1. I’m a mess.
2. A big anxious weepy mess.
3. We have a tentative move-in date of October 7th.
4. That’s two weeks from today.
5. Did I mention weepy and anxious and unable to sleep and having chest pain?
6. I spend several very early mornings a week at the lakehouse drinking my coffee and praying for the jitters to leave and staring at the beautiful lighting.
7. This is what it looks like in the wee hours of the morning.  {of course I brought a pumpkin, who could blame me?)

8. I cannot even fathom that we get to move into this house in two weeks.
9. We would never ever have built a house like this under any other circumstance.
10. It’s too nice. There’s eye candy everywhere you turn. But it’s also relaxing and cozy. Not too pretentious.
11. I am nearly heartsick with gratitude for how far we’ve come.
12. Hence the weepy hot mess.
13. I love to stare at this beauty in the master bath.
14. It’s so pretty from the outside too.

15. This may be the longest two weeks of our lives.
16.  I’m so ready to be there but so NOT ready to move.
17. I can’t wait to build our first fire on the back porch.
18. In a way, that seems odd but the irony of it is perfect.
19.  The brick on our hearth is brick that I saved from the original house.
20. I love that it will be at the heart of our home.
21. A reminder to say thank you, even for the suffering.
22. I brought the honeycomb mirror to help me decide if I wanted to paint the brick.
23. I do.
24. I’m sure that surprises no one.
25. I could stare at this all day.

25. I love to sit in the kitchen and stare at these beauties!
26. They are huge and I was worried they were gonna actually touch each other once they were hung.
27. They don’t.
28. This room will have  3 different counter tops, 3 different cabinet colors and 3 different metal colors.
29. I don’t like things to match too much apparently.
30. I love the look but I’m sure it’s quirky.
31. It reminds me of a kitchen from the 50’s only with schwankier lighting.
32. That big pile of fabric? It’s making my head spin and my chest ache.
33. I think I need help with it.
34. But then someone’s gonna tell me I’m crazy and that I can’t use that many patterns/colors.
35. Maybe my house warming party will be a window treatment party. Y’all come over and bring fabrics and trim and sewing machines and we’ll decorate my windows right up. And you won’t tell me I’m crazy for loving color and pattern. And I’ll make you cookies and lattes while you work.

36.. If you think of it in the next two weeks, say a little prayer for us.
37. We are completely humbled and thankful to be here but overwhelmed and overflowing and praying for moments of peace in the chaos.

38.  ten-seven-eleven–that’s two weeks ya know?!!!!!!!!

55 comments on “Project Restoration:: lighting and anxious hearts”

  1. I am very excited for you!  Your house looks gorgeous.  That bathroom chandelier is stunning.  Praying for you and for peace in these next few weeks and all of the coming years in your new home.

    • The house is beautiful, stunning!! Wondering if you would share paint colors that you used in your master bath and also the tan by the front doors.

  2. Edie, I know some of what you are feeling because I too felt excited and nervous about moving into a brand new home 8 years ago.  I loved it and was so thankful for everything God had blessed us with but at the same time I felt I did not deserve such a blessing.  God is good all the time – sometimes we don’t know what to do with it.  Love and prayers sent you way. A Friend

  3. Edie, I’m so happy for you!  It looks absolutely perfect.  Do you want to know my favorite part?  That pumpkin and that mum by the porch fireplace. Not sure why, but I love that.  It seems to say that this is home, perhaps?  xoxo

  4. Dear, sweet Edie-I can only imagine how you are feeling at this time. Anticipation and joy mixed with some anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed. I will be praying for you. May God flood your heart with His peace and may every last bit, even the moving, go smoothly.

    Love the window treatment open house-lattes and cookies sound yummy.


  5. Hang in there… the home straight is always the hardest in any race. You have done so well, you can be so proud of how you have handled this and really you have so earned those tears!!! Your house is fabulous and once you are in it you are so gong to love it… Praying for you.

