you to my new sister site!  You’ll have to go over there to find out all about it.

I’m in Nashville at The Pearl Event and work up at 3:30 asking myself why in the world I agreed to do this.  I’M A NERVOUS NELLIE!   But I thought it would be the perfect time to launch my new site which is all about celebrating beautiful creative women as they (meaning YOU!) share their stories and gifts with us.  This site is all about you.  I hope you’ll consider becoming a lifeingrace girl!

And now, I must leave you to go meet those Pearl Girls!  When I get back, I expect my inbox to be full of all the posts you want to contribute to the new site!


I give you

 life{in}grace girls

Love yas,

sweaty palms

11 comments on “life{in}grace girls”

  1. Don’t worry, Imagine everyone in their under ware…. lol…. like that ever works. Seriously, when you speak from your heart and speak the truth it’s always a wonderful experience, for you and the listener… just saying…
    Good luck

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you as you share at the Pearl event. I know that as you share your heart and story, many will be blessed. You’ll be awesome.

  3. can’t wait to hear how it went! and what a fun idea, your sister blog! however, i do think you have several sister blogs being born here… there’s your sister who loves to cook, the one who homeschools, the one who has a faithful understanding of Christ and should have been a minister (jus sayin’), there’s the fashion guru, the tender-hearted friend, the survivor, the interior decorator, the librarian, and the true-life giggle monster. they’re jealous. they want a blog, too. and we want to read them. ;0


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