vinaigrette recipes
I haven’t bought store bought dressing in ten years and when I do have occasion to eat it, I’m always disappointed.
Well, that’s a bit of a lie. I do from time to time buy ranch dressing so my girls will make nice will their carrots.
But dressings that we eat on salads? Only homeade, baby.
And it’s so easy that I hope you give these vinaigrette recipes a try.

I make three basic vinaigrettes and almost always have 2 of the 3 on-hand at any given time.

I make them up on Monday and then use them all week on our salads.  Like pioneer woman, I store mine in mason jars because they’re so convenient for shaking and storage and well—-who doesn’t love a good mason jar?   I’m from the South so we all know that the mason jar is essential to any Southern kitchen.  Not only do we get our ‘corn from a jar’ but we get our vinaigrette from a jar as well.

I make an endless variety of vinaigrette recipes depending on what I have on hand but I’ll show you my top 3 most common.

Now the honest truth is:  I NEVER measure anything when I’m making a vinaigrette but when you’re first starting out, you should measure until you get a feel for the proportions.

The general rule is a 3:1 ratio of oil to vinegar.  (I never use quite that much but just experiment with what you like.)

After that, it’s all up to your imagination.

Balsamic Vinaigrette

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar

1 chopped shallot or small onion

1 T. zesty honey mustard

2 T. honey or brown sugar

1/2  c. extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

I usually let the shallots sit in the vinegar for a while (a few minutes to an hour) to develop their flavor but you don’t have to.


Red Wine Vinaigrette

1/3 cup red wine vinegar

1 shallot or small onion

1 T. sugar

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Berry Vinaigrette

I love berry vinaigrettes and make whichever kind is in season.  My favorite  is strawberry but I’ve been making blueberry for the past couple months.  Substitute whatever berry you have and substitute sugar or honey for preserves.

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

1 T. homeade strawberry preserves

1/2 cup olive oil

1/3 c. chopped strawberries

salt and pepper to taste


I add all my ingredients to my mason jar and give it a shake and then store it in the fridge until we need it.  I also like pretty labels so you can print this pdf (of the vinaigrette labels), print them on plain white computer paper, cut them out and then use clear packing tape to attach them to the jars.  The tape covers the entirety of the paper so you can usually get a few washes in before you need to change the label.  Truth of the matter is, my vinaigrettes are so similar that I don’t wash them every week, but instead just make the new dressing in the same jar.  I’m a granny like that.  You do whatcha want.

homeade vinaigrettes recipes

I’d love to know if you make your own dressings—leave you recipes in the comments. If not, would you be willing to try it? You’ll never go back!

45 comments on “{homemade} vinaigrette recipes”

  1. I sometimes make one with all the same ingredients that you use, but sub white balsamic vinegar and dry mustard. It is somewhat sweet and reminds me of “ladies luncheons” I attended while growing up in small town Alabama. Back then, any occasion was reason to host a luncheon, and congealed things were always on the menu.

  2. Thanks for the recipes!! I will be trying them. I think “ranch” is definitely a southern thing, because it is an essential at our house. 😉 My grandmother always made a very basic vinaigrette recipe and served with chopped broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery and onions that I still make and love. 1/2 cup oil, 1 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 cup white vinegar (I substitute rice vinegar since it is milder) and 1 cup sugar. Very basic but so good with the chopped veggies. 🙂 Now I think I have a hankering for it. 😉

  3. Can’t wait to try these. You know Pioneer Woman has a homemade ranch dressing. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds delicious!

  4. I am a big time salad eater but totally struggle with finding good dressings – that are not super expensive! I don’t know why I never thought to make my own. I was meant to read this post this am – I will be making one of these dressings tonight!!!

  5. Those sound yummy. Try this one – it is a bit different from the kind you make and I think you will love it.

    Lemon Dressing
    6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.
    Pinch of Sea Salt.
    Fresh Ground Pepper.
    Juice of 1 Lemon.

    I use a small mason jar – shake it up well and serve!

    Hope you like it – see you in a few days at the Pearl event – whoo hooo.

  6. Yum! These look great Edie. I will definitely be making these. I think I already have most everything I need. We always use mason jars around here too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the recipes. I’m making salad tonight for supper and I’m going to make one of these. I read where Cierra said there is a stink about people pinning off of blogs. I am a fairly new blogger, is it a problem to pin off of others blogs? I would think it would bring more traffic. Just curious and don’t want people to be upset with me (if that is possible)

  8. i live on vancouver island, british columbia, canada, and we love a good mason jar up here too! i decided to give myself a fresh start this january, getting more sleep each night, exercising, eating loads of fresh, nutritious, ‘clean’ foods, drinking more water and green tea, trying to eliminate processed foods from our kitchen, etc. i love to cook, and have really been enjoying making different meal type salads including grains and proteins. your home made dressings will be the perfect toppers. no preservatives, and made with love. perfect. thanks for the recipes (and the wonderful blog, and continued decorating/life inspiration) warmly, beth – shawnigan lake, vancouver island, bc, canada

  9. I eat salad every day for lunch and a few years ago, I decided the dressings were too sweet…so I started just using oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Sometimes i substitute lemon juice for the red wine vinegar.