  6. Moving home is always stressful but after all you’ve been through it’s obviously overwhelming.  Your new home looks stunning and I hope you and your family will have a wonderful life there and make plenty of new and happy memories.
    You’re allowed to cry and be anxious and exhausted.  Just go with it – it’ll all be over soon and you can start turning your beautiful house into a home.
    Good luck (from across the ocean!),

  7. Oh the emotions. I have been blessed to *walk through and pray through* this journey with you. Look how far you’ve come. Look how you have been blessed. Look what you have learned. Embrace it girl. RUN to the finish line with open arms….oh, and lite that fireplace and ENJOY!! You have blessed us in the process!

  8. Edie, it’s loverly.

    I have a design business and I tell my clients all the time that it takes a while… sometimes a long while… to feel ‘right’ about a brand new house.  Even though you made all the choices and your head knows it’s stunning (!), it takes time for your heart to catch up.  A fire surely adds a layer of complexity. 

    All this to say, prayers are coming your way. 
    Prayers for peace, contentment, calm.

    Trina  xo

  9. Oh I love it!  Wish I could come help you move.  I’m not excellent at making window treatments but I’m darn good at drinking lattes.  😉

  10. I would give anything to come help you move, and I can’t sew worth a lick, but I’d be there in a new york minute to help you bake cookies and serve lattes.  i love every inch of this house and i am celebrating with you that God has brought beauty from ashes, both in the physical and the spiritual.  He has made all things new and JOY most certainly does come in the morning. 

  11. Everything looks wonderful.  So happy for you.  And amazed, once again, at how fast the Lord works.  You’ll get it all done.  If there’s any advice I can offer–don’t fret if the windows aren’t dressed right away.  You’ll be happier if you take your time & choose what you want.  I’ll say a prayer for you 🙂

  12. Praise the LORD!  I have prayed for you through this journey… from finding your blog after the fire to reading all the updates.  I am sitting at my table on a rainy Saturday morning in Indiana praising Him for a house He has built in Georgia… He is just that AH.MAY.ZING!!  May all your mornings in your home be full of praise and all your evening fires in your beautiful Ebenezer (1 Samuel 7:12) fireplace be full of joy and warmth and may the next 2 weeks be full of life long memories!  So thankful He is abundantly blessing you!!

  13. So happy for you… and a leeettle jealous that you get to live in such a gorgeous house… thank you for sharing the gorgeous with us!

  14. I don’t comment often here in your space on the internet – but I’ve been following your story since the fire and I’ve come to appreciate your heart, your love for your family, your joy in life… I’m so happy that you’re getting to move into this space, this new house and I love that you saved some brick from the old house for this one!

  15. I don’t comment often here in your space on the internet – but I’ve been following your story since the fire and I’ve come to appreciate your heart, your love for your family, your joy in life… I’m so happy that you’re getting to move into this space, this new house and I love that you saved some brick from the old house for this one!

  16. Oh Edie!  I’m all verklemmt! You will be remembered in my prayers!

    I love the style of this post.  I think in lists too.

  17. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The house, the details, the colors (!), the material…but especially you. You have been through the refiner’s fire and have come through in His image, full of the fruit of the spirit.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see those shelves filled with books!

  18. Edie,
    I will say a prayer for you and your family!  What a beautiful house and a home that I am sure you all will make it once you settle in.  We talked about these verses at bible study today and I thought I would share them with you.  Hope they encourage you as they did me.   
    Take care,
    Acts 2:25-28
    25 David said about him:   “‘I saw the Lord always before me.    Because he is at my right hand,    I will not be shaken. 26 Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;    my body also will live in hope, 27 because you will not abandon me to the grave,    nor will you let your Holy One see decay. 28 You have made known to me the paths of life;    you will fill me with joy in your presence.’

