And the winner is: Diane4529!

Please email me Diane and I’ll email you the confirmation of the paid ticket.   Let me know if something prevents you from coming so we make good use of the ticket!  Congratulations Diane!


Before you fill up that brand spanking new 2012 calendar, I think you should consider a little road trip with me to Nashville on March 10.

My darling sweet-as-sugar friend Sibi has announced Pearl Event II—The Double Strand, a gathering of women for a day to connect through stories and share through vulnerability and encourage our fellow sisters in our various vocations as women.

My knees are already knocking.  I’m supposed to share my story.    Whilst standing upright and speaking into a microphone.  And ideally without disintegrating into a puddle of tears.

I said yes right away and then got chest pains and hyperventilated.   Then I ate some fudge and felt better.

And then I did hitch kicks because PAIGE IS GONNA BE THERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{I don’t know if I can wait until March.}

So I really hope you’ll join us.   We want to meet you and love on you and make sure you know what a pearl of great price you are to our Father!

Sibi’s friends Sarah and Jane will be there as well sharing their stories.  I have lots of new friends to make!

And then Sibi herself will tell her tender story of struggle and faith.

{{Side story:   I met Sibi at Blissdom 2 years ago and I think she  may very well be an angel in disguise.  You’ve never met a  more  sweet or gracious southern belle.  Her description of meeting me cracked me up—she said I was a cross between Paula Deen and Beth Moore, carrying a plate of cupcakes (true story) and dressed like a scrapbook page with heavily applied eye liner (true that as well) }}

Here’s the nitty gritty:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

9:00 ~ 4:00

The Opryland Hotel

Magnolia Ballroom

Nashville, Tennessee

You may purchase a ticket for $25 here. There is limited space so don’t hem and haw around like I’m want to do.

I’ll be getting to Nashville on Friday so we can eat lunch together and shop at Anthropologie and get our smoky eyes done at the MAC counter for free.

I’m so excited to meet you in real life that I’m buying a ticket myself and giving it away to you!

Just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner at exactly 12:00am on January 1st 2012.

Who am I kidding.  It’s very likely I’ll be asleep but I’ll pick a winner soon, how’s that?

Pencil in the Pearl Girls.



ms. edie shaking-in-her-cowboy-boots wadsworth

99 comments on “pearls and grace”

  1. I’m still waiting to hear from my girlfriends if our 2012 Florida trip will happen that weekend or not. . .if “not” then I’d love to attend 🙂

  2. You will do great!  I may have to take a trip to Nashville to see you sincend I never see you around our own town.  🙂

  3. What a dream it would be to make it to Nashville,  meet you, and hear you speak. If only I lived a little closer. I’ll be praying for you from afar. I know you will be splendid. 

  4. Holy Guacamoleeeeee… I would love to come!  I think we met for the first time that year at Blissdom too!

    Much love…
    Megan @SweetSadieMarie

  5. Would love to make this amazing day. Planning on a road trip, even if your ticket giveaway doesn’t have my name on it.

  6. Road trip? I’m in! March in Minnesota is no laughing matter, and I will grasp at any chance of escaping to a (more) southern climate!

  7. So, I’m Miranda Pike and shall try this again…if you pick me…PLEASE email me @ sippycupsandfingerprints at gmail.  Thanks!

  8. It sounds like just what I need in my life right now, I could use a little backup from some great ladies!  I would love, love, love to meet all of you.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  Best of luck!

  9. I would love to attend the conference.  Have only been to Nashville a few times….twice with my runner girl daughter for the Country Music Marathon.
    I have it on my calendar and a free ticket will be the icing on the cake…love your blog, too!

  10. Well of course I want to attend…please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…OK I don’t think they make enough exclamation marks to show my excitement. If there is anything on my calendar, I’m cancelling it tonight. Nashville is a big plus. Looking forward to being a part of this great weekend.

  11. Edie, I would love to be a part of such a special event.  I will be turning 3o’ at the end of Feb.  What a great way to celebrate with such inspiring ladies!  xoxo Steph

  12. Pick me pick me….lol. Sounds like an amazing event. I would love to be there to meet and hear some amazing godly women. Happy New Year! Love, Lisa Graves

  13. OOOOOhhhhhh, how I would LOVE an opportunity to hear your story and hug your neck once more!!!  There hasn’t been a woman I have felt more drawn to than Edie shaking-in-her-cowboy-boots wadsworth…maybe because you loved me after knowing my story…  You are all that wonderful description and so much more 😉  It would be an honor…and I might just have to bring my mama too, she’s heard all about that woman in Bean Station that I had to attend a blog conference to meet!