  10. I love to make salad dressings too and although I hate to get it out and wash it my favorite ones are blended up in the food processor. Mixing lots of fresh herbs in there (basil/cilantro/green onions) and getting them completely blended makes the salad dressing SO GOOD!

  11. I definitely prefer homemade dressings, just haven’t gotten into the habit of making it regularly. I will be trying these out and hopefully make it more often.

  12. Those sound tasty!

    My current favorite salad consists of:
    baby romaine
    kalamata olives
    drained and rinsed cannelini beans
    red onion
    blanched and chilled cut green beans
    feta cheese
    salt and pepper

    3:1 olive oil and lemon juice

  13. I love homemade dressing and PW’s Ranch dressing is divine. I’ll never buy bottled again.
    Thanks for the recipes. They look really good. The salad in that picture looks even more amazing-do you have a recipe for that?

  14. I never use store bought dressing either! Sebastien’s grandmother makes a simple vinaigrette: 3 Tbsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp white vinegar, 1 tsp dijon mustard. It is simple, tart, and perfect. I think you can easily just modifications off this simple recipe. I often switch out for red wine vinegar and add a pinch sugar.

  15. i am on the homemade dressing wagon only i’m on the lazy hang my legs off the side whilst we roll along-i don’t even make it in a jar i just drizzle olive oil squeeze lemon and shake, shake some salt and pepper it’s my go to when i decide to get fancy i use a jar and this and that-only trouble is sometimes i forget what i did and how to recreate it. these sound yummy-yummy!!

  16. I agree 100%, I always make my own! I’m 100% Italian, my mother might disown me if I bought it, LOL! I can’t wait to try these! My old stand by is Olive oil, vinegar and sea salt put directly on my salads. But I love making them premixed as well. I have to tell you, I LOVE rice vinegar, such a softer flavor, less punch! 🙂

  17. We’re big fans of the homemade dressing over here too, although we do have a few good store-bought dressings kicking around. Ken’s Italian with Romano is a fabulous, quick pork tenderloin marinade that I always have on hand.
    Looking forward to trying your vinaigrette recipes – they sound delish!

  18. I’m like you Edie! I don’t buy them either (except for ranch which my oldest seems to like to dip every food known to man in. My faves to make are Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar and what I call my BLT Dressing. Oh and Blue Cheese but that one is dangerous so I don’t make it very often. I also have an Apple Cider Vinaigrette that I love but I’m SO intrigued by your Berry Vinaigrette!

  19. I also make my own vinaigrettes, but instead of using jars, I make mine is empty squeezable mustard bottles. This is perfect because my dressing always has mustard in it anyway. I just take the bottle of mustard when there’s a little bit left and add vinegar, spices and whatever I’m in the mood for.

  20. My grandmother always made homemade salad dressing. It was so delicious, and now it is one of my most treasured recipes. My boys would rather have “NannyDressin'” than anything else.

  21. I can’t thank you enough for sharing these recipes Edie. Dressing and vinaigrettes are why I have avoided salad making for most of my life. You are such a sweetie. You inspire! The world needs inspiration Edie. Thanks a million.

  22. In another life, I made dressings for salads I made at a little coffee shop on the corner of Main. 😉 (my favorite was a vinaigrette w candied walnuts)

  23. Thanks for the recipes! I’ve just recently started making my own dressing, because of dietary/health reasons. I’ve been looking for some new ones to try. Becca 🙂

  24. Finally just made this tonight and hubby says it is the BEST dressing ever (balsamic vinaigrette) – thanks so much for sharing. I learn so much from you.

  25. Thanks for sharing! This was such a fun & refreshing read to find! My family always asks me to bring salads to our gatherings because they just love my homemade vinaigrettes, like you! So this year, I thought, what a great idea it would be to make my own homemade dressings, package them beautifully from the heart, and then give them out as gifts! I’m also going to add in a package of spiced pecans, by the way! My only conundrum is, what do I do for the family that live in another State? I don’t want to get anyone sick by using fresh ingredients, even though I know those taste the best. Do you think I’m safe to ship my dressings if I use dry ingredients only, added to the oil and vinegar? The dry ingredients would be things like garlic salt, celery salt, onion powder and dried herbs…

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