  19. Figured out how to add a comment- yay me!  How you are resisting building a fire in the porch fireplace is beyond me.  That spot is made for a fire and curling up to read a good book.  Pendant lights in the kitchen? Love em.  And I firmly agree with painting the brick surround on the indoor fireplace.
    Can’t wait for the tour of the whole place after you move in!
    And my moving advice is at the and of day 1 to exile the unpacked boxes to one specific room where you can close the door.  This way you can open the door and pull out some boxes to unpack without seeing them all the time.  
    Will be thinking of you on moving day.

  20. Hi, Edie~ I’ve never commented…only started reading your blog after the fire and kept reading because of your heart for the Lord and to see His redemption.  What a beautiful house He’s blessed you with!  Reading through this post, it struck me that we, too, after remodeling our kitchen this past summer, have 3 different cabinet colors, 3 different countertops and actually 4 different metals…and I’d add, 2 different wall colors.  It works!  Don’t doubt the style that makes you smile 🙂  It’s going to be gorgeous! So happy for you!

  21. My favorite from this post:
    21. A reminder to say thank you, even for the suffering
    You are amazing.  And I can’t imagine the work, the hours, the countless little choices you have had to make this past year.  HE is so faithful, He is.  I always know when your title has “Project Restoration” in it I will be pinning 🙂

  22. This is VERY exciting.  I’m so thrilled, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  I wish I were as bold with my colors and patterns as you!  I’ll have to “borrow” some inspiration as you reveal your home to us! 🙂

  23. Your story is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I have never seen pictures or been to a house where I just love everything. Great taste, classy style, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  24. I’m so happy for you all.  I love that you saved the bricks, and I love even more that you remember to be grateful.  🙂  Best wishes for many years of happiness in your new home! 

  25. Edie. When I saw your hearth, I just wept.
    I am filled with joy for you, sweet precious friend.

    34. Yes, you are crazy and you SHOULD use that many patterns. ADORE!!!

    the herringbone pattern above your future stove top makes my heart leap!!

    the portrait lights. the bookshelves. the salvaged bricks. the sconces!!! Oh, what a special joy it is for me to see what was in my head, come to life! How you have blessed me today!!!!!!!!!

    36. bet your bottom dollar that yes, we will, and we do. My guys, as you know, will have it no other way.

    save a spot on that porch for me, pull up your fat-boy, so we can wax poetic about dear Martin and C.S., and laugh the evening away.

  26. How exciting!!!!! I can’t wait for you to call this house your home. It’s just fabulous…love watching it all coming together!!!!! I love that you are thankful for it all…even the suffering and through your suffering you have blessed all of us. I’ve found myself thinking of you & your situation often & even used your situation to hopefully help others. Such an inspiration.

    Your house needs lots of FABRIC…have fun with it, it will be great! I don’t sew, but love, love, love fabric so I’d be happy to come help in some way!  In my prayers you’ve been & there you will stay. 

  27. So excited for you!  I’ve offered up a prayer that you will have peace these next two weeks, no more chest pains, and no more jitters.  Behold, what He has for you is very good!  Toodles, Kathryn @thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com

  28. Oh dear. Edie, your home is just breathtaking!!! I can’t believe the beauty of this masterpiece coming together. I can understand why you are so emotional….

    Love you dear! Prayers for you and your family, and all the years you have to look forward to in your new dwelling!

  29. Oh my goodness the pictures are beautiful.   You are so blessed.  I know it was hard for you to lose everything and it would be for anyone but surly you are very aware of how blessed you are to be able to rebuild the way you have.  Not many people have the means or the ability to rebuild as you have after a fire.  Praise God He has blessed you so. 

