Because I care for you and love to provide you with meaningful content, I give you this as a pure gift.   Circa 1992 when Caiti-bug was a baby and I had the Dorothy Hamill.

You’re welcome.
Now onto, more Mother’s Day antics.

My request was simple.  I wanted to go to the park and make homeade ice-cream and watch the kids throw balls.

So we did.   It was good clean simple fun despite the fact that the ‘ice-cream’ was more like thin milkshake consistency.   You can’t have it all.

It was fun to have the kids together.

Caiti-bug was in charge of keeping ice in the ice-cream maker.

And I did alot of this.

Large giant red flower compliments of Emerson Made.

Today, roof trusses will be set and I will be there to document it all for you.

Darlene and I are working on the design/lay out for my living room so link your favorite living room inspiration pics.  I’m new to Pinterest but I’m finding lots of inspiration there!

Also, if you haven’t begun your One King’s Lane addiction, let me invite you to join.   OKL is a home decor sight that partners with great companies and brands to bring you quality products at a fraction of the normal price.  If you click here to sign up, you’ll get daily emails with their deals.  If you purchase something,  whoever you sign up ‘under’ gets a $25 credit.   So far, y’all have helped me buy two wonderful prints that I just received this week!  THen if you send the link to others, you will get credit if they make a purchase.  It’s so much fun!  I converted my sister to One King’s Lane and Goodwill on the same day.   Now THAT is pretty awesome.

Thank you for the shell prints!

I still plan to show the design process with the girls’ room and I have a slew of Caiti’s prom pictures to show you and I’m currently reading Grace Upon Grace by John Kleinig, which I’d love to discuss soon.  So much going on, so little time.



26 comments on “Mother’s Day, part deux and other randoms”

  1. Ah, love the picture! My circa 1989 with Rebekah is on the opposite end of the spectrum – long hair to my waist.

    Mother’s Day looks like fun. You make me want homemade ice cream. I don’t have a maker anymore and I refuse to buy one of those newfangled ones.

    I would join One King’s Lane through you, but Nester beat you to it a while back. Hope you get many to join!

    (Did the girls ever finish the poem memorization?)

  2. i love it!!! icecream on mother’s day =perfection. even if milkshakish. total dig your emerson made flower. my girls might have given me grief. i’m sure yours love it. the shell prints are divine


  3. I had that hair. I won’t be showing it ha. I also had a Naomi Judd. I may show it! I joined One King’

    s Lane…thx for the head’s up! Anxious to see your room ideas!!

  4. I love this newsy post and the pictures of your family. Why did we wear such baggy clothes with our Dororhy Hamil cuts? I can’t recall . . . it was so long ago.


    ps. I love it that you asked for what you wanted on Mother’s Day. My husband likes it when I just tell him what I would like to do. No guessing for him. 🙂

  5. I love this newsy post and the pictures of your family. Why did we wear such baggy clothes with our Dororhy Hamil cuts? I can’t recall . . . it was so long ago.


    ps. I love it that you asked for what you wanted on Mother’s Day. My husband likes it when I just tell him what I would like to do. No guessing for him. 🙂

  6. Forget the Dorothy Hamil, check out that vest! 🙂 I am so excited to hear you are on pinterest. Can’t wait to follow you and see what you are loving!

  7. You did the Dorothy might nicely and I think Mother’s day should be quarterly don’t you?

    Pintrest is so much fun. I have to set a timer and stick to it or I spend endless hours looking at the the wonderful ideas.

    So glad to see your smile again. Happy days are here again.

  8. If you are doing shell and beach decor somewhere you might check out Big Lots in Morristown. I noticed they had some beach signs and shell stuff yesterday.

  9. I totally had the Dorothy Hamill too! You rocked it way better than I did. Mine was more bowl inspired. But, I should say I could out Vest or Blazer anyone.;)

  10. Edie-you make the Dorothy Hamill haircut look good. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your Mother’s Day. I love One Kings Lane, have to be careful and not spend all our pennies-believe it or not my family would rather eat then look at pretties!! Can you imagine that?! LOL

    I can’t wait to hear more about the book you are reading. I am currently reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with my daughter. She is using a Progeny Press study guide and it’s her last lit unit. Still hard to believe she’s graduating.


  11. love, love, love the pictures of your life lately….your kids are precious…and the picture of the cottage is todiefor.
    and, the shell prints…LOVE them.

  12. Love Emerson Made…your flower is adorable. I also heart the pic of Caiti but more specifically the Dorothy Hamill!! I wish my Mother’s Day was as relaxing and family filled fun as yours. I on the hand was sweating like a dog, working like a horse, lifting boxes and quite possibly giving orders. 🙂 Hugs.

  13. really impressed that you posted your 1992 pic. one of my students brought in a 1980’s yearbook from my high school one day. yep. passed it around. one girl goes, “mrs. privette! i didn’t know you used to have a mullet!” OUCH. of course if i had had a dorothy hamill haircut….great post! love the family pics.

  14.  I had the same hair color and cut at that time as well!!! I’m glad you were able to be all together for Mother’s Day! Lovely!

  15.  Happy Mother’s Day ! For house inspiration you should try,, true inspiration! Enjoy!Desiree

  16.  Ooh, I have a Caiti-bug, too!  She was born in 1982!  I wish I could remember my haircut but since she was my 4th child I’m pretty sure my hair was just “mom” messy!  

  17. dorothy hamill. and the vest. don’t forget about the vest.
    I am dying over here!!!!!!!!!
    Wonderful Mother’s Day pics. Snuggles and time. All that mommies ask for.

  18. Edie,
    I’ve been following you for some time and I really enjoy your postings about your faith. I notice that I have read or want to read some of the same books as you have( or have on your reading list).  I just finished a Master’s in Biblical Counseling and I am certain if my clients understood grace and the gospel completely, most of them would never need me. Thanks for the tip on Grace upon Grace by Kleining. I just purchased it and will start reading it today.
    Blessings to you as you share the gospel of grace with others on this site!

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