  14. I would lovvvve to go….sounds amazing, it would be great to meet you guys in person!!!!  Your blog is truly a blessing… thanks for sharing your story.

  15. And I thought I was going to have to leave town to meet you! I’m the other LCMS homeschooling mom in Tennessee 😉 can’t wait to meet you!

  16. And I thought I was going to have to leave town to meet you! I’m the other LCMS homeschooling mom in Tennessee 😉 can’t wait to meet you!

  17. Life has been one *adventurous* ride for our family over the past almost-three years. Soo…maybe this would be a phenomenal refresher in life, love, laughter and tears. 😉 Sweet blessings to you tonight, Edie.

  18. I truly wish it would be possible for me to attend. What an amazing time it would be listening to these stories of God’s hand in each life through the darkest moments. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it there. Let us know if it’s recorded. I would love a cd. Absolutely wish i was able to go shopping with you and having lunch. Wouldn’t you love to plan a trip to New England. We could visit John & Abigail Adams’s home, Louisa May Alcott’s home, and C.S. Lewis College. Then we’ll fit in some shopping at Anthropologie and lunch. Sounds like fun.

  19. Ok, I need to go.  I live South of Nashville, near Franklin….just a “hop skip and a jump”…..oh, and my little business I am building is called “Ruthie PEARL’s girls”….cause that’s my Mama’s name and that’s what we are! :))
    New Year’s Blessings!!!!!

  20. I would love to go! Ever since I drove through Tennessee when I moved to DC as a newlywed I have been itching to visit Tennessee. I remember how green the grass was…this Texas girl is used to shades of brown grass…I just wanted to stop the car and linger there. 🙂 I already told hubster we should plan to celebrate our 7th anniversary in Nashville! We haven’t been out that way since Fall of 2005…a trip to see the blue grass is long overdue! 🙂

  21. I’d love to win this, and then I will buy a ticket for a friend of mine so she can share in this!  She needs a getaway and a renewal of her soul as much as ANYONE out there!  And I’d certainly not pass up the opportunity, myself!  Bless you, Edie!

  22. From the first time I read about this on Paige’s page I knew I wanted to go.  Kinda like something on my “bucket list”, but that I haven’t made one of those yet!  I do want to thank you for words that make me thirst and then fill up with faith and love.

  23. Sweet Edie! Nan in B’ham feels very led to come! Am green green to all this , but love what I’m reading and seeing!
    would love to meet and fellowship with All!

  24. What a great post Edie! If I lived near Nashville I would most certainly join you all! But Massachusetts is just a bit far 🙂 You will do great ! Happy New Year!

  25. I think I’m finally brave enough to write the first post on a blog name I reserved over a year ago.  So….I would love to go and learn from the “pros” and cheer you on as you share your story.

  26. Wow you are generous! Bless  you! I think I ‘m late…as usual…but God knows…and this is FUN! YEA! 🙂

    PS.  I’m churning over the thought of how I might react if someone said I was dressed like a scrapbook page! LOL.  That is funny stuff.  Here’s to smokey eyes! Happy New Year!

  27. Edie, I am planning right now to go, if the creek don’t rise!  I hope I get to hug your neck!
    Happy New Year.  (Hope to bring my darling daughters with me 😉

  28. I first hear about the event on Paige’s page and I had the same reaction! I practically did a backflip when I found out that YOU AND PAIGE are going to be there! I have been to Nashville once and loved every minute of it! Although I was born and raised in Boston, I am a country girl at heart!
    Happy New Year! XOXO

  29. Thank you for your sweet words. You bless me…..
    We are all so excited that you are joining us in Nashville!! Thank you for saying “yes”  and for having a willing heart to share your incredible story even though you may be shaking in your boots!  These women are going to be so blessed!!  Now listen….about those comments of our first meeting…(You know I said to myself that anyone walking around with a tray of cupcakes at Blissdom needed to be my friend. Since, I have a little bit of Elle Woods in me and decided that I would attend my first bloggers conference with a pink notebook and a pen ….no laptop! 🙂 Have mercy!!!AND…I said scrapbook page with the most beautiful layers and textures!! Unlike me, who wears plain ole’ boring black and white!  You forgot to mention the part about looking like the cover of Glamour magazine and how BEAUTIFUL I said you were!! Because you are!! Inside and out!!! And I’m just jealous because I can’t do a smokey eye! Counting down the days sweet friend!!!!!!! Love and Pearls!Sibi

  30. oh my goodness…. I’m just now catching up on my blogs since the holidays, but I just might have to go!!! I would LOOOOVE to meet you and all the fabulous gals! And since I’m only 20 minutes from Opryland, sounds like a definite plan!!!

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