  30. Gosh Edie you must be excited (AND ANXIOUS!) I am so happy for all of you and I have loved following along your journey.  I wish ours was ready 🙁
    We still have a little ways to go before we are finished.  But isn’t building from the ground up a good feeling!  I know you love love love seeing the finished house — and I know you all are so proud!  Can’t wait to see more pictures once you get all moved in and situated!  Fyi: On the window treatments and fabric stuff — check out my Mom’s Etsy shop.  I know south Alabama is a bit far from you, but Mom has a good style and specializes in window treatments, bedding, home decor fabrics, etc… She does custom orders as well — cottage and cabin on Etsy is her shop name.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/cottageandcabin?ref=pr_shop

  31. Wow! It’s so beautiful Edie! I can’t wait to see more. I hope you’re going to give us a good video tour once your moved in – no pressure! 🙂
    Oh and I sign me up for the window treatment party! I’m on the way with my sewing machine! 🙂
    I will definitely add you and your family to my prayer list!

  32. Beautiful! I love all of your selections and the mix of colors. We are moving in our new home this Friday! I’m excited and overwhelmed too. A 5 mos old and 2 yr old make packing a challenge. Combine babies with just beginning our homeschooling journey with our 5 yr old, and it’s crazy times around here! I hope you have a good move. I’ll be praying for the both of us:)

    Amy Callahan

  33. I’m so excited for you and your family!  It’s been awesome to watch your healing through your pictures and writing.  Isn’t God creative in the way that he deals with our hearts?  I just love that. (As a side note, I’d love to bring my machine and sew curtains–color and pattern is fun!  Too bad I live so far away–it’s no Sunday drive.)  

    P.S.  Remember to pack your camera in a place that you’ll have access to it.  I’m hoping for pics of unpacking updates frequently : )

  34. As I came into work one day last week I saw you pulling out on the four lane and I thought to myself I bet she is coming from having an early morning on the porch!!  What a blessing that is.  I’m sure you feel overwhelmed but it is a wonderful overwhelmed!!!  Prayers for you and yours during your move. 

  35. Your home already looks like a haven.  I hope your move goes smoothly and that you can enjoy “the ride”!

    Of course, I’ll say prayers on your behalf!

    Now, take a deep breath and savor each and every moment of each day until moving day!

    Hugs to you!

  36. Beautiful!  Would you share where you purchased your kitchen cabinets?  I love the green cabinet.   We are in the process of redoing our kitchen and I love the cabinets you put in your home.  Any information you’d share would be greatly appreaciated.

    Sincerely, Kristy Jo

    • Kristy,
      They are custom made from Keith’s Custom Cabinets in White Pine TN. He’s an awesome artisan! The color on the green cab is great barrington green from benjamin moore. Hope that helps 🙂 xo,

  37. Edie, i am so happy for you…. I can’t wait to see where the owl cookie jar will go!! I am beyond thrilled FOR YOU AND YOUR SWEET FAMILY! Wish you all were in Texas!! hugs!

  38. Hi!  I just started following your awesome blog a few weeks ago and am so inspired by your faith and your way of living life.  I admire your choices so much.  I am also a Christian and I too chose to start homeschooling my 3 older children this year.  It is kicking my tail, but I am so thankful to have the privilege and freedom to educate my own children.   I too am building my dream home on a farm that has been in my husband’s family since right after the revolutionary war.  I have been acting as general contractor for the past 16 months , while being pregnant, having a newborn and now homeschooling 3 kids (one who is autistic) and I live in the boonies and things haven’t been easy.  From your posts, I’m guessing that you live somewhere near Knoxville and I wondered if you could recommend a good gc in that vicinity.  There are just some things I don’t feel comfortable doing myself f.e.  mold growing on unfinished basement ceiling wood, drainage, screened in porch (yours is gorgeous!), floating concrete/stone terrace, etc.  Any names would be much appreciated.  Good luck with the move!

    • sorry i missed your email andrea.
      i’m not sure if my contractor (larry angle) would travel but he might. i linked to him on day 7 or 8 i think.
      i LOVE that your’e homeschooling. and the fact that it’s kicking your tail is sign you must be doing it right. you have my love and prayers and admiration!

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